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The last new Coaster in your Count

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On 8/26/2019 at 10:25 AM, michaellynn4 said:

The Tickler at Luna Park in Coney Island. Got a bunch of decent spins, too!

This unfortunately is still true. For a long time it was COVID-related, but now it's mainly a need to have to make some serious progress on the waistline before coasters can be a realistic thing again.

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Xolo Loca down at Casino Pier, their new for 2021 SBF Visa Big Air spinner/hamster wheel combo. Yes, it finally opened just in time for the shore season to be over. (And even that's kind of a stretch... the spinner half of it opened, but the hamster wheel half still hasn't been approved by the State.) 😂 Guess I'll be back next season to see how much head trauma those things really inflict.

Before that it was Joker at SFDK, the one highlight in an otherwise awful visit to that park. Not the greatest RMC out there but to be honest I still haven't been on a bad one.

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1st time at SWSA since they installed ANY coasters the other night.

the only coaster operating for the event I attended was Steel Eel. . but got a new Coaster under my belt.

both front Row, and Back row rides. . . I preferred the back with that insane airtime, but the front was pretty good too.












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since i finally went to SWSA, I added three "new to me" coasters:

Great White (Batman clone), Wave Breaker: the Rescue Coaster (a multi launch "jetski" coaster over the water. . pretty tame, but fast, and fun). . and the best of the bunch?

Texas Stingray - reminded me very much of InvadR at BGW, but with trains that were very much like the ones on Mystic Timbers.   Really good during the day, and INCREDIBLE at night.

(and no, I didnt' bother with Super Grover's Boxcar Derby. . . tho I DID get my fat ass in the seatbelt to ride Grover's Sesame Street Carousel (so there!))

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