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  1. After years of dreaming, I am finally visiting this park tomorrow and Sunday. I can't believe it's actually happening. I'll be going back in this thread and searching for some tips about the plan of attack of course, but if you have any you want to share or share again, feel free. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the great update and photos of WCR! Bummed to see that this ride still has a long way to go, but I really like how those spaghetti bowl style supports look. This coaster looks like so much fun already.
  3. Copperhead Strike at Carowinds. Lots of fun and fits in perfectly at Carowinds.
  4. It has definitely been a minute, but I hope to be visiting the park again (3rd trip this season) in a couple of weeks. Given the recent commentary online about SFMM's Green Lantern getting some sort of refurbishment but not reopening at SFMM, I wonder if we might be the location for a transplant where Splashwater Falls was. Any thoughts from people who have ridden it? I've yet to get out to the west coast.
  5. Just to echo many of the sentiments that have already been shared, I also had a chance to get 2 rides in on Twisted Cyclone during passholder preview day last Friday. Though the footage shot by the park looks very nice, the POV is a complete disservice to this ride. Can’t comment on the back seat yet because the grouper directed my two rides to a middle row and the third row respectively, but I was thoroughly impressed by how great airtime is here. I expected the wave turn to be amazing (It is!) and I expected the two awesome pops of ejector going into and out of the turnaround on the station
  6. I have not personally been on these, but several of their recent coasters like Lech Coaster at Legendia and Formula at Energylandia have been getting really positive commentary recently. I don’t mean positive as compared to an SLC or an old boomerang either, positive compared to modern rides from other manufacturers in general. Here’s a nice excerpt on Lech from someone that has ridden it:
  7. Really interesting results and I can’t believe just how dominant RMC has become. In a poll of mostly enthusiasts, I would expect as much, but still cool to see it quantified and to see Medusa’s complete dominance. Need to get to Mexico now... Thank you to Chase, AJ, Robb, and everyone else that made this happen!!
  8. To me it looks like someone rattle canned these trains in their backyard, BUT I’m not trashing it, it’s just different. I’m just happy DL is actually getting something new. This is one of those parks that I’ve never visited, but always hangs around in the back of my mind from some YouTube footage of Superman from earlier in the 2000s that I watched when I first got into coasters and theme parks. I almost have this weird quasi-nostaliga associated with it, so it’s cool to see DL getting some love this year.
  9. I had a similar thought. I’m not sure that SEAS would be willing to sell the Busch parks at any price SF would be willing to pay because the Busch parks are seemingly less damaged than the rest and provide SEAS with a more viable path to future profitability. The SeaWorld brand, on the other hand, is clearly damaged, and I could see SEAS being willing to offload some or all of those parks for a more reasonable price. The synergy of having another California SF park might make sense, and SF has been rumored to want a Florida park for years. With SFFT right down the road, I’m not sure about SeaW
  10. Man, this thing just looks incredible. After watching everything I could get my hands on about SV today, it looks like RMC delivered in spades yet again. To think that Maverick is just steps away, not to mention TTD and MF, and that’s excluding multiple rides that would be headliners at most other parks in the country. Unreal. Now I just have to figure out how to get to Cedar Point this summer...
  11. Seems more like an insurance/liability protection measure to me. Again, it's important to withhold judgement until after the trial. Grand jury decisions are not nearly enough. As I’m going through this thread since the indictment dropped and things picked up dramatically, this post stands out as excellent commentary. It’s very important to remember who is saying what in any legal matter. Each side is going to portray their case to be as one-sided and clear-cut as possible, and in the end a jury will sort out the facts and a judge or panel of judges will rule on the law. It’s very easy
  12. Man, Twisted Cyclone just looks better and better. That overbank really looks nuts in the best way. Hurry up May!
  13. I have to agree with what someone said earlier about how cool it is to see RMC doing some straight airtime hills. I love all the crazy elements they put into their coasters, but this ride seems to feature more of a mix of traditional hills (probably with the wonderful ejector we’ve come to expect from RMC) and the overbanks and twists they’ve always used. Ride and TPR POV footage look awesome! I look forward to getting back to KD in the next couple of years.
  14. I was originally one of the Kickstarter backers for this project, but at some point I got too busy and lost track of what was going on with it for a while. I absolutely love the art style and how much thought and care has been put into this though! Really happy to see how it has turned out. Now I just need to update to the latest beta and give it a spin.
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