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  1. I just read where Carowinds is testing online ordering for food through the Carowinds app. Link to article https://cpfoodblog.com/carowinds-testing-mobile-food-ordering/?fbclid=IwAR0xu9KEZpLRVFnZ3kxX4vyjSzFkYHtyPmghpHi_95ug1AgBUymd5_GKsZA
  2. We took a tour of Thunderhead's lift hill Saturday during Thrills in the Hills. They shared a lot of great info about Thunderhead!!! Pete Owens was at the top waiting on us and shared even more info. PLUS you can get a great view of "phase 2"
  3. Here is link to our trip to WWU and a construction tour of Blue Ridge Junction, The Mountain Gliders and Copperhead Strike!!!
  4. SFFT was at Carowinds yesterday (Feb 23) for ACE Southeast Winter Warm Up. Here is a video of their presentation!!!
  5. Here is a video of the Carowinds presentation at Winter Warm Up!!!
  6. Here is a video from Dollywood's presentation at Winter Warm Up yesterday
  7. I know next year Copperhead Strike and the gliders will be open, but I would like to see the Bumper Cars, PvZ and YoYo opened as well/
  8. No point, just saying how it was when I was there. Not really trying to dispute you or anthing.
  9. I was there on 12/31 and Afterburn was all but a walk on most of the night. After Midnight we rode 6 times and never got out of our seats. The longest we waited was one train. Other rides in the park had lines but nothing really bad.
  10. As far as WG opening, we was told on the construction tour that it will open in May. Not sure when or if pass holders will get a sneak peek before the public.
  11. Carowinds held a construction tour Wed. Oct 17. Here is a video of that tour I made. A lot of great info, and one of the best things we found out is Copperhead Strike can run in cooler weather and will be open for Winterfest 2019!! I hope you enjoy.
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