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  1. I liked Tokyo's Tommorrowland and Space Mountain for what it was but it felt very retro and this looks like the refresh it needs. Funny thing in 2015 when I visited Japan with TPR Space Mountain was closed for refurbishment at the end of our trip when we'd be visiting but it was still open at the beginning of our trip, so because Tokyo Disneyland has a Starlight ticket option (evening/night admission) I visited after our day at Tobu Zoo and used the excuse of getting their Space Mountain credit to preview their park which still had Easter decorations which would be gone when the group visited at the end of our trip. I have no idea what the new Space Mountain is going to be, but it looks exciting and Tokyo Disneyland is going to be the Guinea pig for Space Mountain transformations and whether it eventually comes to other Disney castle parks.
  2. Batman The Ride (S&S Freespin) at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in December before my Six Flags Pass expired.
  3. Looks like Daddy's Pig Rollercoaster might win best new theme park attraction in the USA Today 10 Best Poll. I voted for Velocicoaster but it looks like the coaster community is trolling the poll hard by voting for Daddy's Pig and it's been leading in the poll with only a couple of voting days left. https://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-new-theme-park-attraction-2022/
  4. I wonder if this tower will ever run here again after this incident or if it will end up being dismantled and sent somewhere else, especially since it looks like manual adjustments were made to make it unsafe and it wasn't operator error nor a manufacturer defect.
  5. If both Chapek gets replaced and DeSantis loses in November because of this then it will be considered a win-win for everyone.
  6. The transformation is much needed. Disney Village was my least favorite of the Downtown Disneys I've visited. At last they have a legitimate French restaurant now. I thought it was strange they had all of these stereotypical American restaurants but no French restaurant when I visited.
  7. There's no rate or cabins for solo travelers so you're still forced to pay over $4K if you go by yourself and even if you bring a friend to split the cost you either are going to have to decide who gets the nice bed or share the main bed. At least if I wanted stay at a WDW Deluxe hotel I could split the room with a friend and we could each get our own bed. I've stayed at both Grand Floridian and Yacht Club for under $600/night (total room cost w/ AP discount) and those feel way more luxurious then this looks. Honestly I'd rather stay at another WDW Deluxe resort than try this out at the moment.
  8. It looks cool and thanks for sharing the video but I gotta be honest, for $4-5K I'd rather do an actual week long Caribbean cruise than a two day experience. Now if they ever brought the price down to $1-2K then I'd consider it.
  9. I love Phantasialand! It was one of the parks in Europe that impressed me the most especially by all the immaculate theming of the rides and areas surrounding them. Seeing all these amazing pictures definitely makes me want to return for Rookburg and FLY.
  10. Dang, I was going to finally switch from a pass to a membership this year. I was originally going start the membership later this year when I felt like visiting a SF park or when Wonder Woman opens at Magic Mountain so my "pass" didn't expire at the end of the year. With the new pass structure offered last fall it looked like Six Flags wanted to get everyone to switch to a membership that wanted to go beyond their home park and now they are getting rid of memberships? If the new passes worked for a year starting when I got it like an "annual pass" then I would be fine with that but I don't want to get a pass in say May and have it expire at the end of December for a year round park. If that's the case with the new Magic Mountain passes then I'll probably wait until September when they are offering the 2023 passes with the rest of 2022 included. One minute Six Flags is pushing more memberships and the next minute they're getting rid of them - its like they have no idea what they want to do. Find a pass/membership system and stick with it and have an annual 12 month from the start vs calendar year option for year round parks.
  11. Conneaut Lake Park is dead without its marque rollercoaster. There is no other noteworthy attraction there (Devil's Den isn't that great) and the park is really run down. The lake itself is nice but I don't think its enough to sustain a modern day amusement park especially when there's far better parks nearby (Waldermeer to the north and Kennywood to the south). I'm not sure if the hotel will survive but probably not under its current state. It could be sold and remodeled and survive without an amusement park since there's the lake for recreation but Conneaut Lake is a highly seasonal and regional destination.
  12. Just found out my Choice Rewards points expired. Apparently I had 9910 points but I hadn't stayed at a Choice Hotel since Dec 2019. None of my other hotel rewards points expired doing COVID and I'm a member of Wyndham, IHG, Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton Honors, and Best Western as well as Hotels.com. I also got Gold Elite status with IHG somehow last year and also have Gold status with Wyndham. I don't get why Choice Hotels expired rewards points during COVID and never warned me with an email or anything that my points were near expiration. They status matched my IHG status but didn't reinstate my rewards points. I probably won't be staying at a Choice Hotel again if my points don't get reinstated.
  13. I did a Cedar Point to Canada road trip in 2018 and I went right by three parks which I skipped with this being one of them (the other two being Darien Lake and Fantasy Island). I spent two night in Niagara Falls (the Canadian side) and had 1 ⅔ days there for sightseeing. I was kind of intrigued about Dragon Mountain but nothing else interested me at the park at all and the both the price point and the welfare of the animals prevented me from going there (but mainly the latter). I love good aquariums and marine life parks but I didn't want to visit a depressing one for one unique credit especially after hearing how they treat their animals. I chose to spend more time seeing the falls instead and saw them from different vantage points both on the US and Canadian sides. I have no regrets in my decision.
  14. While it's not water slides, Blizzard Beach and Volcano Bay have themed indoor sections of their lazy rivers kind of like dark rides and Aquatica Orlando has a section of its lazy river that goes through an aquarium. I don't know if you've been to any of these but if you're not typical water park people but like highly themed water parks with a nice atmosphere that is quality over quantity then you'd like Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Volcano Bay, and Aquatica Orlando. That's what I immediately thought the first time I rode one of those! The first time I rode one of these was at Beech Bend in 2016 and they hyped it as the first of its type in America and I rode it and was let down when it didn't do anything special. Definitely over hyped. Looks cool. I recently did an outdoor popup mini golf course (18 holes) in SF themed to the history and evolution of the city near Oracle Park called Stagecoach Greens but I'll have to try the Urban Putt there. Great Denver TR btw. Elitch Gardens and Lakeside aren't bucket list parks for me but I'm amazed that Elitch got a Meow Wolf dark ride. That would be the thing that would interest me the most at Elitch followed by their rare shuttle loop and halfpipe coasters. I gotta be honest about Lakeside, it looks like a shithole but it does has a couple of interesting rides. Water World looks like the park that would be interest me the most in Denver. The only park in Colorado I've been to is Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park but it looks like it wins best park in the state by a landslide (I did enjoy it).
  15. I've stayed there a couple of times in the past and never had a problem. The second time I stayed there the rooms were slightly refreshed with better bedding. It's not the Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point but its not priced like that either. I've stayed there for around $100/night during WCB in the past and its priced more like Breakers Express. While the hotel could use a makeover like Hotel Breakers did I wouldn't call it a dump. You're right that it wasn't built by Knott's and they acquired it - it was a Radisson originally I believe. Down the road at Disneyland the Paradise Pier Hotel was also acquired by Disney and they also slapped on a few things and called it a day. It looks like a 1980s/1990s Hilton at best (at least the lobby, I've never actually stayed in the rooms) and should be classified as a moderate resort at best but they are charging prices similar to some deluxe resorts at WDW. I hear you. I may have to miss Scary Farm this year due to my work schedule unless I get someone to cover for me on Halloween night but it will be easier knowing both Xcelerator and Hang Time will be closed and only one maze is new with no Hanging nor Special Ops Infected this year. It's going to be a dead zone by the Boardwalk with both Hang Time and Xcelerator closed and packed between Calico Mine Ride and Timber Mountain Log Ride as well as by Ghostrider. If I were splurging on Fright Lane I would want at least two of the three open for the Ghostrider, Xcelerator, and Hang Time trio but preferably all three. I still love Knott's Scary Farm but I know it will only be better next year with at least two new for me mazes plus a better chance of most of the major headlining rides being open.
  16. It's definitely improved with the addition of Goldstriker and Railblazer. The park still needs another headliner and an expansion to its mini-waterpark section (which they're addressing) but at least there's a couple of coasters that can be marathoned now. Although I still give Discovery Kingdom the edge to its coaster lineup (when its all open) overall I think CGA is the better rounded and overall best Bay Area park (not including Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk) and delivers a better experience than Discovery Kingdom (not surprising).
  17. Interesting. No new mazes and no more Hanging (as was hinted in the 2019 Hanging show) but several new shows. I'll probably still go though as I really want to do some haunt events this season.
  18. WTF is wrong with that guy? Looks like he was trying to get a Darwin award. The trees probably saved him though from having an even worse fall.
  19. Congrats on being the only person to guess correctly. I went to Glenwood Caverns last September and loved it. Their main coaster was closed and their kiddie coaster was on a ride rotating schedule so I missed both of those but the main reason for me visiiting there was for the Screamin' Swing off a cliff, Mine Shaft drop ride, alpine coaster (the best one I've done in the US), and the cave tours plus the views and all of those were open. This gives me a legit excuse to go back. The area is beautiful and the drive through Glenwood Canyon just east of here on I-70 is spectacular and a must do. I felt this was already the best theme/amusement park in Colorado by default and this reassures that will continue to be the best one in CO. Aspen is also nearby for anyone that skis or snowboards and Glenwood Caverns is open in the winter, although with limited operations. Glenwood Springs also has the largest hot springs in America that I ran out of time to do so that gives me another reason to go back. The drives from Denver and Utah are beautiful but for anyone that thinks thats too far to drive there are flights into Aspen and Eagle/Vail airports serviced by major airlines that are much closer to here.
  20. Or can at least Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's be altered and modified to be more like this?
  21. Sad to hear about the news on the Voyage yesterday. Cool music video by Fozzy on the ride though. It is but The Voyage is aggressive so the song and video fits the ride well.
  22. They're not enforcing the out of state policy. They scan your ticket/pass and reservation time when you enter but that's it. I was at the park two days ago and I was talking to some people in line for Tatsu that said they were visiting from Vegas. I expect them to lift the out of state restrictions that they don't enforce on June 15th. If you already have a ticket and reservation you'll have no problem getting into the park. As for the 50th anniversary there's some balloons and a special sign by the entrance gate as others have mentioned and I guess they are giving out buttons somewhere. I found a 50th anniversary button inside the train for Ninja when I was boarding but I'm not sure where you get the buttons normally. They weren't handing them out when I entered the park between 10:45 and 11AM so maybe ask in one of the stores by the front entrance or guest services.
  23. I wonder how many applicants they are going to get this week with their $20/hr announcement? I wonder if they'll get enough new hires out of this to reverse their closure dates for at least the last Tues/Wed in June. Starting at $20/hr is a game changer in the theme park industry, even if its just a seasonal job. Once they are able to get international workers again (probably 2022) if they keep this starting wage they'll have a lot less staffing issues going forward. The only thing is it still lists $15/hr as a starting wage on their website. They they just get around to updating it yet? https://jobs.cedarfair.com/our-parks/cedar-point/
  24. I'm not sure what will happen of this but I'm all for expanding Disneyland and DCA, and adding more shops, restaurants, hotels and experiences. I would love to see a Disney water park on the West Coast, like a cross between Blizzard Beach and Volcano Bay but with its own theme, and it could fit easily on that Toy Story parking lot plot of land.
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