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  1. ^ I've been an enthusiast for quite a while and I like reading up on Lagoon and their flat rides, but I didn't know there were any ferris wheels with spinning gondolas! I like that.
  2. ^Congratulations, and be sure not to put it on your stove. (That person did that, and the obvious thing happened. I know you won't be that person.) I bought an online access code for $42.
  3. I am so stoked that this is (finally) happening. Love the name and theme; look forward to seeing more of the ride. I think I ought to make this my first RMC Raptor, even though more-distant CGA is oddly less painful to get to.
  4. It's...interesting to see a park opening with no notable precautions or changes. I'm surprised to see a park actually attempt this, but I suppose I'm not particularly surprised that said park is Indiana Beach.
  5. ^I know it still amounts to a family ride, but I'm surprised that hasn't been more hyped. Intriguing! (I do see now that I somehow missed the initial IAAPA coverage.)
  6. Oh, wow, their offerings have gotten even better since the last time I looked. They've even designed a shirt for my home park! Was not expecting to see that.
  7. That's cool to hear from a place that already had some of the better merchandise options for an amusement park.
  8. Wow, that coaster looks ridiculous. (Obviously, this is a compliment.)
  9. ^There were. I was excited to find they did not negatively impact the buzz bar experience.
  10. I'm very disappointed to hear that. It's definitely possible this will affect my experience of the ride, although there's still hope considering it's a top-tier airtime machine and there are, of course, other excellent rides out there with ratcheting lap bars.
  11. It's definitely not AS bad as SLC's with the old restraints, in that the side-to-side headbanging is eliminated. But the trains still don't track well, so you'll still be tossed and shuffled around, and the lap restraint gets tighter and tighter throughout the course, making the brake-run quite uncomfortable. What he said. It does seem to be a matter of opinion, but I consider it as bad or worse because of the tightening restraints.
  12. Love how that spike looks like an unfinished section of track. That train is beautiful. I didn't give the setting enough credit until watching the video. This ride definitely has the same vibes as its fun cousins Firechaser Express and Rewind Racers.
  13. I...Revenge of the Corn. Popcorn Revenge. Wow. Love it! Just had to say that. Of course, an Intamin Mega is much bigger news!
  14. Tell me why I momentarily freaked out when I saw this news. Then, of course, I realized it's just Dragon. Count me in, though, as someone who found it mildly enjoyable and not too rough. Ninja is far worse. And please let the replacement be called Dragon Slayer.
  15. Yankee Cannonball Anaconda - Kings Dominion
  16. ^Thanks for the trip down memory lane. (If I had walked, like Gallant, maybe I wouldn't have tripped. Trying too hard? I'll see myself out.)
  17. ^^Thanks for sharing your photos! They really brought on the nostalgia for me, even though I first started visiting in 2011. It was fun to see how so much hasn't changed.
  18. ^Shame about the Zipper and Rock-O-Plane. Lovely carousel photo!
  19. Check the new Rolling Stones. Not bad. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  20. This is my vote. I've been feeling kind of nostalgic about my time spent reading trip reports from the early years.
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