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  1. I am curious about the Joker Chaos Coaster...it just opened in 2015 so why do you think we'd be getting something in its place? It is possible that it simply needs maintenance...
  2. I went Friday for the passholder preview and was able to ride TC 3 times!!! While it is short when compared to the other coasters at SFOG, it is now my favorite ride there! The RMC makeover turned a very rough and unpleasant ride into a very smooth and completely new experience...the cobra roll and inversions are awesome. Now, I also took a ride on Scream Machine...hoping the old cyclone trains would somehow improve it....WRONG! I was hurting from head to toe when I got off of the ride. I realize it's a classic for SFOG but I wish they would RMC just the track and not change the ride itself b/c the hills would be awesome if not so rough and bumpy. Happy Memorial Day!
  3. Thank you! Unfortunately, I will miss out so can't wait to see the updates from Media Day tomorrow!!
  4. Interesting! I know Media Day is the 23rd so maybe they will formally announce it that day!! If it is Friday, I will miss it due to a graduation
  5. I'd like to know this too. One of the main reasons I decided to pull the trigger on a membership this year was because they advertised this as a perk. If they aren't going to do a soft opening for members, they really need to plan some other sort of event to make up for it. (Not just passholder previews for Fright Nights) Also, War Eagle. Thanks for the shout out but I just live here...ROLL TIDE!
  6. Any news of a soft opening of Twisted Cyclone for members or passholders? Thanks
  7. I have to say I cannot wait for Twisted Cyclone to open! I went to CA last week for business and over the weekend, we made it to SFMM. They have a RMC'd wooden coast - Twisted Colossus - and it's amazing!!! I realize that our cyclone will be shorter but if it's anything like colossus, it's going to easily become one of my new faves The ride was the smoothest ever and the inversions and loops (yes loops) were awesome. Even though there was no over the shoulder restraints, I felt very secure! OK, I will stop cause I could go on and on.
  8. So I am back home from my business trip to CA. As planned, we did go to SFMM on Sunday, the 24th. The crowds were relatively low and the longest we waited on any coaster was about 30 minutes. I have to say that X2, Goliath and Twisted Colossus were my faves!! At my home park, SFOG, we don't have anything like X2 so that was amazing. We have Goliath and it's very similar but SFMM was taller and longer As for TC, I wanted to give it a try because we have a wooden coaster being RMC'd for 2018. Ours will be less than a minute long due to the current layout and spacing available but if it's anything like TC, it will become one of my favorites at SFOG!! Thanks for the recommendations!
  9. I am wondering if this will be the norm...new cards?? When I tried to renew mine during the flash sale, I was having issues. I chatted with them, the guy said I had been given a new number to avoid someone trying to use my card...which is weird b/c I had just been there the weekend before with no issues.
  10. Hi everyone! I am new to this forum (my first post haha) and have a couple questions. My home park is SFOG but I am traveling to CA next weekend. I am planning to go to SFMM on Sunday, the 24th. So my questions: 1 - are the crowds typically smaller on Sunday? they are in GA so just curious 2 - what are the top 5 coasters you recommend? I don't think we'll be able to ride everything as this is my only opportunity because I will be there on business during the week. Thank you in advance!
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