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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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beautiful footage, as usual, TPR!

The credit goes to the park. We didn't shoot this one.


ah. well, then. . . .thanks for sharing beautiful footage, TPR

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Something tells me that TC is gonna HAUL at night. Just a couple of weeks until I'm in the back row with my hands up!


I think they should have placed the on-ride camera after the wave turn. That would have made for some hilarious photo's in my opinion.

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Twisted Cyclone Media Day!


Today I was invited to the Twisted Cyclone media event which was a blast. The event was great and I ended up getting three rides in (Once in the front to film the rider cam, and two in the back). They did an amazing job of revamping the new area and the station building looks amazing. The queue has some newly added theming, however, the queue house is pretty small so I don't know how it is going to handle opening weekend crowds. I love how they added a gift shop and a photo kiosk as well.


Alright, now let's talk about the ride. The rider cam video shows my reaction to my first ride, and my reaction says it all... O M G


This coaster completely blew away my expectations. I have only ridden one other RMC (Lightning Rod), but this is clearly the best ride in the park now; it is probably one of my favorite rides as well. The POV does not do the ride justice. Just about every moment that is not spent upside down, is spent out of your seat. This ride really tries to throw you out of your seat the ejector airtime is *that* strong. The rides pacing is amazing because the ride gets better as it goes through the layout. The reverse cobra roll, in my opinion, is the most boring (least exciting) part of the ride... and its still FREAKING AMAZING. The wave turn is amazing because you stay out of your seat until you start going up the next hill, but the best part hasn't even come yet. The best part is everything after the second turnaround. The hill after the overbank is just pure airtime heaven. And then it is just ejector pop after pop with a zero-g roll stuck in the middle. The small over banks and bunny hills inside the structure are some of the most exciting moments of the ride. After that turnaround, your butt doesn't hit the seat until you hit the brakes.


Regarding were to sit, the inversions and wave turn was better in the front, but the drop was absolutely insane in the back as well as all of the bunny hills. Overall this is definitely a sleeper hit and a perfect fit for the park!


Here's the POV.


Now onto the pictures...


Overview of the new area



This prelift section got some tiny pops in the back


Money Shot!









New queue



These articles are posted everywhere on the walls of the new queue


Of course every new ride needs a gift shop



On-Ride photos!




They were only running the red train





Had to finish with the money shot! Thanks for reading

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Also went to media day and probably got about 10 rides in. Awesome ride. Doesn’t feel as short as I expected. I will say Wicked Cyclone is better based on my tastes in a ride, but Twisted Cyclone is amazing in its own way. I love how the intensity increases throughout the ride. That is not usually the case with RMCs. The area looks wonderful too.


Also, the park was absolutely empty (Goliath ran with half empty trains all morning) and that was pleasant since I rarely get to go on a week day.

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It's cute. I like the first drop's kick to the left, which is a good wink to the original layout. Can't wait to ride it!


Hehe...I was thinking something similar. It's like a cute mini-version of Steel Vengeance!


And that's not meant to be a put-down either. So glad to see RMC'ed coasters everywhere!


Also love the grab a beer and run like hell signs...awesome!

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Great report! It looks like an awesome coaster!


Whelp definitely the worst RMC, at least definitely the worst looking POV video.


Where does this need to compare everything come from? I feel like people would enjoy coasters a lot more if they didn’t spend so much time trying to figure out what coasters are better than the one they’re currently riding / focused on.


PS: It’s a POV

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Great report! The four other RMCs seemed to get a bit more attention, but Twisted Cyclone looks relentless from start to finish. I really like how that first drop twists. The profiling makes me think it could have some unexpected laterals to go with the air like Iron Rattler's first drop.

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Looks like a great addition to the park. (Loving the colors.)


Sure it's not the tallest or fastest, but then again not ever ride needs to be the tallest and fastest. This one looks awesome, and sounds like it provides a great ride!!! Can't wait to get out to the park later this season to give it a go!!


Whelp definitely the worst RMC, at least definitely the worst looking POV video.



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Looks GREAT! Nice report. I am very much looking forward to riding this in the fall. I find it interesting everyone is so focused on the length because while it is in fact the shortest RMC by a good bit they pack so much variety into the layout. Its also an interesting contrast to the enormity of Steel Vengeance. I love the trains and the blue track. I love that its @ SFOG. That wave turn thing looks nuts.

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Whelp definitely the worst RMC, at least definitely the worst looking POV video.

I really don’t how you can say this. And on that note I think the pov is very promising, showing good ejector air on the hills and good hangtime in all of the inversions - with an EMPTY train. The ride will only be better with riders and a proper break in.

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Even if this turns out to be the worst RMC for some people, it's still looks to be a kickass ride that serves as a testament to how RMC can't make a bad coaster if they tried


Also as a side note, I think this has my favorite RMC color scheme

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Whelp definitely the worst RMC, at least definitely the worst looking POV video.

Even if that's true, there's no such thing as a "bad" RMC, IMO. The worst RMC is still better than the best Free Spin or Super Loop.

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I went to media day today also. I have to say I was surprised at the airtime throughout the entire ride. The pacing is great from the drop to the brake run. Sure it's not the biggest, fastest or longest, but it is a lot of fun to ride. This is my 3rd RMC (Lightning Rod and Twisted Timbers are the other two) and I love how they packed so many elements into a smaller coaster. I have watched some different POVs and it's nothing like actually riding it.

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