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  1. I'm 6'-2", 225 lb., with long legs. On Raptor trains, my legs tend to cramp up if the harness is tight enough to push my legs down. That was the only pain/discomfort I had on those rides.
  2. Just noticed that, starting in 2022, season passes will only grant admission to the park where you purchased them. I usually visit 1-2 other SF parks besides Magic Mountain per year, so I may make the jump to a membership for next year. Or, if tomorrow's season pass renewal deal is ridiculously good, I may just be a cheap @$$ and buy a season pass.
  3. The only time I've bought one was at SFNE. The park was slammed and I only had one day there, so I splurged and bought a Platinum Flash Pass. It was worth every penny. I came close to buying one at SFFT, but Roller Coaster Rodeo ERT was happening that night, so I decided to hold off and save some money. At my home parks, I've never bought one.
  4. I missed out on Half Pipe and Sidewinder. Even if I happen to be in Denver again while Elitch is still there, I don't plan on going back.
  5. Surprised nobody has mentioned Elitch Gardens. Their whole mindset seems to be, "We're closing and getting bulldozed in a few years, so.... why bother?"
  6. CGA's 5-year plan a few years back included installing an Intamin Impulse, and showed a picture of Wicked Twister. I'm curious to see if it gets relocated there, but not getting my hopes up. WT is almost 20 years old at this point, and Cedar Fair rarely relocates old rides.
  7. ^ The park was replying to IG comments yesterday that Tatsu is still closed, and "an official reopening date has not been determined".
  8. I still wouldn't rule out a Six Flags announcement day. SFFT also announced Wonder Woman separately from the other park announcements.
  9. I don't know if other SF parks did this, but while operating under COVID restrictions, SFMM would hand you a paper cup of whatever drink you ordered with your drink plan. But you still had to carry your refillable cup and show it to the cashier to prove you had the drink plan. They could've gone the Cedar Fair route by scanning guests' passes, noticing whether or not they have drink plans, and handing out paper cups instead of making guests carry around a plastic cup that they won't end up using anyway.
  10. It seems like summer is the only time of year SFMM has their fire effects working. Personally, I'd rather get blasted in the face with heat during Holiday In the Park than on a 108-degree summer day.
  11. Millennium Force - world's first giga coaster Top Thrill Dragster - world's first strata coaster Magnum XL-200 - world's first hyper coaster X2 - world's first 4D coaster and Arrow's last coaster Revolution - first modern coaster to feature a vertical loop Matterhorn Bobsleds - world's first coaster to use tubular steel track The Beast - world's longest wooden coaster Jack Rabbit - one of the world's 10 oldest coasters still in operation Montezooma's Revenge - last Schwarzkopf shuttle loop still operating in the U.S., and the only one still in its original location. Scream - most inversions on a coaster installed over a parking lot
  12. While not on the Elitch Gardens level of suck, Kennywood was a letdown for me in 2018, as well. Phantom was awesome, Bayern Kurve (RIP) was a lot of fun, Exterminator had us laughing the whole time, and Jackrabbit was definitely a sleeper hit for me, but.... operations were painfully slow; Sky Rocket was closed; the grumpy-looking ride ops pushing a button that played a recorded, cheerful, "All clear!" was simultaneously depressing and comical; and we only got one ride on Phantom because it kept going down throughout the day. But we had also just come from Cedar Point - which was a stark contrast to Kennywood. I think we might have enjoyed Kennywood more, had we gone there first. All that being said, I would go again if I happen to be in the area - mainly for more Phantom and Jack Rabbit rides, and to ride Sky Rocket and Steel Curtain.
  13. Naw, they clearly bought SFDK's Skywarp that was recently put up for sale. RMC fabricated its track, thus making this project an indirect partnership with RMC. Who else can't wait for 35-MPH flybys, now that it only has one train?
  14. One other improvement I noticed last week was that sensor-operated water bottle fillers had been installed at most of the drinking fountains. Of course, they were all turned off, due to L.A. County's COVID-19 rules.... because if you're trying not to get sick, you should avoid drinking water, right? I'm glad to see them installed, anyway. One of my biggest gripes about this park was that the Coke FreeStyle machines do not dispense plain water and the drinking fountains typically did not have sufficient flow to fill up a water bottle - so the only way to get water was to wait in a food line.
  15. Demolition has started on Tidal Wave. The fa├žade behind the Green Lantern station has also been removed. H/T @ourmountain_thrillpark on Facebook and Instagram
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