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  1. I think I lucked out on the crowds (it was a Wednesday) and the app really helped pick lines when they were short. I pretty much power-walked everywhere and if I wasn't on a ride, I was in a line. That said, if I had 2 days, I would have taken at least an hour out of the day for food/snacks/beer, but I was on a mission to get to Switzerland!!! I shouldn't go overboard about Silver Star, it's still not an Intamin Mega , but it was far better than what I was expecting and really enjoyable. I'm definitely being harsh on Wodan. It was pretty out-of-control fun, I just am obsessed w
  2. It's definitely a trade off. As you mentioned, it's not inconvenient as the shuttles run often and until midnight and it's only a few minutes down the road. But you don't have quite the same immersion as the other hotels being next to each other/the park. That said, the fake harbor is REALLY nice at night and I'm sure it will only improve as the water park is finished. But if I did it again, I might opt for the Colosseo hotel. (The Bellrock was really cool, but being from New England... ) So I guess my feedback would be: if you like the Scandinavian vibe/food, stay there. Persona
  3. I found Switzerland to be about on par with Scandinavia when it comes to pricing. Hostels were pretty cheap, hotels looked reasonable, and the food reasonable considering these places are pretty touristy now. What got me was all the transportation prices: 3 day travel pass + all the add on's for different trams/gondolas added up really fast. I definitely think you can do a hiking trip in Switzerland without spending too much money if you plan it right.
  4. To be fair, I did at least have dinner, drinks, and breakfast at the park hotels. Plus I pretty much spent the prior week and a half eating and drinking the best of Belgium/France. And knowing Id probably eat my body weight in alpkase the following days (maybe a slight exaggeration), skipping park food was probably for the best. Next time I'll definitely try some of it though!
  5. I haven't been much of the coaster/theme park enthusiast the last decade, with the exception of last summer visiting a few parks that fit my Eurotrip (Grona Lund, Kolmarden, Liseberg, and Tivoli Copenhagen). Literally 3 weeks before I was to leave on this summers Eurotrip, found myself back looking at coasters when it dawned on me: A whole bunch of awesome parks are within driving distance. My original desire was to squeeze in 5 parks: Walibi Holland, Toverland, Phantasialand, Holiday Park, and Europa Park. I realized once I landed in Brussels that there was no way I was going to
  6. That's too bad to hear that the day didn't go as well as planned. I can understand the single-rider frustration. I'm used to US parks where the single rider lines move quickly, however I think the reason they don't at Europa Park (same goes for Phantasialand) is the fact that a lot of the rides you are assigned seating and the crew is very good at filling empty seats that way. It's definitely more of a crap-shoot, especially on 2-per row rides.
  7. There was definitely some rattle on Silver Star, but that doesn't phase me. The airtime was pretty good, and that was after riding Expedition Gforce a whole bunch the day before, so the bar was high, lol. I dont mean to rip Bluefire, it is quite fun and really good, just wonder why so many look past Silver Star. Then again I'm all about the airtime and blackout G-forces.
  8. Thanks! I got a Kronen Pils (never had it before), it's ok. Best beer is probably outside the park at Gasthaus zum oschen. Their local pils is fantastic as is their local German/Austrian food. Ok,can we now talk about Wodan and Silver Star... How is Wodan so highly rated? I rode it in the morning near the front and last row in the evening. There's no airtime... not figuratively, it literally has zero airtime... sure, its fast. Great... Now about Silver Star. This IMO is easily the best coaster in the park. I got 6 rides in the last row. Loaded with airtime (even not bad fo
  9. Anyone have any tips on where to get the best beer/whiskey/etc in park/restaurants? I'm staying one night in the park
  10. I'm glad you are enjoying your trip!!! I'm going to be in Europe in July and I'm thinking of doing the Europa-Holiday Park-Phantasialand-Toverland-Walibi (with maybe an added German park or 2). One question I have... do the parks really close so early? (websites all mention 6pm during the week, even sometimes weekend). Last summer I went to Grona Lund, Liseberg, Tivoli Gardens, etc and they were all open really late. I know Europa park is pretty huge... but if I just want to hit the show-case coasters and skip everything else, is Europa and Holiday World doable in a single da
  11. Has anyone had issues getting an error when trying to buy tickets online? Im trying to get an allinone pass for Friday May 5th and it keeps giving me an error. They cant be sold out, can they?
  12. Canned Heady Topper. Holy jumping Jesus on crutches. The only DIPA that even COMPETES with Heady Topper is Hill Farmstead DIPAs (Galaxy and Abner). Sorry Pliny, but even you, at the 3-week peak, can't compete. Unbelievable beer. The hops just don't ever fade. I mean, ever. This isn't a "soft, light citrus hops that fade, but is clean and drinkable" this is a "soft, but intense citrus hops with perfect depth and balance that last forever and ever, that's also as clean and drinkable as it gets.". I'm practically speechless. I should have expected this from the Alchemist, but it jus
  13. It did end up being the Black Butte XXI. I was expecting it to be the better of the two, but I actually preferred the XXIII. The orange added a nice dimension (though not too obvious) and it had a much more full/rounded flavor. The XI was probably awesome when released, but the coffee completely faded and it had a old/stale light coffee finish and just a bit of an 'old' taste. Still was pretty darned good. I'm getting pretty darned excited for trades right now, got a bunch of great stuff lineup, mainly DIPAs. I might have to throw a big DIPA tasting, not sure I can drink it all mys
  14. It was good, but I kept expecting James Franco to come home stoned to Lithgow bludgeoning a father... Oh how different roles can haunt an actor. I can't wait for The Thing Prequel.
  15. Yeah, I forgot about the 22. I guess he just meant black butte XXI. Don't worry, I'm certainly going to hook people up with Heady topper. I plan on getting a case the weekend it's released, and probably half of it will be traded. I'm sure I'll get more down the road as well. I actually haven't had it yet myself, so I'm wicked excited too. I've been on a crazy IPA kick, Soon all I'll need is PtY, Hopslam, and Dreadnaught and I can die a happy hophead. Send me a BM if you are interested in trading for some heady Topper in the next few months.
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