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  1. I can't find mention of it either, so my guess would be no, however if you want to be certain, I recommend you email the park.
  2. Granted, PG county is probably the cheapest of the inner DC suburbs to live in, but using a special exemption to get away with paying less than minimum wage feels malicious. They should really be paying at least state minimum wage, though I think for an expensive place like the DC metro area (even if it's cheap-ish by DC standards), they should be paying somewhere around $15/hr. If Six Flags Great Adventure can do it, I don't see what's stopping SFA.
  3. Thanks for the update, shame there are so many staffing issues during such a busy year for parks.
  4. What a shame, I wonder where the machines will end up. I was in Roanoke VA a few weeks ago and there was an awesome pinball museum there where you paid like $12.50 for unlimited play.
  5. Depending on who you ask, the best row is either 1, 3, or 12. Personally, I find the front row is the most consistently great, but others disagree, and YMMV
  6. One last obligatory note is that if it is open, which it may not be because of staffing, the 5 for $5.75 (assuming the price is the same) Pierogi's at the roast beef stand are some of the best food in the park, according to many people (myself included). They're great pierogi's bathed in a pool of butter and onions. I'll post a link to coasterbill's famous map to the pierogi place: https://themeparkreview.com/forum/topic/6203-knoebels-discussion-thread/?do=findComment&comment=1860075
  7. Also worth keeping in mind that if you happen to be staying at a hotel in NYC, Coney Island is very accessible via Subway, with four separate lines terminating right by the park.
  8. I know one major difference I noticed between Knoebels and SFA's flyers construction-wise is Knoebels's sail is made of fabric, and I think SFA's is made of thin metal or plastic (or maybe some sort of composite, IDK). I suspect Bisch-Rocco has more lightweight 'vehicles' compared to Larson, making snapping easier as the wind is able to toss the Bisch-Rocco seats around more.
  9. Enjoy your visit! For minimizing risk of headaches: Ride Firebird in the back, and Roar in the very front.
  10. Just fyi Superman was running two trains on multiple occasions earlier this season.
  11. Looks awesome. I'm in love with that paint scheme.
  12. A $2 parking fee in the NYC metro area is very small, but the existence of a such fee at all is an extra psychological barrier I certainly wouldn't want at my mall struggling to find tenants.
  13. Holy crap, if this is true this is awesome! Maybe KK will finally have a capacity that isn't absolute sh*t again!
  14. Yes! Scandia Screamer looked absolutely awesome, so glad to see I could be able to ride it one day!
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