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  1. Maybe big bear mountain? https://blog.dollywood.com/index.php/2022/08/01/ned-oakley-going-wildwood-grove/?fs=e&s=cl
  2. I just checked vekoma website and they seem to be announcing a new motorbike coaster soon.
  3. Here are 2 new post from Dollywood today regarding Big Bear. ATV type coaster seems like a sure thing if the hints in the article are true.
  4. Thanks for reposting the complete link. The $10.000 is for a 2 night stay. Also most of the money will go to her Charity. Still more money then I could ever spend on a room for 2 nights.
  5. https://www.knoxnews.com/story/money/2022/06/25/dolly-parton-knoxville-unveils-heartsong-lodge-and-resort-progress-do Dollywood’s Dreamer In Chief was on park all day Friday and Saturday promoting new things coming to Dollywood. The article link above mentioned bigger waterpark and even an indoor waterpark. Just another step in making the Dollywood Resort a year-round destination!
  6. Very sad. Here is a interview from the dad of the 14 year old boy who died.
  7. building on fire at Dollywood https://www.wvlt.tv/2021/10/30/building-dollywood-catches-fire/
  8. Just announced Coaster Con 45 will be held at Dollywood In 2023. So that seems to hint at a more thrilling ride.
  9. here it is not behind a paywall. Wording for 2023 is family coaster. Also think we will see some parking garages to help with parking closer to the park. https://pigeonforge.news/local/dollywood-plans-new-multigenerational-coaster-talks-resorts-news/
  10. Crazy that 3 Wing Coasters have had some big issues over the last few weeks. 1. Holiday World Thunderbird- footer issue 2. Dollywood- lift hill issue 3. Cedar Point- Lift Chain Snapped Makes you wonder… B&M’s are normally so reliable.
  11. Here is the news story about her death. I was at the park last night for the event and Holiday World did everything they could. They opened extra rides to help makeup for the closed coaster. Top notch service. https://www.tristatehomepage.com/news/local-news/holiday-world-guest-unresponsive-after-riding-roller-coaster/
  12. I think we will see a new Dark Ride for 2022 that goes along with the nature theme. Back in 2019 they sent a survey out with one of the choices being a firefly dark ride. See screenshot below for details from the survey. I think 2023 is the next coaster opportunity. Great way to get folks to book a resort stay to ride the new world-class coaster. This is just my opinion and I have no inside information from anyone at the park except for the dippin dots guy.
  13. NEWS: Dollywood announces new resort as part of $500 million expansion https://wreg.com/news/dollywood-announces-new-resort-as-part-of-500-million-expansion/ https://www.dollywood.com/heartsong PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WATE) — Dolly Parton announced the construction of the HeartSong Lodge & Resort on Thursday, the first project in a half-billion dollar investment campaign by the Dollywood Parks & Resorts group over the next decade. The HeartSong Lodge & Resort, scheduled to open in 2023 in Pigeon Forge, is a five-story, 302-room lodge featuring a sprawling indoor/ outdoor pool complex and 26,000-square-foot indoor and outdoor event space. Located next to Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa, its the first expansion of the park since the $37 million Wildwood Grove in 2019 and the first new resort since the DreamMore opened in 2015. “I’m always dreaming and coming up with new ideas and things I want our guests to experience,” Parton said in the official announcement. “We wanted to talk about this last year, but with everything going on, we knew we needed to pause because it just wasn’t the right time to do it. Things are looking brighter and with the popularity of the Smokies soaring, there are more people than ever wanting to visit our area.” -- “I’m so proud of this place that we’ve been able to build here in the Smokies,” Parton said. “I always dreamed of accomplishing two things with Dollywood. I wanted to give jobs to the folks who live here, and I wanted to give visitors another reason to come and experience the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. We celebrated our 35th season last year, so I think it is fair to say we’ve been able to do that. I’m so happy with what we are doing to make sure our guests have a great season this year, and being able to announce the new HeartSong Lodge and Resort is just one more way we’re going to be able to help families reconnect, explore and discover together. I truly believe the natural beauty of the Smokies and the warmth of this special place will inspire every guest to nurture the ‘heartsong’ within them.”
  14. Rollback video from yesterday. https://youtu.be/IiU2E5dNcDs
  15. Interesting new video on the Fire in 1984. The channel has other information videos on Theme Park accidents as well. https://youtu.rebe/-627tDQF-Vc
  16. The folks on NBC are calling it “The” Lightning Rod. The video is from testing and watch how fast it crest the first hill... https://youtu.be/ze097Rg7Ldc i hope they can launch it at that speed once the new track is installed.
  17. Very cool special on Kennywood from 1988. It’s amazing to see what they got away with back in the day. https://youtu.be/2DA00XuTM-A
  18. They have started to remove track on the left side of the lift hill.
  19. https://youtu.be/sCnx9JKaQ24 If you are heading to Dollywood this weekend. Checkout the haunted mountain coaster. Coast and Ghost.
  20. 2020 strikes again! Both trains are down. 1 caught on fire last night and the other lost a bearing. https://www.wate.com/news/historic-dollywood-train-engine-catches-fire-no-injuries-reported/?fbclid=IwAR0bpRTKCAPFrlgESO6cBaBVEKR1ujwEXe6m2-tVxBlvk98rdCr71uZCvNE
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