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  1. +1 on The Flash. I also visited in July 2018 and it was closed. Harley Quinn was open when I visited and I had no desire to ride it.
  2. Same here. Even with the recent stay-at-home order lifted, nearly every county in the state is a long ways away from graduating from the purple tier.
  3. CGA is a seasonal park and would normally be closed right now anyway. Knott's, on the other hand, is open year round and are just waiting for Gov. ScienceTM to decide that they can reopen. They most likely have the rides mothballed and can be ready to reopen within a few weeks of getting the okay.
  4. CF's seasonal parks will likely follow suit if their respective states don't allow them to reopen by the time they typically open for the season.
  5. I think my only new credit this year was Big Bear's new mountain coaster - but it doesn't look like mountain/alpine coasters are included in the poll, anyway. I also noticed Green Lantern First Flight is still on the list despite being put out of our misery.
  6. The governor just moved most of the state back into the most restrictive reopening tier. SFMM isn't reopening the coasters anytime soon.
  7. Gold Striker would be a good candidate. It has a fun layout, but jackhammered when I rode it last summer.
  8. Ride ticket purchases will also be limited to Santa Clara County residents, per state guidelines.
  9. Santa Clara County is still in the orange tier, which means only small parks can open with a 25%/500-person capacity, so this does not include CGA.
  10. So, word on the street is that Newsom is releasing theme park guidelines tonight, but he has been saying that for the past 3 months, so I am not holding my breath. The rumored guidelines include: - Advance ticket sales required - 25% capacity - Face coverings required - Admission limited to people living within a certain distance of the park
  11. Yep, it's killing us to live near all these awesome parks and have none of them open.
  12. I received a park planning survey for Holiday In The Park this morning. Aside from proposing various COVID-related safety measures (masks, social distancing, the whole nine yards....), it proposed several possible scenarios for HITP: - A walk-thru experience inside the park with lights, music, and s'mores pits, but no rides or indoor activities. Masks and social distancing would be required; - A more "normal" HITP with lights, music, rides, and s'mores pits where various COVID-related measures are implemented, like masks and socially-distanced Santa visits; - A drive-thru experience.
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