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  1. Damn, have I been lurking for a long time. Congrats TPR and thank you for continually putting out great content all these years!
  2. Looks like Magic Mountain found the second half of YOLOcoaster In all seriousness, looks fun and not half-assed, which is good. Though a part of me also wishes they just went all out on a coaster like this and didn’t attempt the dualing dynamic. I guess we’ll never know, but one things for sure, this should bring some life into an otherwise dead area of the park.
  3. Considering every other coaster that got the floorless upgrade got better, I would be hyped on this if this was my local park.
  4. Great in-depth detail and analysis as always Condor! Your CCI ranking list got me thinking about mine too. CCI wooden coaster rankings 1. Timber Terror 2. Tremors 3. Ghost Rider 4. Raven 5. Boulder Dash 6. Legend 7. Boss Also, sure enough, all 7 are scattered throughout the top of my overall favorites. I wonder where Shivering Timbers would fit in for me?
  5. Really surprised at the lack of chatter on ghost rider. Went to Haunt last week and really wish we could have gone on GR more. It was running so fast and it's still incredibly smooth. I greyed out on the bottom of the first drop. Felt every ounce of airtime. Laterals were strong but not overpowering. I'm really happy with the way the ride has broken in. When I first rode it, I didn't think much of it. This last time, I would actually rank it above the likes of Boulder Dash and Tremors. Go ride now while it's still in amazing shape!
  6. Clearly that's where the aqua goes, right underneath the trax. Dippin dots guy said so.
  7. Seriously, both are definitely worth trips, just on their own merit! I've been wanting to go to Grand Rapids, MI for the beer scene alone, but I have been holding out for 1 more great addition to MiA. I know the year I finally cave in and go, the park will get that premier triple A rated coaster the following year
  8. ^ I'm not sure why they would. They already have a GIB which boomerang will be immediately compared too. Why waste the money and land when they could get something that would generate more excitement in the region? Honestly, though. I think the world will be fine if there is one less vekoma boomerang in the world.
  9. Always thought boomerang's restraints weren't terrible but weren't necessarily great either Digressing from that, if the screamscape rumor is credible, I think we can rule out dive machine. They said it would be something worth visiting for
  10. a B&M dive machine would be a waste of space for another 1 trick pony. I really hope that whatever comes to knotts is more substantial.
  11. While I'm not sure we'll see coasters on that scale, with the Orcas now having to take a back seat to promote the park, I think a more ride oriented approach will be important to the long term strategy and success of the park. I could only hope that means some innovated dark rides and maybe the addition of a few marquee coasters could be on the horizon with SD.
  12. Perhaps if there was a rumor that Jaguar was on the chopping block too, I'd take it more seriously. Otherwise what would they do with the space, add a 3rd Premier sky rocket to California? (I say this, half joking, but realize this very well could be possible)
  13. 1. Raptor 2. Dueling Dragons Fire 3. Flight Deck 4. Alpengeist 5. Dueling Dragons Ice
  14. I just think its odd that Knotts would push for a giga when I think something along the lines od the Intamin jr hyper would be a better fit for the park and provide a better/gp friendly experience. While I personally loved i305, its my understanding the GP feel that its overly intemse and are a bit turned off by it.
  15. Not bagging on the experience, but the capacity on these things are terrible. Sea World San Diego gets a high volume of visitors. I feel like they could have done better. I was at SFDK and we never bothered to ride theirs because the line was well over an hour, compared to the 30 minute line the Joker had.
  16. Some what random, I get that. Just thought the RMC construction (or lack there of) for 2017 would be the place since my lack of enthusiasm stems from lack of new RMCs in my life? haha But since we're on the topic, even if nothing is announced, there's been a dearth of credible rumors or construction for something major this upcoming season leaves me to believe nothing is happening this year. If there's something I've missed, I'd love to be keyed into it.
  17. I've come here to rant. Something is missing, and I think I know what it is. Every year, RMC designed coasters have been the saving grace for my coaster enthusiasm. They've built genuinely fun, unique and interesting rides these past couple of years. But with them not constructing anything for 2017, and no other companies doing anything major (other then a Gravity Group in Florida), I think I'm going to take off 2017 from being a coaster nerd since there's hardly anything to be enthusiastic about in the US. Wake me up when somebody decides to do something interesting again. (And hopefully it's more than just CP 2018). Until then, I guess I just check in periodically to see what cool happenings are going down in China?
  18. My friend and I actually took our glasses off about half way through the last time we rode. Generally speaking, I thought the definition of the 3D was poor, imo, and I think it also added a nauseating element for a lot of riders. Looking forward to it without the 3D, tbh.
  19. I agree, a proper paint job and restoring the lake back to most of its original exterior I think would fix a lot of what people find wrong with Silver Bullet. In my opinion, as Silver Bullet has aged, it's gotten more intense, and my only real gripe with it outside of aesthetics is the drop. Overall, it's a typical B&M experience, not world beating, but overall satisfactory and very reridable attraction. It's a good mix between the trio of major world class coasters that the park has.
  20. ^ it's usually too cold for it to run :/ but not really an issue because the park in general is awesome.
  21. If this is true,I'll gladly make the trek out there next year for scarywood. The train ride and night rides on tremors, timber terror, and an rmc trex would be insane.
  22. I wasn't a fan of the FoF clones. I thought the show rooms were never really that dark and the trim kind of ruined the experience as a whole. Poltergeist is by far and away my favorite of the speghetti bowls and runs exactly as it should imo: fast and trimless.
  23. I have a friend who was there today and said it was jackhammering. Mind you, it's his first time there. So it may be smoother than before but still not that great. I rode a couple weeks ago. It's not "painful" but it's not particularly enjoyable either. The ride shakes violently throughout and provides what I would consider to be an uncomfortable experience. It sucks they really just let this thing go to waste. It was at one time a pretty good ride. Now it's almost as bad as Psyclone was at its worst.
  24. Saw that Eli Roth has taken over the terror tram. I'm going to be severely disappointed if it's the same terror tram albeit new costumes. Really hoping they're making it a fresh experience this year!
  25. Old Ghost Rider would still contend with a lot of the newer coasters. I think riders who have been on Raven, Legend, Tremors, or Timber Terror recently can attest to that. Ghost rider, at one point, was on that level. Anyways what's done is done. Hoping Kbf has a major announcement for next year but haven't seen any major rumors lately. They're either being super secretive or there's nothing happening.
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