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  1. Thankfully I was off today, but I’ll be back there tomorrow. Luckily it’s supposed to cool down soon to the mid-90s which is totally doable. It’s really only bad when it’s 105+. Good pictures!
  2. From what I’ve heard there is a lawsuit and it still isn’t settled. However, the park installed the trims to try and get the ride open but the modifications weren’t approved by the state. So now all work for Green Lantern has stalled for the time being and there’s currently no reopening timetable.
  3. When I was looking I believe it was $8 Wow, that’s crazy that the CP ride ops perform as well as they do for only $8/hr!! All the ride ops at SFMM get paid at least $13.25 and the employee quality is definitely not at the same level as CP’s.
  4. Just go within the first two hours of opening and there will be little to no line.
  5. Could be busier since it’s only supposed to be 99 on Monday. It’s dead today since it’s 109 but even our busier days this summer haven’t been bad. 30-45 min for the headliners, walk on for everything else.
  6. Such a stupid argument. I’m not even entertaining this with a real response because it’s not worth my time. I mean, that doesn’t excuse SV at all and it isn’t an argument. But rather than whining about something they’re already trying to fix (I’m sure CP knows this isn’t ideal), I just wanted to look at the bright side for a second.
  7. Probably not too bad since it will be pretty hot out. Tomorrow-Wednesday should be pretty empty as well with temps hitting 107. I’ll be there working today and tomorrow! Well, I had to park in overflow, lol It’s still not too bad. A lot of people went to the water park. Pretty average so far today.
  8. Remember, there are 16 other coasters you can ride where you don’t have to lock away your phone in line!
  9. Probably not too bad since it will be pretty hot out. Tomorrow-Wednesday should be pretty empty as well with temps hitting 107. I’ll be there working today and tomorrow!
  10. The only problem with X2's fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo, in my opinion, is that they cost a dollar or two. I understand the argument that it's only a dollar or two, no big deal, but if I've brought special cargo shorts with pockets that will absolutely make sure my phone doesn't fall out of my pocket, it's just a bit strange that I still have to pay for a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo to hold ny stuff. Especially if SFMM was my home park, and I go once a week or so, that fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo cost could add up if they were
  11. One solution is the X2 way. Just have lockers 10 minutes or so before boarding so that you can have your phone through the majority of the line.
  12. Yes. And that period should never be July. To be fair, it hasn’t been all that busy this summer. I almost walked on Tatsu on Monday. All the major coasters have two trains now and they left their minor coasters to have one train so at least that’s better than having something like X2 or Tatsu with only one in July. No. It’s been back to two for 3-4 weeks now, and the line gets fairly short in the afternoon now.
  13. TC is the only ride that runs 3 trains and that’s because the park thinks they’re doing well capacity wise when they’re not only running one. But I’m afraid one train has to happen for some period of time wehen some coasters only have 2 trains total.
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