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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 651: Montezooma's Revenge project terminated?

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I consider Silver Bullet more of the "Family mine train of B&M inverts" just because it is no where near the intensity of B:TR and DD. I think it just pertains to families a little bit more than coaster enthusiasts.


Anyways, back on topic, Sexy No Jutsu, I think it will be located where they have been clearing land for quite some time now. Just look at this picture:


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took some pictures today, nothing new really happenning, but w/e.


Random Silver bullet picture.


10 brownie points to the first person to name which ride's exit that used to be.


or this


I can't tell you that last time knotts has built something like this.


hopefully they'll rebuild it when they're done.


wall deconstruction


no train tracks


This picture is dirty.


This is a construction site, not a desk job!


BTW, its in the camp snoopy area. Where the boat that floated around the lake used to be at.


No one's ever taken a picture of this marker before....


Maybe if they had more then one guy working more would get done? :p

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1. I find it funny that KBF tries to theme their construction walls (at Haunt, it was like covered with vines and stuff, in one of your pictures they put lights ontop of it)

2. That exit is Kingdom of the Dinosaur's old one

I really hope that this coaster is themed, I mean if you look really close at Xcelerator, you'll find that it is actually themed! Jaguar, is actually themed! The worst coaster on the themeing level is defenitly Montezuma's Revenge.

Brent "10 brownie points for me!" Shenton

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I can see it now:




Due to overage of trash cans throughout Cedar Fair parks, we've decided that you should finally be able to experience what it is like to be a trash can. Spin around while going through an intense circut at the world record breaking speed of 0.2 MPH! Let fear strike your hearts as you drop from heights as high as 7 inches! Only at Knott's Berry Farm in 2007! Less bang for more buck!

[End imagination]


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^Finally, someone has tooken my idea . I was also thinking that because its in Camp Snoopy, it will be named either Wodstock Express, Snopy's Spinner, or The Peanuts Get Trashed.


But seriously, I'm looking forward to this ride. Even though Knotts has made some really bad desicions lately, I hope they finally get the park going! Hooray for Euro Mir type rides in America (will not be themed to a Euro Mir or alien themed, but the buildings can be used as trashcans!)

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[start imagination]

Come one, come all. Experience the most intense coaster experience on the planet.


This coaster is highly themed, with many near misses of old crappy '50 Chevy's and has the totally unique theme of a parking lot. For just $25 extra, park your car under the coaster, for a one-of-a-kind experience! Board your '92 Ford and battle other theme park patrons for a competition of parking spots! Only at Knott's Berry Farm, less bnag for your buck!

[End imagination]

Honestly though, I really hope Knott's outdoes themselves for this coaster because the last good coaster was Xcelerator.


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I think a lot of you might be dissappointed with this coaster. Keep in mind that it's suppose to be a family addition, not a hardcore adrenaline addict addition. This is something that knotts needs. There is nothing wrong with a family addition either. It doesn't have to be hardcore thrills to be a good ride. Besides, I don't know about you guys but I enjoy variety in my theme park experience.

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This coaster is a lot longer/bigger than I could ever imagine it to be! It's entire first half is HIGH off the ground (looks to traverse over to Fiesta Village/North end of Camp Snoopy) and then the rest of the ride, which is the majority of it, spends a lot of time lower to the ground or near the ground. It has a lot of spirals, a helix, and big dips. VERY BIG for a spinning coaster, I think.


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