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  1. If it’s anything like their parks, they’ll charge next to nothing for it and you won’t want to visit because of the sketchy clientele alone.
  2. The sign looks okay ... a modest improvement over the old one IMO. I didn't have high expectations for it so no harm done. I’m curious why they went with the generic SF logo and didn’t try to somehow incorporate even a silhouette of the Arch in the background to match their new branding lately.
  3. I'm pretty happy about most of the changes this year but I'm still not happy about the removal of Superman and especially not the moving of Cat Woman's Whip to it's plot. I would have rather seen that spot stay open for a new drop tower to eventually fill that space. I'm also not very optimistic on the "TLC" upgrades coming to that area with the new ride. The "area" improvements around Supergirl were a downgrade in my opinion and looks horribly out of place - but that is the story with pretty much any "new-era" DC theming. SFOG's Gotham area renovations were feel tacky and cheap in comparison to the original (R.I.P the original Mindbender sign). This is actually not Six Flag's fault - DC's contract with Six Flags dictates that the surrounding area any new DC ride goes in must ride must adhere to a strict set of branding that controls everything from the overall appearance, color schemes, and even the bizarre disuse of apostrophes in the new ride's name. When I say "new-era" DC, this is what I am talking about - one of the reasons these new DC-themed haven't been going in the DC Plaza area is because (believe it or not) the area is already considered obsolete according to DC - meaning a new ride would have to include changes to the area. One of the only ways the park has been able to get any funding from cooperate the past few years has been to justifying it with the addition of a new ride - and hence they opted to place rides in other areas of the park desperately in need of infrastructure improvements even if the new ride's placement there makes no sense. When I first heard about the removal of Superman, I swore off the park for the next several seasons. Now as I hear about more and more of the changes, I am starting to reconsider my position. This is the first year where I can actually get behind [u]most[/u] of the infrastructure "improvements". The entrance last year was also a nice touch (I have yet to see it in person, though) but I wasn't happy about the removal of the historic lamps as I always thought they were super cool. Thankfully, everything else was truly an upgrade with that one. Most of the changes that made me upset came pre-2020 (and it was the end of 2019 when I finally gave up on the park) and we've seen a good turn for the better since then with some "true" infrastructure improvements, but I still strongly hold my opinion on Cat Woman's Whip. I've always been a big proponent of restoring Screamin' Eagle to some of it's former glory too, but I'm not sure we'll see that anytime soon. I stopped buying Six Flags season passes a few years ago, ending a 10-year streak of always having a pass, because I couldn't stand to see how run-down and bad the park looks, and did not like several of the changes ("additions") being made to the park. I much prefer Worlds of Fun nowadays despite their sub-par coaster collection because the park atmosphere is so much higher quality. It's one of the most beautiful parks in the Cedar Fair chain, which is shocking because it's also one of the lowest. Meanwhile, I argue SFStL in 2019 (my last visit) was one of the worst. Likewise, I've also spent more time than ever the last three years at SDC for similar reasons. Six Flags St. Louis is actually the one of the highest profiting parks in the chain (probably in part due to the low amount of investment made each year). The reason we don't get the capital other parks do is because Six Flags has to push much harder to draw crowds into those parks due to more competition in the local region, and Six Flags simply sees no need to spend anymore money at SFStL than it has to as it's doing fine on it's own. Holiday World and SDC are really of no concern to SFStL as they target two different markets (this has been beaten to death on here before). You really haven't missed anything with the Boss - it was one of the main changes from the past several years that carried the most weight in my decision to cut my pass. The ride is basically dead to me now with the way it crawls through the second half. However, love is on the way ...
  4. Six Flags skips that second step. Just paint where the news will be pointing on media day and leave everything else untouched (not even kidding).
  5. I wouldn’t hate Boomerang as much as I do if it weren’t for that stupid, tacky paint-job.
  6. It’s like the Maverick heartline roll but (hopefully) done properly this time. The sightlines are definitely interesting now.
  7. My first thought was new trains for Magnum, but it couldn’t be because the guide wheels would have to be on the inside but they’re on the outside in the drawing. Same for Corkscrew. I sure hope they’re for Millenium Force. I didn’t leave MF force last year thinking it needs entire new trains, but my first ride in the front of (IIRC) red train was just awful. Talk about a depressing welcome back 10 years since my last visit. It jackhammered through the course and left all three of us with a headache. It was also my brother’s first - and only - ride on MF. It put a real sour taste in his mouth, which is unfortunate because our ride later in a different train just as a good as we remembered from 10 years ago.
  8. This flyover by a local news chopper gives a really good view at the construction progress of the Jurassic Park coaster. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] It’s insane just how accurate this video is turning out to be; all the way down to the supports and buildings so far. I guess it’s to be expected after the concept videos for Hagrid’s where also right on the dime and I know from a friend who interned there a few summers back that both projects were leaked by the same thing. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  9. Wow, it’s crazy to think that only one of those coasters still operates today. What a different park it has become. I can only imagine what RMC Twisted Twins would’ve been like if they’d kept it dueling, but Storm Chaser is still one of the best and most intense RMC’s in my opinion despite it’s short length.
  10. I like the new entrance - I don't think it's terrible. It's clean and Gatekeeper flying through it really does set the tone well. The plaza as soon as you enter could use a lot of work though - it's an awful hodgepodge of odd themes and old buildings However, I think that the new one at Carowinds (built in a similar style) is awful and ugly as sin. It has no charm and doesn't fit the park at all (just another reason on my list why I don't like Carowinds much). Because I can't unassociate the style of the entrance with Cedar Point, it just seems forced. I wish they would've left the original.
  11. Thanks for these, keep them coming! It’s amazing that Cedar Point just keeps improving the atmosphere and lineup year after year after already being so damn good. Breakers and the new beach front were huge improvements last year over my first visit in 2009 and solidified CP as my favorite park. You just can’t replicate being on a beach with the world’s best collection of roller coasters around you. EDIT: I take part of that back. They took out my baby, Demon Drop, but at least it still operates at Dorney.
  12. You've never been to an Asian Disney park, have you? There are mile-long lines at the gate every single morning well before the park opens. The parks will probably just have the temperature monitor stations set up as far from the gate as possible and have them up and running at 5am daily. No, I haven’t unfortunately. However, I was concerned because I knew they get long lines already as-is (I remember the news articles from SHDL’s opening) and was thinking that adding a temperature station where each guest needs to be stopped would create lines from hell. Edit: I know what the system that will be used is and that's it's automated. I am talking about what my initial reactions when the rumor of temperature checks to enter the park first popped up - before we knew it would be automated.
  13. That procedure for the temperature screening was very interesting to see. I was wondering how a park like this with so many guests (even when at limited capacity) would manage something like that without massive lines at the gate. Thanks for sharing.
  14. I wholly agree and I believe we all would. However, I think we are calling it a “flume” because it probably put such a bad taste in CP’s mouth that it may be the last, closest thing to a proper flume we’ll get for a little while ... which brings us back around to why we are lusting for another flume at CP in the first place. STR was such a disappointment to begin.
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