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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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Another visit to the park today...just had to ride TC again! The park was surprisingly not so crowded today although the threat of bad weather may have played a factor. Lines for the new TC were about 20-30 min, which was surprisingly short.


Another curious observation made near the Goliath - the (never used and not covered) fourth queue area was removed and fenced off for some small project. Could a small flat ride be coming to that area?


Splashwater Falls was still inoperative. I still say the park could refurbish and re-theme that ride to Aquaman and connect the DC theme from the DC Friends area to Metropolis.


It is nice to see the park making continual improvements. Re-painting Scorcher would be huge too.

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When will RMC learn how to make a decient train? Their design makes Arrow cars look comfy


I mean, I find RMC's trains extremely comfortable.


But at the same time, you cannot expect B&M Hyper or Mack-like trains on RMCs either, considering all the tight clearances and crazy maneuvers their coasters do.

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Got in a couple rides on Friday. Weather cooperated and it was a great time. Had a minor breakdown or two but crew was efficient in getting it back up. Fun quick ride. SFOG now has a pretty good three-piece in Goliath, Twisted Cyclone and Mindbender.

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I went Friday for the passholder preview and was able to ride TC 3 times!!! While it is short when compared to the other coasters at SFOG, it is now my favorite ride there! The RMC makeover turned a very rough and unpleasant ride into a very smooth and completely new experience...the cobra roll and inversions are awesome.


Now, I also took a ride on Scream Machine...hoping the old cyclone trains would somehow improve it....WRONG! I was hurting from head to toe when I got off of the ride. I realize it's a classic for SFOG but I wish they would RMC just the track and not change the ride itself b/c the hills would be awesome if not so rough and bumpy.


Happy Memorial Day!

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I went Friday for the passholder preview and was able to ride TC 3 times!!! While it is short when compared to the other coasters at SFOG, it is now my favorite ride there! The RMC makeover turned a very rough and unpleasant ride into a very smooth and completely new experience...the cobra roll and inversions are awesome.


Now, I also took a ride on Scream Machine...hoping the old cyclone trains would somehow improve it....WRONG! I was hurting from head to toe when I got off of the ride. I realize it's a classic for SFOG but I wish they would RMC just the track and not change the ride itself b/c the hills would be awesome if not so rough and bumpy.


Happy Memorial Day!


I agree completely. Scream Machine is absolutely brutal IMO. I compare it to GhostRider at Knott's pre-retrack. But at least there's really only one horrendous coaster left at the park since Cyclone was redone.

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Just to echo many of the sentiments that have already been shared, I also had a chance to get 2 rides in on Twisted Cyclone during passholder preview day last Friday. Though the footage shot by the park looks very nice, the POV is a complete disservice to this ride. Can’t comment on the back seat yet because the grouper directed my two rides to a middle row and the third row respectively, but I was thoroughly impressed by how great airtime is here. I expected the wave turn to be amazing (It is!) and I expected the two awesome pops of ejector going into and out of the turnaround on the station side of the ride, but what really surprised me was how strong the airtime was in all those little moments after the zero G roll. After the roll, the ride is still hauling and each of those bumps and twists provide the ejector airtime we all know and love from RMC. The end result is that you hit the brakerun thinking OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED. For me, this ride readily surpassed my own pretty high expectations. Ignore the numbers, ignore the POV (after giving TPR some sweet views, likes, RTs, etc. for the awesome content), ignore the other RMCs opening this year. This ride is fun as hell, feels complete and packed with elements, and marks a huge step up in the overall quality of our lineup. Ride it out!

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Wow, when you see pictures from that era, you can really see the similarities between the original Six Flags parks (especially in the rides and attractions).


Alot of people forget that Six Flags Over Georgia was one of the first Six Flags Parks, second only to Six Flags Over Texas. There's so much history behind those front gates and I'm proud to say that it's my home park!

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I don't know if i'm the only one who noticed but isn't the Character Clubhouse building next to the Dr. Fright's haunted house the former Freefall ride building entrance?


Yep, that's what it looks like. I miss freefall!

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Instead of double posting, I decided to edit my post and submit my trip report. Although the original post was made on the 2nd, my trip report is from yesterday (June 3rd). WARNING! It's a lengthy one!


So I arrived to the Park shortly before 11am. I was a little worried because by this time the back parking lot was PACKED! We decided to walk to the front gate from the parking lot and when we got in the lengthy line, another line opened up which put a smile on my face. I scanned my pass and right index finger and started my Six Flags day.


Of course I had to go directly to the white and blue structure that everyone has been talking about. I paid my $5 for a renewable fluffy bunny and got in line. The operator made an announcement about adding the 2nd train (why wait so late though?) and cycling a few 'test runs' but it took about 15 minutes for the first train to roll out of the station. After a few cycles, he made the 'Twisted Cyclone is now open' announcement. Cheers rang out through the hot ass queue house and my excitement grew as I THOUGHT I was about 30 minutes away from experiencing my first RMC.


WRONG! After the first guest filled train cycled the course, the op made a 'technical difficulty' announcement and people started exiting the queue. I decided to exit as well, and headed up the hill towards Acro. There was only a 1 cycle wait for Acrophobia at this time so I was actually glad that I decided to put TC on hold to get a quick ride in. While we were going up the tower, I looked down at Twisted Cyclone and saw a train loaded with guests going up the lift hill. Once I returned to the ground, I made a bee-like back to the RMC. I got back in line (it was shorter at this point) and watched another train loaded with guests leave the station. Next thing I knew, the op was making another 'technical difficulty' announcement.


This time I decided to wait it out. Knowing that maintenance was nearby, I expected it to open back up soon. By the time the op made the 're-open' announcement, my friend and I were at the bottom of the steps. After about 15 minutes, the op announced that the ride was back in operation, but I didn't get too excited. I watched as the train departed the station with excited guests, and less than 2 minutes later another 'technical difficulty' announcement was made, this time by a female op.


By this time my mind started to wonder what was causing these frequent break downs. I figure it was something going wrong with the brake run but I could be wrong. After waiting for about 10 minutes after the last announcement, the op made another announcement letting us know that the issue was so technical, that we all had to leave the line. I was bummed... But I knew there were more rides in the park so I removed my belongings from my fluffy bunny, and headed up towards The Scorcher.


The line for The Scorcher was a little too lengthy for me, so I kept walking towards Dare Devil Dive and Goliath. I was surprised to see that DDD's line hadn't reached the bottom of the ramp yet so we got in line. We waited maybe 20 minutes and boarded the train in the back row. I had honestly forgotten how fun this Eurofighter was. I rode it once last season, but avoided it for the majority of 2017 because of the long ass line.


After leaving DDD, I took a smoke break, and then headed to Big G. Goliath's line was only at the middle of the steps leading up to the station! We waited maybe 10 minutes for the back row which was nothing short of a kick ass ride, despite the rattle I felt going over some of the hills.


It looks as if they are relocating the lockers for Goliath, and they were having the guests leave their loose articles on the loading platform. I saw the lockers, but there was no way to access them as they had them fenced off. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was a little weary about leaving their phone, wallet, etc. on the platform but they really didn't leave us with another option.


After leaving Goliath, my friend and I headed towards the membership services offices so that I could upgrade my pass. I chose the Diamond Elite Membership with the Dining Pass add-on and paid a little over $25. The pass paid for itself by the time I left the park.


After getting my pass squared away, I headed straight to Macho Nacho to make use of my dining pass. The nachos didn't disappoint, and my stomach was good and full by the time I finished them. After finishing my nachos, my friend and I headed down to Gotham City. We got in line for Mind Bender and there was literally NOBODY in line. We walked right up to the station and boarded in the back row immediately. When our train returned to the station, there was no one in line for the back row. I figured we could stay in our seat to get another ride in but the attendant informed us that we would have to go back around.


Instead of getting back in line for Mind Bender, we decided to hop in line for a ride on Batman. Once again, the line was pretty much empty. We waited an additional 3 minutes for the front row which was more than worth it. After leaving BTR, we decided to head towards the back of the park. Blue Hawk looked like a station wait, while GASM had filled up the first set of switch-backs. We decided to pass them both by, and we jumped in line for Superman.


Superman's line was down past the steps, and by the time we reached the station it had grown tremendously. I was happy that I went with my instinct when I did, because the ops were absolutely terrible. After waiting in line for about 30 minutes, we boarded the back row and took our flight. It seems as if the ride was rattling a little more than usual, but it was still a fun ride. I know that SMUF is not as new as it looks, but at the same time I'm hoping that they eventually give it some TLC. It also looked like they have been working on the 3rd train. Hopefully we see 2-Station ops again in the near future!


After leaving SMUF, I headed to the Flash Pass office to utilize my 2 skip-the-line passes. The dude that assisted me was the real MVP. He gave me 2 passes for Twisted Cyclone and my buddy and I headed straight to the RMC greatness which was now operating flawlessly! We got to the top of the steps and to my surprise, the station attended directed us to the FRONT ROW!


At this point, my heart was racing. I was finally about to experience my first RMC, in the FRONT F#$@&$G ROW! We waited 3 trains, before we took our seats and fastens our seatbelts. Before I knew it, we were dispatched from the station! The twisted pre-lift section was surprisingly entertaining. As we climbed the lift, I tried my best to brace myself for what I was about to experience. Needless to say... I WASN'T READY!!!


From the time we left the lift, that mofo was MOVING. All I could do was scream as we flipped through the reverse barrel roll. The wave turn brought the pain, and those forceful air-time moments were insane!


Twisted Cyclone is definitely an experience unlike no other and I am soooo glad that my home park has an awesome RMC!


After using my free photo pass, we headed to Johnny Rockets so that I could get my free snack. As we were in line, the sky opened up and heavy rain started to fall. At this point I felt like the luckiest man on earth, since I had beaten the rain by 2 cycles. I guess I'll go ahead and mention that I'm not a fan of the fries they gave me. Next time I'll just go down to Gotham City for a basket of those delicious curly fries.


Once the rain lightened up, we decided to head towards Justice League since I figured it would still be open, despite the weather. To my surprise, Justice League had also ceased operations for weather. I'm still trying to understand why a completely indoor ride would shut down because of some rain. Im guessing they might have had leak in the roof or something.


Although the ride was closed, they were still allowing people to enter the queue which was nice of them. After about 20 minutes (by this time the rain had stopped and the sun was shining bright again) the operator made the 'Justice League is now open' announcement. After waiting an additional 15 minutes, we boarded our cars and started our ride. For some reason, my gun was acting strange so my score was lower than usual, but it was still a fun ride and all of the effects were working flawlessly.


Leaving Justice League, we headed straight to JB's as it was now 7:22 and the dinner cut off is 7:30. We made it just in time and I decided to try the boneless buffalo wing basket. The wings were hot, but just the right kind of hot and the 'fries' were surprisingly good too. Leaving JB's, we power walked back down to Twisted Cyclone to get one last ride in.


After squeezing my way to my fluffy bunny, I jumped in line and tried myself to prepare myself for another Twisted experience. This time I was determined to get a seat in the back row. It took us maybe 20 minutes to reach the top of the steps and luckily the attendant gave us the option to choose where we wanted to sit. After waiting 2 cycles, we were bucked up and ready to go.


I thought the front row was crazy, but that back row was insane. I do believe that Twisted Cyclone is now my favorite coaster in the park and Batman has been bumped down to number two. I'm happy that I was able to ride it twice despite the foolishness we went through earlier in the day. I won't say that it was worth the wait, but it definitely didn't disappoint.


Overall, we had a pretty good day. I'll probably be visiting the park atleast once a week to make sure that my Diamond Elite Membership is taken advantage of. The operations were great with the exception of Superman, and the park looked great as always.


-Ride Count-

Acrophobia - 1x

Twisted Cyclone - 2x

Dare Devil Dive - 1x

Goliath - 1x

Mind Bender - 1x

Batman - 1x

Superman - 1x

Justice League - 1x


Please excuse the quality of my pictures... This phone has a crappy camera. I can't wait to get my new digital camera.


It was at this point that I started to get excited...


Hey Big G! I've missed you!




Goliath flying by...


In there like swimwear!


Oh boy!


It's finally happening! My first RMC!


Thunder River was filled up, and so was the queue. It was HOT out there!


I've never noticed this before...


Goliath's line was a dead zone...


Got my Nachos!


Gotham! My favorite section of the park!


Joker is still missing his train...


But Batman was waiting for me!


It's been a while since I've seen the fountain functioning like it should. Great job SFOG!


I love this station!


Once upon a time, a GIB stood here... :-(




It's Superman!


And lastly... My on-ride photo from my first ride on Twisted Cyclone!

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Was in the area this morning having taken my wife to the airport, and stopped in for the morning to get my first ride on TC in. It didn't open with the park (we were told around 10:10 that it was experiencing delays). I waited for a half hour but without any sign of it opening, I left and got a few laps in on Goliath (which was running great!) and Georgia Scorcher. I finally saw movement (there had been a train stuck on the hill) and scurried back over. After another 10 minutes or so, by 11:30 ish, they opened the line, and 20 minutes later I was in the back row, next to a budding 14 year old enthusiast who was as eager as a beaver.


The ride was really fun. Like, reeeeally fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not uncomfortable at all, and while certainly understated, it gave a great, quick, smooth ride that only continued to get faster and more exciting as it went. The first drop was really great, but I looooved the wave turn, it was a blast. And then as others have said, once you hit the turn around, it just starts hauling. I really really enjoyed it, and am thankful it didn't compromise comfort for thrill the way Storm Chaser maybe kind of does. It looks great, the pacing is top notch, and it compliments the park's lineup really well. It holds its own against the other medium-sized RMCs - in my brief estimation, I think I liked it more than Twisted Colossus, Storm Chaser, and Joker, but with only one lap it's hard to say. Only managed the one ride as I had things to do and had to get out of there, but I'm looking forward to riding it again over the course of the summer.

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^^Great report and look at the park. I'm glad you lucked out with seats on Twisted Cyclone.


I noticed, on a rainy day at SFOT, that wet people (sorry, my brain can't think of more elegant phrasing at the moment) aren't supposed to ride Justice League. They were asking if people in line were wet and were offering paper towels.

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^Hmm... Maybe that's why they decided to close it. I guess they wouldn't want wet hands to short out the guns or something along those lines. I'm going to try to get some more information on this and I'll report back with my findings.

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Great report, thanks for sharing. I just love how Twisted Cyclone just hangs all over the entrance into the park, that blue track just looks so so good.


Related, Southwest is having a stupid cheap sale right now, I *just* booked a flight to Atlanta. I'm coming for ya SFOG.

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Related, Southwest is having a stupid cheap sale right now, I *just* booked a flight to Atlanta. I'm coming for ya SFOG.

Random, but if anyone else was disappointed by other recent sales of theirs, this one is f--king LEGIT and it's still going on through tonight for dates starting August 21. Just raided my points for some free flights.

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^Hmm... Maybe that's why they decided to close it. I guess they wouldn't want wet hands to short out the guns or something along those lines. I'm going to try to get some more information on this and I'll report back with my findings.

In a similar situation, we were at SFGadv a few years back and the indoor rides closed during a passing storm. We were told that in a thunderstorm situation, all rides, including indoor ones close due to the (remote) possibility of a power surge / power failure during a ride cycle due to a lightning strike. Not sure if that is the reason here but possible.


As for no 'wet riders'. SFoT has had that policy since day 1. I am not sure if it is enforced here in GA or other JL clones. Another difference between Texas and GA: there are no food or beverages allowed inside the JL building in Texas; souvenir cups as well as all other belongings stay with the rider. They will ask you to pour out your drink before entering. At least here in GA they provide cup holders! Southern hospitality I suppose

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Went this morning for a lap around the park. Got in 8 rides in 2 hours. 45 of those minutes was the wait for TC. Just cant get enough!! Third ride on it so far and it just gets better and better. Rode in the middle today with the lap bar all the way down. Was much more comfortable than with "floater's gap". I did notice that they are still adding some themeing(sp) to it. There are boats in the center and some outside seen going up the lift hill. Beer sign is gone already. Welcome to the south where we preach "Do as we say, not as we do!"


Goliath's new entrance is open. Another section of queue has been removed....hmmm. Still wonder what they are putting there....hmmm. Why is the Joker Chaos coaster not running or have a train on it....hmmm. Interested to see whats going to happen here...restaurant or new flat ride. Could honestly use both in this area.


Anyways was a good morning and left a handful of coworkers jealous.



Twisted Cyclone


Blue Hawk

Sky Screamer


Mind Bender


Georgia Scorcher

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Decided to come out here on a last minute type deal. I've been here about an hour. Got some fries for lunch, took a lap on Goliath and I'm currently in line for Mind Bender. I got skip the line passes for Twisted Cyclone and Thunder River. Although the park is packed the lines aren't that bad. Everything with the exception of Joker seems to be open but I haven't gotten to the back of the park yet.

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