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  1. I am seeing almost all the other SF parks making their announcements hoping SFDL has at least something coming this year. They seem to be spending a good amount of money this year, so I am hopeful
  2. Has anyone been to the park this year yet? Wondering if any of the small upgrades I keep hearing about at other SF parks happened at DL?
  3. I have a feeling it's just that first turnaround. If you take a look, there is new wood to the left of the track. I don't see it anywhere else in that picture
  4. Apparently Big Kahuna's conveyor belt broke and fried the motor, so either that needs to be replaced or the entire slide needs to go. Not sure what's up with Heave Ho, but it's such a small footprint that you couldn't put much in that spot. The Closed for the season post is very weird considering the park doesn't open until May
  5. ^agreed 100%. A good classic wooden coaster is a thing of beauty. Companies like GCI were making these wooden coasters with highly banked twisting drops and lateral movements. The just didn't hold up. Give me The Comet at Great Escape or Blue Streak at CP over those any day
  6. Sorry, it's hard to tell. I just saw the turn. Hopefully they show updates soon or at least say what parts are getting the new track
  7. Looks like they are at least doing the first main turnaround at the very least. I hope it's not just that turn but a few other rough spots too
  8. ^ I agree. Having two dead ends in a similar spot is silly. I wonder if they can't put a path so close to the Boomerang or something.
  9. Screamscape is reporting more Titan Track for Predator in 2023. If they did that and got second trains for ME, ROS and Motocoaster I would be happy with those additions
  10. I can tell you that the park is closed on Tuesdays and closes for the day at 7 except for Friday and Saturday when they close at 9. Usually as long as there is not a concert it's not so busy
  11. Did anyone go to the park this weekend to see if Predator is any better with the Titan Track on the death turn?
  12. I was looking around the SFDL website the other day and I got a pop up asking me to join the six flags advisory panel. They send out surveys about the park and future and current plans. It seemed like a great opportunity to have a say in future rides and other things that happen
  13. A few rides or coasters being painted would be nice. It would also be nice to see grizzly run fully removed if they are not bringing it back.
  14. Screamscape is reporting that Six Flags corporate is going through some restructuring where the park presidents will report to the CEO and have more say in yearly park improvements. With that being said, if you were the park president, what would you add? I would RMC predator add a true family coaster, an interactive dark ride and a frisbee/discovery. Obviously these would be over 5-6 years, but all things the park could use.
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