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    This B&M donkey is so smooth!
  1. Wow, I was going to say "It can't be TOO bad." I guess I'm wrong. It's a shame. I can't tell if Rock N' Roller coaster is showing any age in DSP, but at DHS it's actually relatively smooth. I think it's aging rather well.
  2. Great TR! Quick question, what is TDL's POTC like? I hear nothing about it. 2 drops? Long?
  3. Great little TR. Glad to see Knott's is getting the crowds still. The last time I saw it truly crowded (excluding Halloween Haunt) was I believe 2001. Not to say it's never crowded since then, but the park is losing its charm. At least for me. I think they don't need another coaster. What I think they need is a TRUE family ride. A dark ride, if you will. I don't really know why they closed down the dinosaur ride, and I have no idea what's left of the ride inside, or what they intend to do with it. Anyone care to tell me? Personally for me, Knott's would have been ideal if they stopped
  4. Very Nice TR. I've wanted to come to Dollywood ever since I saw that program on the Travel Channel about it.
  5. I used to love it, but I am glad they're getting rid of this because it's time is up.
  6. The one at MK is Arrow I believe, and Disneyland's is WED Enterprises. Confirm/Deny?
  7. Here are few pics from day 2. We only took 10 or so. The rest of the photo's are on film, and we need to get them developed. Left to right: Rachel, Mr. Manchester, myself. Left to right: Jake and Nancy (Nancy sneezed) Left to right: Dylan and Rachel
  8. TR 1:So...last summer before my friend moved to RI for College, we took a trip to Disneyland. He brought his camera. His film camera. It uses ACTUAL film. I noticed this when I saw the lack of a screen (pre-SSE refurbishment), and no little trash icon to delete the bad photo's of yourself. Awesome. So, some of this film has been developed, and here for your viewing pleasure...disneyland on film (note: there is not flash. That comes separately from the camera. So some pictures are....LSD-esque.) Part II: Friend came back from RI to visit. December 18th and 19th we went to Disneyland
  9. Best collection of red X photo's ever! If you want to have the pictures still up, you can upload them on photobucket. I'd love to see them.
  10. Nice pics, I didn't know Rita was being repainted. ... owait.
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