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  1. If I could transport myself to Knoebels right now I would, but it's 41 hour drive.
  2. I use a magnetic hide a key under my car with the key. Lol, the things people would do to save $2. Risk that your car may get stolen so you don't have to buy a locker. I'll bring a backpack with some waters and a reusable drink cup and the amount I'll save on drinks will be more than the amount I'd spend on ride lockers.
  3. Those two KMG flat rides remind me of the ones I rode at Oktoberfest, sans the outward facing seating on the frisbee.
  4. It takes place in Georgia. In the movie the main character kid goes from Atlanta where he lives with his parents to his grandmother's plantation with his mom in a rural area where he meets Uncle Remus who tells him the stories about Brer Rabbit. The briar patch in the animated parts of the movie is the mountain so it wasn't much of a mountain to began with.
  5. With Disney just announcing the retheme of Splash Mountain to The Princess & The Frog, Universal might as well just annouce the unnamed Jurassic rollercoaster already.
  6. I was going to say I hope the Tokyo Splash Mountain stays the same just to have it be different than the others but this is an even better idea. I'm all for it! From the concept artwork it looks like a large bayou tree is going to be the mountain with the big drop so I don't see an issue here.
  7. As long as they have Super Nintendo World open for the Olympics next year. I can't wait to see this thing when its complete.
  8. Dang, too bad. I'm glad to see people visiting Indiana Beach but I wish they would distance and wear their masks when they can't distance. I can't be too surprised though as Indiana is the state of Mike Pence and there's a lot of people there that don't think the virus is still going around.
  9. Same here. I actually liked Duinrell and didn't hate it or dislike like it like some people on the trip. This is a place where I could spend a weekend and just kick it and enjoy the water park (which looked really good) and walk around doing some rides and explore around like going to that view point you went to (which I didn't even know about until you snapped a picture of me on the alpine slide). Gearhart and I had a pretty good game plan for hitting up all the coasters that Andrew Goldberg went along with for the most of the time we were there. We went around counterclockwise and hit up all
  10. I think they'll go weekends only for a while then go back to 365 when the virus is eradicated. I don't think they'll go back to weekends only when summer ends but I could see them being closed two days a week like Tues-Wed for awhile. I could see Georgia doing this but doesn't St. Louis have brutal winters?
  11. What donut did you get? Most donuts I've gotten from VooDoo were around $3 which is a reasonable price for being on theme park property. I also think VooDoo is a little bit overrated but it's definitely better than an Albertsons (or any other grocery store) donut which is more like $1 now. I think comparing it to a donut shop donut which runs $1.50-$2 is more fair.
  12. Bummed that I never went to this place. I was going to squeeze in a visit here if I was going to Tokyo for the Olympics this August, but that's not happening now. I hope Yomiuriland is doing well, they seem to get a lot of the same demographic as Toshimaen but keep adding new rides and are close by. I have yet to visit them but plan on doing so on my next Tokyo visit next year.
  13. I have three months left on a Disney Premier Pass when the Disney Parks reopen so I plan on using that. Disneyland reopens July 17 so I'll probably head there July 20 or 21 (Mon or Tues) after the initial opening weekend rush is complete. Since my pass includes WDW I plan on doing an Orlando trip in Sept or Oct (before my pass expires). While in FL I'll hit up SeaWorld and Busch Gardens too as long as their new coasters are open. I may hit up Universal Orlando too especially if HHN is on while I'm there. As for local parks besides Disney, I don't have any other current passes but if they are o
  14. I hope SeaWorld and Busch Gardens get their act together on this issue, I expect better from them. I hope Universal has been doing a better job enforcing masks and social distancing.
  15. I'm surprised the city of Kissimmee is requiring them to wear masks and the city of Orlando isn't. I thought it would be the other way around.
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