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  1. You think it will only open that weekend for membership holders? Not for pass holders? I'm going on the 19th so that would be cool if it was!
  2. I appreciate all the replies and especially the health assessments, wasn't aware of all the dangers of being overweight! John 8:7
  3. Good morning everyone. I'm new here and this is my first post. My family purchased season passes this year for Six Flags over GA because we are only about 1.5 hours away and my 4 year loves rides! I haven't been to Six Flags in well over 15 years and this past weekend was our first trip this season. Let me get on with my concerns. I'm a big guy, 6' and about 285 pounds, so I always have concerns about being able to fit in the ride restraints. Well the first ride we got on was Goliath, even though it was freezing outside and wet. I had tried the test seat and it was good except the lap b
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