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  1. The new look is fantastic! It is much easier to read and looks modern. Cheers!
  2. Visited "HALLOWFEST" today and I have to say I am quite impressed with what I saw. OK - so my expectations were not all that high but this is a pandemic and I am beyond grateful of the efforts put together by the park to be open. Although this is not a real 'Fright Fest' I still thoroughly enjoy it for what it is - a unique year. A few items of note: As of today, SFoG is CASH FREE. There are six machines across the park where you can convert cash to a card at no charge / no fees. These are VISA branded cards and can also be used outside the park wherever Visa is accepted. The
  3. I really liked the old Mindbender sign also. Even though the neon had been removed for many years, it was still cool. I do wonder - does the park send old signs like this to the scrapyard or do they give fans a chance to acquire them. I see a real opportunity for the park to raise money for a cause of their choosing - or just sell it....
  4. I enjoyed one of the last summer days and got to see New "Hallowfest" decor has been added as the park ramps up their prep for their Halloween season. With a scaled-back edition of Fright Fest, this year looks to be more of a fall festival vibe and less on the intense scares. If you have friends that do not visit the park during Fright Fest because of the scares, THIS is the year to talk them into a fall visit. Any scare actors roaming the park will not be able to get closer than six feet anyway! It is somewhat disappointing there will not be a genuine Fright Fest but I do underst
  5. Great Pics! This is one park I cannot wait to return to in the next year or two. If the Dare Devil Flying Machines is a success, I bet my next paycheck they will install a copy at SFoG in their new ScreamPunk District. They will need to pick another name since they already have a Dare Devil Dive Coaster.
  6. There is the former Schlitterbahn Kansas City - stigmatized by the worst accident in water park history. Cedar Fair passed up on a bargain offer to buy it along with the Schlitterbahn parks they did buy. If SW were to buy up this property they could give it a full Sesame Place makeover, making a radical transformation of a property many want to forget about. And it would no doubt be a bargain
  7. Bad news...no "Fright Fest" this year. Good news...The SF chain has created a temporary replacement event: "HALLOWFEST", to take place in the parks that are operating now, including here in GA. I looked at the calendar and the hours are more limited than years' past. The park closes at 9pm on Saturdays and Sundays, but is open until midnight on the Friday's they are open. I have already made reservations for a couple of the nights I know I will be attending. If anyone is planning on attending on Halloween - which falls on a Saturday this year - reserve it now. Of course ever
  8. I received an interesting survey over this past weekend. This go around, the survey was all about 'ticket bundles', or added perks that could be added to single day tickets. While the subject has little relevance to me as I am a member, I did find some of the 'perks' very interesting. There were ten rounds to the survey and in each round you had to select three add-ons out of a group of eight. Most common were tickets with included items such as on-ride photos, merchandise discounts, flash passes, premium parking, skip the line passes and so on. Among the most interesting were "premi
  9. SFoG just announced they will be extending daily operations through August 16th (excluding Thursdays). This is no doubt due to the delay of the Cobb County school year. At least it is some good news.......
  10. The two new rides for this year are both in Gotham so looks like they have the whole area closed due to that. It is planned to open on 6/29 with the two new rides with the exception of mindbender which won't be back until 2021. Mindbender is missing track right now due to the work going on. So looks like it is just a construction thing while they finish the two new rides. Probably are behind schedule due to covid and by keeping the whole area closed a week or two can get things finished quicker. The entire Gotham area is closed not just due to the two new ride additions, but the e
  11. I have no doubt they are as I observed the "Clean Team" in light blue vests out and about all around the park cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and railings. They work their way around the park non-stop. If there are any cleanliness doubts, hand sinks and sanitizer stations are only steps away no matter where you are.
  12. I have not seen VIP reserved parking offered yet but to be quite honest, with the limited capacity you probably will not need it. Only the main (front) lot is in use and even without the preferred parking I was still close to the front. I did see single riders on coaster rows; they will only seat one party per row at a time. The lines were largely non existent so it should not be a big deal. I hope you have fun Saturday! Let us know how your day goes
  13. I had the same question on the bottle. Do I actually need the bottle or can they scan my membership or pass and see I have a plan that includes them and give me the cup? I'd rather not have to carrry it around all day and put it up on rides if I don't have to (have reservations saturday). And on a similar note - are they actually selling new bottles to people at this point? I am guessing the paper cups were used to minimize contact points. The attendant wore gloves, and just by having your member cup (or season bottle) the attendant knew you were entitled to free refills. The
  14. Myself and a buddy decided to be 'lab rats' today, visiting the first Six Flags branded park to open to guests (Frontier City is not a 'flagged' park so it does not count!). As advertised there were numerous changes both physical and procedural to park operations. Yes - masks were required - and I really did not mind wearing one given the circumstances. One of the very first things out of the box I noticed when pulling in to the parking lot is the grass and weeds growing everywhere. This is plain and simple a symptom of the park being shuttered for three months. But to be fair, the s
  15. Don't give up on DragonCon just yet. Governor Kemp just announced today more restrictions being lifted and relaxed. One lifted restriction in particular caught my attention: Live entertainment venues can resume effective July 1st (with guidelines) so there is still hope for Dr. Fright Dead Man's Party for Fright Fest. It is still June so who knows what may be permissible come Labor Day.
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