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  1. I think it's awesome that they are finally going to do something with Predator. It needs it badly. The problem I see is in the cost vs what they get in return. If they do the whole thing they should go big like RMC so they can advertise a whole new ride experience. My guess is that they will do the rough spots like the 540 turn and a few of the other valleys that are bad. I would actually love to see this as I think the overall layout is really good. If you can smooth out the rough spots it may become very rideable again
  2. Are you talking about Six Flags Darien Lake? Yes. That is the park this thread is about...
  3. I hope the park used this season to take care of the small things while the park was closed. Things like paint and blacktop repair don't cost a ton and are difficult to do with people in the park.
  4. Haymaker is correct. The campgrounds have been open, which is what I was referring to. With the campground being open, they did bring in money that is almost 100% profit
  5. It appears that SF is making their 2021 announcements on Thursday. Does anyone think we get anything other than the slide we were supposed to get this year? I would like another flat ride for next year, but am not holding out hope considering that the park did not technically open this year
  6. I agree with Phase on this one. Social distancing at a theme park is going to be very difficult. It will be pretty much every other seat on the coasters and flat rides. TBH, the only true ride at the park i can see running at full capacity is Moose on the Loose
  7. Haymarket is right that SF is paying to lease the park. They are also paying for any new attractions moving forward. In return for this, EPR gives them a break on the lease typically
  8. I think we could actually see no parks open here in New York State this summer. I love going to theme parks but it is extremely easy to spread germs quickly in a place like SFDL. I am not sure how much Joe public is interested in being at a place like that now. I am an enthusiast, but I wouldn't go to SFDL until there is some sort of COVID treatment or vaccine.
  9. You do know DL is owned by six flags right? I would say other than a few waterslides, there are probably 5 rides at Fantasy Island that meet SF standards. Most of the rides at FI were the portable models and not the permanent versions a chain like SF wants. Silver Comet could end up elsewhere, but it is almost as costly to move that as it would be to build new.
  10. It would be very sad if Fantasy Island were to close. I could see some parks trying to buy the rides but even if SF were to buy the rides, they would be distributed through the chain. My guess is that they individually go on an auction website. It would be easy to keep Silver Comet local but the cost to tear down and rebuild is almost the same to build new
  11. Kinda stupid is being kind. This is like saying CF had disputes with Intamin over Dragster, so now CF is going to remove Maverick, Millie and all other Intamin coasters in the chain. It makes less than zero sense. Most major industries do not work based on spite.
  12. The other side of the water park makes alot more sense. The grammar could have been better there to make it more obvious.
  13. They said it is going between the wave pool and Big Laguna. Not sure where this idea of it being on the other side of the park is coming from
  14. Obviously coasterbill was not around for the flying bathrooms conversation of 2005. My year may be off on that, but the conversation definitely happened.
  15. ^Agreed 100%. Hoping a water slide will allow them to focus on some of the "dry ride side" needs that cannot be announced. I'm talking about a roof on Sleigh ride, second trains for ROS and MotoCoaster as well as some lights on the giant wheel. I am going to put those in the general park improvements category that happen every year.
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