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  1. The first test ride took place yesterday! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SjdjL8X96Q
  2. In a new construction update video, we can see that the highest point has been reached:
  3. The construction of the coaster is progressing well: source source
  4. Revolution at Bobbejaanland last week. It was so calm at the park that I had two private rides just before closing time. Two days later, the Belgian government decided to close all the theme parks, so I probably won't do any coaster in a while .
  5. Actually, they are fun! In my opinion, Max (the blue one) is the best when riding backrow. You also hear the soundtrack on the train, so not only on the POV.
  6. At the beginning of November. When was the last time you visited a water park?
  7. That layout looks incredible! Yesterday the park organized a fan day where they also shared a concept art of the station. It would be themed to an abandoned train/subway station. Underneath is a picture I took during a presentation about all the novelties for the following years.
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