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  1. So you're saying they're lying? Now what could be the reason for that? Just because some people here such as yourself are unable to comprehend that such a project could cost so much doesn't mean the park straight up just lied about the cost. None of us here even knows how extensive these special effects are -- how extravagant these audio, visual, and sensual additions will be.
  2. I know, right? You could buy like 10,000,000 McChicken sandwiches at McDonald's for that money...
  3. My guess is Flashback will go down sometime in November or December. I hope. As for Goliath Jr. or Deja Vu, they'd probably take either of those down the same time as Flashback. I really can't believe it's been a good 4 years since Flashback has operated and yet it's still standing there. What a joke.
  4. I can see why some people would consider a relocated coaster a new credit...but that's a stretch as it is already. But to consider a coaster that's just getting new trains and some special effects and a slight change to the name doesn't make it a new credit. It's still the same effing ride!
  5. Just had a sudden thought... They can't keep Goliath's tunnel fog machines on... They can't keep Batman's queue TV's to continually work... They can't keep Batman's trench fog machines on... They can't keep Batman's station fog machines on... They can't keep the effects in Riddler's station house working... But they think they'll be able to keep X's "high-tech" special effects working down the road? *worries*
  6. Maybe next year, Magic Mountain can announce: SCREAM LOUDER! transforming Scream! into California's first floorless coaster without a parking lot underneath it.
  7. ^^ You're right Jahan. It hasn't been confirmed as removed. But. Thomas Town going into the former Granny Gran Prix/Goliath Jr. area isn't confirmed either. So what should we all believe? That the family-route going Shapiro management removing one of only two children's coasters along with a gentle family guided car ride? To be replaced with Thomas Town? Or. Removing a relatively problematic, low capacity thrill ride that is also coincedentally being removed from the Chicago and Atlanta parks and opening up even more space next to an empty former-Psyclone footprint -- and put Thomas Town there?
  8. If Deja Vu left, there are 13. Park had 16, removed Psyclone & Flashback (pending removal), equals 14. 1.)Goliath Jr. 2.)Canyon Blaster 3.) Goliath 4.) Collosuss 5.) Scream 6.) Batman 7.) Riddler 8.) Goldrusher 9.)Superman 10.)Ninja 11.) Deja Vu 12.) Viper 13.)Tatsu 14.) Revolution 15.) Flashback (to be removed) 16.) Psyclone (gone) That's why the website claims 14. You may be confusing it with Cedar Point, who hit 17 coasters with Maverick, breaking the 16 tie with MM. Nope. When Tatsu opened in 2006, the park claimed 17 roller coasters "more than any other park in the world," -- even when Flashback was not operating. 01. Goldrusher 02. Revolution 03. Colossus 04. Ninja 05. Viper 06. Flashback 07. Psyclone 08. Batman The Ride 09. Superman The Escape 10. The Riddler's Revenge 11. Canyon Blaster 12. Goliath 13. Goliath Jr. 14. Deja Vu 15. X 16. Scream! 17. Tatsu In 2006, Magic Mountain confirmed two rides removed (Psyclone and Flashback) although Psyclone was the only one to actually be dismantled. On their webpage, they advertised 15 coasters, down from 17 advertised from the year before. Now, with this X2 and Thomas Town announcement, they have changed the claim once again, now down to 14, from the previous 15. Get it now?
  9. ^ What do you mean Psyclone? When Tatsu opened, the park had a total of 17 coasters. Psyclone was removed = 16. Flashback on the way out = 15. Deja Vu on the way out = 14.
  10. Not so fast guys... Deja Vu is also on the way out. If you read the press release, the park is claiming 14 coasters now, down from 15 in last year's text. One other coaster will be coming down with Flashback sometime this off-season -- and given the fact that the two other Deja Vu's at Gurnee and Austell are being taken down, I'm quite confident as to what else is being taken out down.
  11. You're confusing "Pointless new ride additions" with "Rides that seem cool, but turn out horrible." Not the same thing.
  12. Very recently...I would have to say I've been thinking a lot about Disneyland. It's close enough to visit -- about a 50 minute drive away, but damn are those tickets effing expensive!
  13. It's just going to be the regular Texas Twister Top Spin from Geauga Lake with water/fire effects around the ride like on Kings Dominion's Fire Fall.
  14. Both Great America and Over Georgia have updated their Thrillrides list by removing Deja Vu from it. http://www.sixflags.com/greatAmerica/rides/ThrillRides.aspx http://www.sixflags.com/overGeorgia/rides/ThrillRides.aspx
  15. I know we were all aware of Deja Vu being removed, but just an FYI -- The park removed the Deja Vu page and link from their rides list today.
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