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  1. I visited the park this morning and got 6 rides in on Kondaa. My initial reaction a month ago, Kondaa was the first coaster I had ridden in almost 2 years due to covid. Now having ridden Untamed, Goliath, and revisiting Kondaa, it was a little underwhelming. Granted, it's morning and I expect it will warm up a bit (it was a warm morning though). Pretty much my breakdown is the same, I love the first drop and two hills, the non-inverting cobra roll doesn't do anything for me (its just going too slow through the transitions at the top to give any good forces), and the last 3rd isn't
  2. The restraints do suck! There is a bit of rattle and squeeking that's developed. I do miss the pre-incident days with the old restraints. As a side, the newer restraints, like on Kondaa, are amazing. You no longer get sore thighs from a lot of re rides with them. Very comfy!
  3. Not idea, I've been taking the train down . I'll check, I may try to get down Saturday morning...
  4. Day 2: I headed down to Helenaveen to stay at Hotel Eetcafé In d'Ouwe Peel for the night. 6 minutes from Toverland, this little Inn was very charming! Small rooms with shared bathrooms, but everything was very 'homey' and clean and the staff was very welcoming. Local Belgian ale just across the border. They also serve all of the La Trappe beers! Solid stoofvlees. The upstairs rooms have a shared terrace and there's a terrace for the restaurant on the other side of the building. I can't recommend this place enough if you need a place to stay around To
  5. I was really looking forward to the raft crossing! I'll just have to come back once covid is in a better state. The park was pretty packed and they were skipping every other row for the rides, so I wasn't to surprised by the long lines. While I was initially frustrated by the virtual queue, it did seem to work more smoothly for others as the day progressed. They did just reopen so they need some time to work out the kinks. I will say, virtual queue could be really useful for busy rides at other parks. I like the idea of sitting in a cafe or biergarten while waiting in 'line'. The
  6. I had been itching to travel outside Belgium and Netherlands has recently reopened outdoor venues including theme parks, so with a good forecast for the weekend (finally, it's been a brutal May here!) I grabbed a car and headed up to NL. I arrived to Harderwijk quite early, so I took some time to wander around town. It was clear and sunny on the drive up until I got to Harderwijk. Cute little bakery I stopped at to get some breakfast. I've heard of the traditional wooden clogs that are famous in NL... but I never thought anyone actually wore them until I saw someone
  7. I think this is a pretty solid list overall, but nit-picking, Goliath ahead of SROS @ SFNE makes no sense. I snagged a bunch of rides late 2019 (it was my 'home park', so I've ridden it lots of the years since it opened) and just recently got a bunch of rides on Goliath @ Walibi Holland. While I really enjoyed the back and to some extent the front (the middle is very meh), it was not SROS. I like the layout, but SROS just had it best across the board. Intensity, airtime moments, length, height, speed, and smoothness. Both trains of Goliath are running pretty much the roughest of an
  8. Where did you ride on Goliath? I found it's a backseat ride. The middle did nothing for me. The back was classic intamin ejector air. I will say the front was the most forceful on the two helicies. I wasn't a big fan of Lost Gravity, but I'm not sure I'd call it overrated. If people are putting it in the 30-50 range of steel coasters... that is probably where it belongs. I'm sure some individuals love it, but the concensis is on point. Untamed, I kind of wanted to find it overrated... but my Intamin fanboy self couldn't deny that Untamed was the best overall roller coaster
  9. Untamed this evening. It hurts to admit this, but it is absolutely the best coaster I've ever riden. I still might prefer Expedition Gforce, maybe, but Untamed I think is clearly the better overall coaster. Kondaa is really good, really really good, but overall... Untamed is just wild. The pacing is absolutely perfect. Honestly it really feels to get faster, more intense, and just more twisted crazy as the ride goes on. Only critique is it isn't my favorite first drop and it does lack strong +g forces.
  10. Agreed. I give Intamin a ton of leeway, I just couldn't help but laugh considering the reputation (compared to B&M) and my own experience with new intamin. Big credit to Walibi and the Intamin crew for getting it back running very quickly each time.
  11. This Saturday marked the day when Belgium finally started to open back up - Bars/Restaurants for outdoor seating, theme parks, etc. I met up with a friend in Brussels to his favorite bar Dynamo and one of my favorite bars - Moeder Lambic. It started a little rainy, but ended up being a great day to finally enjoy beer in terraces! Moeder lambic original in Saint-Gilles Brussels. First draft Cantillon Kriek I've had in brussels in almost two years! Can't go to Moeder lambic without getting a vintage bottle of Cantillon. Cantillon Gueuze with 7+ years is a
  12. I haven't ridden Untamed yet, but I'd easily put this above Wildfire. It's challenging Expedition GeForce for my top spot.
  13. I've gotten in 2 rides so far today on Kondaa and can confirm that Intamin nailed it! I'll post a full report on my first visit to Walibi later
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