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  1. The first thing I knew I wanted was a Mine Train, mainly because most (if not all) Six Flags has one. Since we no longer have the blessings of Arrow, I contacted Vekoma to see what they could come up with. It didn't take them long to draw up the Miami Goldrusher. Its terrain based, with two lift hills and an underground tunnel finale. Goldrusher has 4 trains with an immaculate blocking system that took ALOT of thought. Vekoma Custom Mine Train 6,155 Feet of track Max Speed - 54 MPH Over 3 minutes of ride time Family Coaster Terrain Tunnel 4 Trains – 6 Cars per train – 4 p
  2. Just an update of what I have in store for you guys... and this screenshot was taken before the park was open to the public.
  3. So, like the rest of you, This Pandemic had me stuck in the house, bored, and sad because all of the parks closed down. So one day I decided to open up RCT2 and see what I could come up with. I started with the scenario editor and after like a week, I decided that I was satisfied. I then thought about which state didn't have a Six-Flags Park, and eventually my mind decided on Miami. I wanted something that rolled of the tongue easily. So after another 2 weeks, I had pretty much finished up the first few rides and started on the paths and the landscaping, theming etc. I knew I wante
  4. Considering that they stopped trying to take my $25 membership fee... They are definitely reopening and honoring the free months they promised.
  5. Would Orion at Kings Island count? I mean... It is built, and has been testing. But unfortunately no one has ridden it yet.
  6. I forgot all about this game... I dont even remember my login information. Wow
  7. Six Flags has a ‘level’ system they use to determine what rides close during different weather events. A light sprinkle wont cause any rides to close but steady rain will call for a closure of the Level A rides. Taller rides and coasters with uncovered brake runs are Level A. So Goliath, Twisted Cyclone, Mind Bender, Dare Devil Dive, Scorcher, Superman, and Acrophobia will all go down if steady rain is approaching the area. Batman will run in the rain since the brakes are completely covered, but if the rain gets heavy they will close it. Monster Mansion is at the bottom of the list, and i
  8. I just got home from a pretty decent night at the park. I decided to go around 7pm and arrived at 7:30pm. There was no wait to get in but the entrance plaza/midway was a little crowded. Although the park was slightly crowded, the lines were minimal. The longest line I saw was for Monster Mansion, which had a half-filled queue house. Superman’s line was at the bottom of the steps and they were only running one train, with the 2nd train parked in the adjacent station. I think we waited maybe 30 minutes for a back row ride. We could see people waiting in the Justice League queue as we w
  9. I sure hope not! Six Flags has been installing Freespins for a while now. Considering that SFOG was one of the ‘original’ parks, I don’t see us getting a Freespin since we haven’t gotten one after all this time. A decent compact launched coaster would not only fit that area, but I’m 100% sure it would get a better appreciation than a Freespin would. Maxx Force was an instant hit so I’m hoping that the Six Flags executives are in contact with Premier Rides to bring something similar to SFOG in the next few years.
  10. I don't know what the deal was but when I went to the park on Sunday (9/8) it was PACKED. Twisted Cyclone was closed all day (or atleast from noon when I arrived till about 4pm when I left). Acrophobia went down as I was in line and it also stayed closed for the rest of the day. As I was leaving, I saw maintenance riding the catch-car up to the top. Considering how hot it was, I believe something up there may have overheated. The SFRR was still closed as well. Spinsanity was closed with a sign mentioning the two attractions coming to Gotham City next year. The seats were also removed. Thi
  11. ^ The Log Flume also has an on-ride photo. Superman had one at the bottom of the pretzel loop but they removed it - probably because they weren’t selling many photos. Batman also had one for like one year, maybe two. During my Ride-Op days I was convinced that alot of guests leave their brains in the parking lot. No matter how many times they repeat ‘Do not pull down’ or ‘Do not sit or stand on the handrails’ those words go in one ear and come right out of the other one. And then they are usually the main ones to complain about the long lines. Smh
  12. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I wonder if 'Swamp Water Jack' will return as well? I loved that dude! Anyone else remember him?? --While I have mixed feelings about our two upcoming attractions, I am happy we are not getting a 4D Free-Spin. Someone asked if the scrambler is the one they used for Shake'm (Shake, Rattle & Roll's nickname for employees). My guess is yes, especially considering the fact that I saw a couple of boats from Splash Waterfalls in the 'boneyard' during my last visit. I believe one of Free Fall's cars is back there too. I'm assuming that they tried
  13. What didn’t suck was the ability to get wet on a hot Georgia summer day, without having to wait in line. I have memories from my years as a youth - standing on that bridge with a big smile on my face as the boats approached the drop. Im sure there are several long-term Georgia residents who have the same memories. No other ride in the park offered that experience. It may have been a ‘cloned’ ride but it was a ‘cloned’ ride that satisfied - Which is why it was there for as long as it was. Im sad to see it go.
  14. ^I really hope that isn’t gonna be what we get next year. I feel like SFOG (being one of the first Six Flags parks) should get something out of the ordinary to replace such a classic ride in the park. We have all the other ‘cloned’ attractions at this point - even one other parks dont have (Superman). With the removal of Splash, we are missing another major water ride. BUT a good, compact launched coaster would round out our coaster lineup. I guess we’ll find out in a couple of months.
  15. It appears that Acrophobia is having more extended down time. Its been closed all day for my last 3 visits. With the storms we had a couple weeks ago, I think it may have been struck by lightning. They have also added covering/shade to Pandemonium’s ‘uncovered’ section of the queue. I really wish people would listen to the ride op and NOT attempt to pull down on their shoulder harnesses. Not only does it slow down the loading process but I think it causes the ride computer to hickup as well. The last time I rode it someone pulled theirs down and moments later everyone had to unload and ma
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