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  1. I visited HP about a week ago, and one thing I feel the need to talk about the biggest surprise of the trip: the arcade by Great Bear. While I know the park had a few arcade areas, this arcade was large, and most notable: had a ton of retro games priced at their original 25/50 cent levels! I bought a card with $5 value and my sister and I killed about an hour or so playing Street Fighter II, retro wack-a-mole, Mario Bros, and a lot of Pinball. While some machines could use some maintenance (looking at you Millipede), they largely all worked just fine. They also had a selection of modern ga
  2. No pictures, I would have forgotten about it if it wasn't mentioned here, since at my age I don't really have any reason to pay attention to bars at amusement parks.
  3. And the award for cheapest shipping costs on a roller coaster goes to:
  4. That's a lot of interesting insight, thanks for sharing
  5. Yes, but they're not the same as the roast beef stand pierogis, the ones everyone raves about.
  6. From what I hear, it's about 45 min of driving, with additional time if you want to explore camp aventura Edit: nevermind, I forgot it's drive through this year. Edit2: The website says to budget 3 hours to drive through
  7. Sad to see with the roast beef stand, it was open when I went in mid August
  8. I believe so, there was indeed an open bar near Harley Quinn
  9. There has been no announcement for any parks as far as I know. If any SF parks are adding something new for 2021 other than their 2020 project, they have not announced it yet, and if they do announce something, parks will do individual announcements.
  10. On my visits, face coverings were well enforced, while distancing was enforced somewhat (more than other places like Holiday World) but it would have been nice to see more regarding distancing.
  11. That's great to hear! If anyone here has ridden it, I'd be interested to hear how the new car rides.
  12. Interesting, Impulse is no longer marked as closed on the website, I wonder if it's an error if if we could actually see Impulse reopen by next weekend!
  13. You could probably cover most of the shipping costs with just one truck going back and forth for a day!
  14. Any one have any idea how busy the park gets on a mid-late September Saturday/Sunday?
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