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  1. There are pictures on Facebook of the aftermath. Some blood and a woman in a neck brace but it didn’t look that life threatening. I’m sure the park will be paying up for this. The heavy chain was held by a few short rusty screws so it definitely doesn’t appear to have been installed well and the years of weathering seemed to really fatigue it. A good reminder to always overly secure items and have some kind of maintenance.
  2. Six Flags employees now use cell phones as work devices. That’s probably a dangerous thing considering it makes it easier for them to use their own. Regardless, this is more an issue of training and supervision. Cedar Fair parks are overkill with supervisors and basically stopping a ride operation because a random person in the exit area has a question, but at least there is someone in charge and accountable. They measure their hourly capacity. There is a lot more accountability for Cedar Fair operators and that’s why they have better operators, regardless of age. Age has nothing to do with it. You just need dedicated employees and someone holding them accountable.
  3. How empty was the park? I can only imagine... Sounds like a dream event to go to, especially once the weather cleared up. What were the event hours anyway? The hours were 12-9 Eastern. Honda of Alabama is of course in Central time so 11-8 for us. We arrived at 3 Eastern and stayed till closing. When we topped the hill on I-20 it looked to still be raining on the other side of Atlanta so it had not stopped raining long. The longest wait we had was for Justice League which was about 10 minutes. On every coaster we rode, we stayed on and rode multiple times. Every ride was walk on or one train wait. We had drink tickets and a buffet meal which was really good. Our drink tickets came with a free funnel cake as well so the only money I spent was 10.00 for my son to play games. We also got free passes to cone back because of the weather which was really not as issue. It was a dream Six Flags day for sure! Sounds like a surprisingly great visit! Thanks for sharing. I’m always curious about how these private events turn out.
  4. Very interesting! I found a picture on a discussion group I am in on Facebook. Not sure how to properly credit the original poster but see image below.
  5. How empty was the park? I can only imagine... Sounds like a dream event to go to, especially once the weather cleared up. What were the event hours anyway?
  6. Most coasters generally open once the temp reaches 40. It will depend on the crowds though. I’ve seen them close completely with 45 degree weather but I’ve also been on the coasters when it was 30 degrees out. I think it is 40 to open most of them and then as long as the park is busy they will keep them open. I’ve been on Dare Devil Dive at 1am when it was 29 before. It was a particularly cold fright fest Friday.
  7. The park usually opens the second weekend of March and is open on Saturday and Sunday only until spring break for the area. Then back to weekends mostly until Memorial Day Weekend. Daily ops after that.
  8. The forums have died and even Robb/TPR has alluded to it. The new Facebook Groups option is further suffocating out the threads. My only suggestion if they want to “fight” progress is to somehow make the site Google login capable and post social media content that directs to the forum. I remember when there would be dozens of new posts in the forum every hour and now it’s Sunday evening and there have been like 3 in the last hour. Oh well though. I’m still holding out.
  9. Their policy is that the line closes at the park closing time. That being said, I’ve seen them close things off early. Usually not more than 15 minutes early and I think that’s just ride ops making their own call against policy. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they closed off an extremely long line early. Also, if a coaster breaks down near or after closing they usually shut down for the night and send everyone home. This has happened to me many times at Goliath. Sometimes it seemed a bit suspicious like the ops just were not in the mood lol.
  10. I agree that is currently unlikely but Six Flags has experienced so much change I wouldn’t rule anything out. 10 years ago the general consensus was no more big coasters. 20 years ago they were plopping down big coasters all over the place. 30 years ago they didn’t even have that many coasters and when they did start adding more, they would move them from park to park. So who knows, in 5 years we could see anything really. For the time being I would just anticipate medium sized coasters with short ride times, cloned models, or anything you’d call a big coaster on a budget. I’d really love to see our park get a launched coaster though! Maxx Force is short but I feel like that’d be a great fit!
  11. I’m almost positive you can activate at either park and get all your benefits just fine. I think it says that somewhere in the long season pass purchasing page on their site.
  12. Yeah I didn’t pay close attention this morning so I was excited to see a water coaster finally in the Atlanta area, but no. It’ll still be a good slide. Maybe Hurricane Harbor will get one eventually!
  13. Is Python Plunge actually going to be a water coaster or did they just use water coaster footage? I ask because they don’t mention it being a coaster, having uphill propulsion, and they do mention two person rafts. Sounds like a normal water slide with the disc curves...
  14. The only thing Six Flags Over Georgia has done consistently over the past 20 years is built the smallest of everything. I don’t expect that to change. As long as the intensity is there I don’t care but just pointing that out. Our region has little competition so they can afford to downsize every addition. That being said, we have had pretty good additions! I would love to see a launch coaster in our future.
  15. I feel very lucky to have had a great experience visiting New Years of 2017 going into 2018. The place wasn’t dead but was not crowded, the Mexican restaurant over the log flume was really good, all the rides were running, and although rough in a weird jerky way, I thought Desperado was awesome!!! Much better than I anticipated. Really good sudden airtime and a cool layout. It’s too bad the fate of these rides is almost certainly permanent closure.
  16. The only changes I’d want to see done to The Beast are... 1. Ease up on the trim brakes or remove where possible 2. Add small airtime hills to some of the straight stretches 3. Headrest free buzz bar trains Among any other small improvements. It’s a great unique ride but honestly during the day most of it isn’t that great. At night the darkness makes it better but I definitely don’t think the experience meets the hype. That being said it is a one of a kind experience and I appreciate that. Oh and please never RMC it or any unique classic woodie.
  17. Thank you for this update! I’m really sad to hear The Rapids is going away. Such a unique ride! Fun and long. I assume it needed upkeep work and the park also probably would rather not have to staff it since there has to be employees at every splash pool.
  18. I was sad to see Joyland remove this ride but now with this unexpected news I’m very excited. I love parks that have a mission to preserve and highlight their history and historic rides. This is an awesome move! Looking forward to visiting Arnold’s Park in the future.
  19. I’m planning on visiting the 29th. The park is open 9am-8pm. Why are they even open? Is it a special day for schools? Any other event? Seems like a great day for an empty park but they must have some reason to be open. I’d appreciate any insight!
  20. It’s not all that busy. It is opening weekend though so most rides are only running one train. Good to know. Is that causing long station waits? I’m on the fence but wouldn’t mind going for some night rides before the time change!!
  21. I’m curious how busy it is today as I’m considering heading over there later in the afternoon if the weather holds up.
  22. I believe the gray sections are simply portions that have had the old paint sanded off so you are just seeing plain steel. Then the white is primer. That’s my guess anyway. I’m very curious to find out what the final color scheme will be!
  23. Thank you for posting the video here! I was sad I couldn’t go. I went last year and it was a great experience. I’m curious what the “breaking news” is but I guess I’ll have to wait and see!
  24. That’s hilarious! I remember on Over Georgia’s site they had a page all about Holiday In The Park.... except they clearly recycled the Fright Fest Page because with all the holiday cheer was a zombie apocalypse themed Mind Bender! Seriously as someone who does QA for a website with many more pages than Six Flags, I wonder how so much goes unnoticed. They should have a staging website, QA that, then go to live and QA that again just in case. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We are talking about Six Flags though... you just have to appreciate it and laugh.
  25. So many great Arrow coasters but some of my favorites are.. Magnum Vortex Desperado Tennessee Tornado Thunderation
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