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  1. In Georgia we live by the saying "If you don't like the weather in Georgia...wait 5 minutes!" I just checked it again and we are at 50% chance on Sunday. That is good news and a chance at the same time. I've noticed that a weather prediction at 50% or higher keeps the crowds lighter than normal. Which would be a good thing, in your case, because it is a Bring a Friend Free Day at the park. Those days are hell. It is also the weekend after the Labor day flash sale...another busy time. Everyone is excited to get there and process their passes and enjoy their new toy. If I were you I would continue with your plans and hope for a chance of rain. While its raining take cover, enjoy the break and wait for them to open everything back up again with lighter crowds. I'm thinking about heading that way myself on Sunday. Haven't been in a couple of months and could use some coaster therapy.
  2. No WIFI. I have AT&T and the service sucks most of the time. From what I have read...Acro is not running yet.
  3. ^I send texts because I am normally there alone with my 4 young daughters (ages 3-9) and their mother is just checking on them. I like to send photos of them having a good time out and about to her, my family and friends.
  4. The cell service at the front of the park is horrible. I have AT&T and the service is better everywhere else but the front. I use the word BETTER as a stretch. I can barely get texts out everywhere else.
  5. Went this morning for a lap around the park. Got in 8 rides in 2 hours. 45 of those minutes was the wait for TC. Just cant get enough!! Third ride on it so far and it just gets better and better. Rode in the middle today with the lap bar all the way down. Was much more comfortable than with "floater's gap". I did notice that they are still adding some themeing(sp) to it. There are boats in the center and some outside seen going up the lift hill. Beer sign is gone already. Welcome to the south where we preach "Do as we say, not as we do!" Goliath's new entrance is open. Another section of queue has been removed....hmmm. Still wonder what they are putting there....hmmm. Why is the Joker Chaos coaster not running or have a train on it....hmmm. Interested to see whats going to happen here...restaurant or new flat ride. Could honestly use both in this area. Anyways was a good morning and left a handful of coworkers jealous. Rides: Twisted Cyclone GASM Blue Hawk Sky Screamer Goliath Mind Bender Batman Georgia Scorcher
  6. Ah...I forget about the flash pass option all the time. With 4 kids in tow...I have learned over the years the best days to go to avoid the crowds. With a flash pass though you would be fine. They have been expanding HIIP each year but I don't think this year is the year they are going to include GASM and Blue Hawk.
  7. It has been my experience, over the past 3 years, the weekends after Labor Day the park is annoyingly busy. It has a lot to do with their Labor Day season pass sale. Everyone is excited to get in there and get their passes activated within the first 30 days so they can get their coupons. November is way better. The weekends between Fright Fest and HHIP the park is a ghost town.
  8. Think we will get another "teaser" today? Being that it's National Roller Coaster Day?
  9. Come on...take one for the team! LOL! I would have retreated as well. You know with them closed during the week now we should start to see, or you may have been able to see, some heavy equipment in place to start the work. I read SFNE thread starting before the closing of their cyclone and they almost immediately had photos of a Bobcat with RMC logos on it. Then it was a pickup truck with RMC branding on it. Them closing it so early before the 2018 ride announcement leads me to believe they are going to start the work ASAP.
  10. Was there yesterday at opening. It was getting busy as I was leaving at 12:30. A lot of people want to get that day in before school starts. Also all this week they have a coupon for pass holders, BAF for $14.99 all this week.
  11. Mine as well. No one told me to hold my head back going into the loops so I found myself with my head between my knees thru both of them. It was my daughter's first looper as well. It is our favorite also! Its amazing sometimes how life goes full "loop".
  12. I agree. This coaster is the root for a lot of memories for a lot of people. For me, at the age of 9 in 1990, it was my first wooden coaster and in the same day the first coaster I had ever ridden with my dad. I still remember seeing the commercials on TV and being excited but dreading that first drop! It quickly turned into the best drop I'd ever experienced. I understand that the cost of maintenance is thru the roof and its a smart decision from a business stand point...still doesn't mean that it doesn't suck to lose it in its original glory.
  13. So went to this morning for some "coaster therapy". While waiting for, what used to be the "rope drop", I checked Georgia Cyclone to see if there was any progress. Anything we could use to say "Yep it's RMC". Well that was a big fat negative. Saw some park maintenance employees working on removing the lower track wheels from the "Twix" branded train in the shed. It appeared that the other original Georgia Cyclone train had been removed already. Another worker was working in the station sounded like they were removing rather large lag bolts with an impact. Oh and some lights have been removed. There wasn't much else to see. They did however board up the entrance and exit in a really cool fashion. Of course I have attached photos... Was a good trip. Hit all the majors in 2 hours with JBO's on Goliath, 2 on Batman, 2 on GASM, 2 on Blue Hawk and 2 on Superman. Longest wait was DDD and Mindbender...other than that all walk-ons. ...of course the entrance... Thought I might be able to get an inside peek from the exit...and here's the exit. Some lights that have been removed... ...and more lights.
  14. So did you make it to SFOG? If so what day...what were your thoughts?
  15. I can help with some of these...others will put in their $0.02 and opinions and by feelings will not be hurt. 1. Poor choice of days. Any other day of the week will be fine but the day you have chosen is the final Wednesday in July for season pass holders to bring friends free. I made the mistake of going on this day in 2015 and it was busier than any Saturday I have seen. 2. IMHO...you have to hit Goliath and our one of a kind gem Mindbender 3. I checked Coasterqueue yesterday...during a bring a friend free Wednesday...most were hour plus wait times. 4. Its summer in the steamy south...it stays busy. 5. TBH I dont use them...my car and pack mule serve me well. 6. Again a packed lunch from the car is a good break and priced perfectly for my family of 6. 7. There are a couple hotels that are near by that are within walking distance. They even allow parking there half the cost of the park. 8. They do offer a Flash pass for a fee. If you insist going on this day I would HIGHLY recommend it! 9. Yeah...go on Tuesday! I mean that as light heartedly as possible. It really is just an extremely busy day for the park. 10. My hometown after Florida. Lots to see. Dont be afraid to venture off the highway. 11. I recommend Bigg Daddy's in Corneila. This group is a little excited about our exit of Georgia Cyclone so the comments may be slim but hopefully more will chime in. Thanks for your response, unfortunately these are the only 2 days we have to visit for a very long time. Would Thursday be a better choice? Or is it too close to the weekend? Yes Thursday would be better...good bit better as I am heading there right now.
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