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Kennywood (KW) Discussion Thread

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PA Governor Rendell Announces Investments to Support Tourism and Agriculture Projects


HARRISBURG, Pa., Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Governor Edward G. Rendell today

announced investments of nearly $2.7 million to support the state's

agriculture and tourism industries, which already employ some 1.5 million


"Agriculture and tourism are two vital components of our economy,

generating more than $68 billion in revenue and supporting nearly 1.5 million

jobs," Governor Rendell said. "We are using our resources to support these

industries and help them flourish across the commonwealth."

"Pennsylvania's economy continues to grow, but it is not happening by

accident. We are making strategic investments to provide new opportunities,

remove the competitiveness of our businesses and support the revitalization of

our communities," the Governor added.

The projects -- funded through the $150 million First Industries Fund, a

vital grant and loan program that is a part of the Governor's Economic

Stimulus Package -- include the expansion of a pierogie production facility in

Scranton and the development of visitors' centers along the Route 6 corridor.

Since January, the fund has awarded money for 130 projects totaling nearly $20


The Tourism Program provides $50 million in grants, loans and loan

guarantees for businesses and non-profit organizations engaged in tourism-

related activities. Grants up to $175,000 are available to fund predevelopment

and feasibility studies. Loans are available for costs associated with

tourism-related projects, including historic, heritage, cultural, sporting,

amusement, nature, outdoor recreational or retail destinations located in

Pennsylvania; hospitality and restaurant establishments associated with those

destinations; businesses that develop and market travel packages; and

public/private partnerships formed to enhance or optimize the use of resources

such as state-owned parks and state game lands. Applicants will also have

access to loan guarantees up to $2.5 million or 50 percent of their

outstanding project costs, whichever is less.


The following tourism projects were approved by the CFA:


Allegheny County


Kennywood Entertainment Company Inc. will receive a $175,000 planning

grant for predevelopment associated with expanding its amusement park in

Duquesne. A 15-acre brownfield site lies adjacent to the current park and

Kennywood will explore the economic viability of expanding on the site. The

funds will be used for geotechnical investigation for engineering

characteristics, environmental assessment, predevelopment planning, site

development, and marketing and job development studies. The total planning

cost is $455,000.


[rest of article cut]

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Oh I don't blame Kennywood at all for this. I'm sure it was very difficult for them to have to lay off some of their employees who are kinda like family. I was just baffled by the "hurricane" excuse, which I guess can be all thrown at stupid insurance companies. I know Idlewild and Sandcastle are right on water, but Kennywood is built on a darn mountainside! Better watch out if any volcanoes erupt anytime soon, the insurance companies may start demanding more money for Volcanic Insurance.....just like on Family Guy.

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You don't need to be financially strapped to get a grant. Look at all the oil companies.


Kennywood was very smart in announcing their expansion plans quite early. Being that it would have such a positive impact on the area, I won't be surprised to see more grants headed their way. Let's face it, Allegheny County needs all the help they can get. Kennywood is probably the only thing worth seeing there as a tourist.

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^Could be just a reorganizing move. As companies get bigger, the more redundant positions they have. Sounds like growning pains to me.


Growing up, and working there, the original team of Henninger and the Hughes's, and their positions in the company ran the parks quite well. There was a very small chain of command. Now it seems, there are many "outsiders", invented positions, and a slight "loss of touch" that ran the park through the 70's-90's. Heck, I couldn't even name the president, VP, or any of the chain-of-command anymore. What would really be sad is if they became a publically traded company.


I know, a bit off topic.

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2007 - Mega Disk’O & USS Kenny - Confirmed - (12/20/06) Kennywood will add two Zamperla rides for the 2007 season. A Mega Disk’O will replace the park’s Flying Carpet ride which has been put up for sale. They have not selected a final name and theme for the Disk’O yet. In Kiddleland they will add the USS Kenny, a themed Rockin’ Tug.

(11/29/06) It seem sthat the Disk’O rumors are just two of a short list of possible ride concepts the park may be looking at right now. We’ve heard they are also looking through the Huss rides catalog as well.

(11/27/06) While nothing serious has come down from the usual sources, we’ve heard a rumor that the park may be looking into adding either a Zamperla Disk’O or perhaps even the bigger Disk’O Coaster for next season. Anyone know more?

(10/18/06) We’ve heard that orange markings have been spotted on the grass and midway near the park office. Rumor has it that this may signal the return of the Bayern Kurve or Swing Around or maybe even a new ride. Of course they could just be marking underground utilities to perform maintenance work as well at this point, so stay tuned.



Two new rides, sounds like a great addition to me! The Disk-O will be counted as a credit being it a Survivor type, with the extra bunny hop. Can anyone inform us on what a Rockin' Tug is? Thats what type the kiddie ride it.

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Even after rehab though, their version was a carney-portable, and it rode like one. They got it used to begin with. (I remember riding it on it's very first day of operation....sigh)


Does anyone have a picture of there the swing around was? Did they tear down the platform it was on?

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The Flying Carpet became a constant maintenance problem which is surely why it is gone. It was a good ride but it was down for periods of time every year. I'm not quite sure what the deal was with the Swing Around but it doesn't sound like it will ever run at Kennywood again. The stage below the ride was demolished and there is currently a temporary diving show theatre set up in the area. A new ampitheatre should be built in a year or two.


Bayern Kurve is being rehabbed (much needed) and will probably return in the future. While I hate to see 20-30 year old flat rides removed they are reaching the end of their expected lifespan in most cases. Older rides like the Kangaroo were simple and built with solid materials. In the case of the Kangaroo it was able to be updated with sensors so it should be good to go for a long time. I wouldn't expect old rides like the Whip to go anywhere but some of the 70s and 80s rides are tough to keep running. The Enterprise was able to be rehabbed but some of these rides just weren't built to last 50 years. Over at Idlewild the Tri-Star is apparently gone as well.

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