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  1. Very cool special on Kennywood from 1988. It’s amazing to see what they got away with back in the day. https://youtu.be/2DA00XuTM-A
  2. They have started to remove track on the left side of the lift hill.
  3. https://youtu.be/sCnx9JKaQ24 If you are heading to Dollywood this weekend. Checkout the haunted mountain coaster. Coast and Ghost.
  4. 2020 strikes again! Both trains are down. 1 caught on fire last night and the other lost a bearing. https://www.wate.com/news/historic-dollywood-train-engine-catches-fire-no-injuries-reported/?fbclid=IwAR0bpRTKCAPFrlgESO6cBaBVEKR1ujwEXe6m2-tVxBlvk98rdCr71uZCvNE
  5. If anyone likes park magnets. Dollywood has one that will be a collectors item. See photo for details. 🥸
  6. Dollywood has a new trick to make you forget LR is down . Apple pie Cinnamon bread for the fall harvest festival.
  7. Here is the video trim.C58F2718-B2DD-4415-9101-498414E22DAA.MOV Bear video
  8. This would be crazy scary. https://www.wbir.com/mobile/article/sports/outdoors/tiktok-video-mountain-coaster-riders-close-encounter-with-bear-cubs-at-anakeesta/51-41f20091-7de4-4300-9c25-c40f28596b24
  9. Interesting fun fact... the 2nd Sally Pistolero was installed in Knoxville Tennessee at The Regal Cinema Funscape around 1998. Here is a article about the center and the ride. I rode it once at Media Preview before the place opened to the public. I think it closed in 2000. I wonder if the ride went back to sally or it is in storage. https://monkeyfire.com/mpol/dir_zine/dir_1998/845/t_gamut.html
  10. Maybe have 2 that race. It would be a cheap way of adding something that the public would see value in.
  11. It would be cool if they could put an alpine mtn. Coaster on the hill where slidewinder was.
  12. Dollywood's Media Day Dollywood will open as scheduled Saturday, but it is canceling its Media Day activities Friday "“The exciting economic news we planned to share does not seem appropriate based on what is going on. It doesn’t feel right,” Dolly said. “We need to focus on good health and praying for those who are affected. We know brighter days are ahead.”
  13. Here is the info about media day. Media Day Postponed
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