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  1. Time Warp single rider lane is about 3/4 of the way through the queue line. The Bat's starts right at the rides entrance.
  2. Walt Disney World by FAR!! As much as I consider myself a "rollercoaster" enthusiast, the theming and overall atmosphere of Disney will never be beaten by Cedar Point.
  3. I can't see Cedar Fair/Wonderland investing in an inverted coaster with Flight Deck just across the park, a jr. inverted coaster and a suspended coaster. That being said though, this is the same park that gave us Behemoth and Leviathan...
  4. While I do think that a wing coaster (probably launched) is in the works for the park, I feel like a 160ft-180ft tall dive coaster would fit in well. Another coaster that I wouldn't mind seeing is a coaster like Maverick in the back of the park but like others have mentioned, it seems like Cedar Fair is taking break from ordering Intamin products.
  5. Small update on SkyRider: The brake run, final turn and a portion of the drop have been removed. The track is still on site and is laying where the brake run used to be. Sorry for the poor IPhone quality picture
  6. ^I think the one slight exception to this might be with the top of the lift/first drop. Leviathan was built bottom of the drop first and then back to the peak of the lift and I can't see them changing the process.... that is unless they thought of a more productive method to do it
  7. I don't even want to think about the pain with Standup trains and a cobra roll.
  8. Did any one else pick up on the transfer track after the station, right before the lift?
  9. I'm running the stream on Safari and it has worked perfectly so far.
  10. I would hope that at some point B&M would try designing a ride with ejector air in mind. IMO Leviathan had a taste of what they could move towards in terms of strong airtime (not ejector) but I can't picture them ever designing a coaster with airtime like Skyrush.
  11. Behemoth has floater airtime at best. Leviathan only really has one spot that could be said is ejector (small bunny hop) but that isn't even near to what you would find on a ride such as Maverick (Maverick is the best example of ejector air that I have ridden).
  12. Although to be fair, some of the clones are pretty amazing. True, but what separates a good park from a bad park is the uniqueness of their attractions i.e. Millennium Force - Cedar Point, Leviathan and Behemoth - Canada's Wonderland, etc. To be honest though, Wonderland really only has a couple unique roller coasters. Behemoth and Leviathan for sure, but I would probably throw in Vortex just because of the low number of suspended coasters left. Other than that, quite a few of the roller coasters are clones or based on other rides.
  13. I feel like a B&M flyer or dive coaster would be a better ride for Wonderland than an inverted coaster because we already have Flight Deck. Don't get me wrong, I would have no complaints about an invert but it just wouldn't be a logical investment. On the topic of a wing coaster, after riding Gatekeeper I have no desire at all to see a wing coaster model at Wonderland.
  14. I am ready This is probably the most excitement I've had all summer...
  15. ^It doesn't look like it is dive coaster track. Dive coaster track has more of a rectangular spine than the normal square spine of other B&M coasters. Compare ShieKra's track to the unpainted track. There is a very distinct difference in the shape/size of the spine which makes me lean towards saying that this is hyper/giga track.
  16. I don't think that they would market it as the 8th longest/fastest/tallest coaster in the world, whatever it turns out to be. They are probably just marketing it as the "8th wonder of the world" but it could tie into a record (or place in record standings) that it might hold.
  17. ^Judging from the leaked blueprints it might just be the 8th longest. There appear to be some points within the layout where it could easily gain an extra 600ft from Leviathan's length.
  18. If you have the time and it isn't too busy, I would try to get to White Water Canyon just for a bit more variation of rides. Shockwave would be a flat ride that I would also highly reccomend.
  19. 2014 plans have changed (in a good way ) Coney Island Canada's Wonderland Six Flags Over Georgia Disney World Magic Kingdom Disney Hollywood Studios Fun Spot Orlando
  20. Designing the rides, I've had some small dreams of owning a park but thinking to myself "hey, I designed this!" would give me a lot more satisfaction.
  21. I'm curious to know what you could come up with for Mighty Cananadian Minebuster at Canada's Wonderland. I know I've had some ideas but I would love to see someone elses thoughts.
  22. As of last summer: Cheetah Hunt- Busch Gardens Tampa Leviathan- Canada's Wonderland Verbolten- Busch Gardens Williamsburg Gatekeeper- Cedar Point
  23. Wish more coasters had this colour scheme, it looks great!!
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