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  1. Fortunately for anyone with a dining pass, there is no surcharge, at least no one has mentioned it to me when I pick up my food. Having said that, this is one of the worst things the park can do. If they need to raise prices, then raise prices. Do not just tack on a junk fee. This is the kind of nonsense we can only hope the Cedar Fair half eliminates soon.
  2. A terrible accident occurred this past weekend at the park. Even though it did not involve a ride, it is still tragic nonetheless. Fright Fest scare actors riding in a van in an employee access area crashed, ejecting one of the team members who later died at the hospital. My thoughts and prayers are with their family and everyone involved. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/cobb-county/employee-killed-car-accident-six-flags-officials-say/RPQQCOJWGJFWNDOALKUXE4DVSA/
  3. THANK YOU for the report! I look forward to seeing much of this next year! This park never ceases to amaze me!
  4. I agree. It seems as if the park needs to announce a 3-mile long giga coaster to appease these folks. And even then they would still complain about something. Geez...
  5. If true, the new Kid Flash may be intended as an alternative family ride to replace it. Although I have heard no confirmation either, removing the Joker FHC would indeed open up some prime real estate. But I hope not as this would come at the cost of SFoG history if the remnants of the original Spanish Fort are removed. On a side note, I hope our park installs a splash pad / mini water play area or a heavy misting zone in the dry park similar to what SFoT; STStl, and others have. With Hurricane Harbor being an add-on for some guests, not to mention limited hours and a long inconvenient walk to the back of the park, options for getting wet and cooling off are very limited. Maybe the park can add such a feature near (the presumed) Ultra Surf attraction.
  6. If the park does indeed get an Ultra Surf model, hopefully it can operate as a dry ride during cooler weather. This type of addition would fill multiple voids by bringing a launch coaster as well as a badly needed water attraction. Fingers crossed....
  7. Stopped by today for a few hours, mainly for Hurricane Harbor. Glad I did as the weather tomorrow is supposed to be horrible. Anyway, I got to see the new VIP lounge for the first time and I have to say it was a pleasant surprise. The AC on a hot day is amazing - almost an ice box in there! There were drink filling stations, TVs, seating booths and free snacks. Anyone with a Diamond pass / membership or higher can enjoy. The attendants were very friendly and the place was spotless clean. I really hope this is a permanent addition! It is also a great place to bring your meals and sit. The park was pretty busy but I did not see any ridiculous lines anywhere. Goliath is still one-train ops as (I assume) they are refurbishing the second train. Overall, an enjoyable 4 hours, which is saying a lot after spending last weekend at SF Over Texas. Cheers....
  8. Right on. I really hope that Mindbender sign got a home somewhere and did not simply go to the scrap heap. The new sign is awful.
  9. SportsDude - thanks again for sharing! This is so cool! I need to get back to Texas, and soon....
  10. The DC Super Villain swing in SFFT has villains from across the DCU. The version here in GA is identical in style, but all the villains pictured are from the Gotham universe. My point was the park is not going to create a fresh new Gotham City and then change to a DC Universe shortly thereafter.
  11. I too did find it a bit odd they are introducing a non-Batman character themed ride to Gotham, but by the same token, The Flash would not fit into Metropolis either. And there is next to zero chance Gotham City will become DC Universe anytime soon as the park just reimagined the Gotham area with a major renovation a few years ago, becoming (in my opinion) the best looking Gotham City anywhere in the chain.
  12. You are not missing much, my friend. The ride was OK, but any ride that calls itself a "coaster" when it is not needs to just go away.
  13. Sportsdude360 - just curious: Is there a splash zone for bystanders, similar to the old Aquaman ride? At any rate, this does look amazing.
  14. From what I have heard, the powersplash model ride can also operate year-round as a dry ride by simply emptying the splash pool. It is basically a roller coaster with a splashdown option. But as far as water rides go, I like the idea of not being completely drenched (unless I want to stand by the splash pool area). At any rate, I look forward to riding this in the next year or two.
  15. This is almost a bigger better announcement than the new family coaster! The return of the buzzzzzz bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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