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  1. Definitely appears to be new. I’ve never seen it be an up charge at SFNE before. The park really hasn’t been releasing much info this season. It’s kind of go and see what’s changed right now.
  2. Yes and it was still there opening day. Guessing it's just staffing and lower early season attendance as to why it wasn't open yet.
  3. Totally get it just saying nothing in SF’s budget has been in that neighborhood for a very long time. Then add in your parking garage idea and it’s fun to dream LOL.
  4. Compared to the recent history of new additions to most SF’s parks, including SFNE, Dr. D. is a “massive” addition for SF’s. Although fun to dream there’s nothing that would point to that type of expansion being invested in by SF’s at the park or if they’d even get the local clearance to do it. I could see some of the preferred lot scraped for more water park in the future. That’s the more probable footprint expansion IMHO. They in a way are prepping for it by killing reservations and making the front part of the main lot preferred this year already.
  5. Went to opening day last Saturday. Weather was all over the place from sunny to thunder & lightning with hail during the day. Had a great time and did see several improvements with landscaping, fresh paint and a great looking new large sign out front. They have selfie spots throughout the park, a backdrop for pics on Main Street and other general improvements. Macho Nacho is gone and replaced with Hot Head Burritos. Fireballs sign is still there but walled off and other than the station Goliath is completely gone. Overall operations were pretty smooth and it was one of the better opening days that I can remember. New Sign By Entrance. New Photo Spot On Main Street. Currently What’s Left Of Fireball. Former Location Of Goliath. When The Weather Was Good!
  6. Yea I believe they had to build a new staircase inside and not sure what else to. It was closed so I guess new features and a reopening of a ride that had been closed is the better way to describe it.
  7. Lake Compounce announced that for 2022 they are adding a new slide to their classic lighthouse in Crocodile Cove called Storm Surge. Looks like a pretty cool update/addition. https://www.lakecompounce.com/storm-surge Storm Surge Preview:
  8. I’m all for general improvements this year. There’s a lot that needs to be updated at the park. Goliath coming down was obviously planned. Although not very popular Fireball’s exit wasn’t expected until the storm took it out. My guess is SFNE will see CrackAxle Canyon get a steampunk update in 2023. Possibly the park’s next new coaster in the Goliath and, depending on size, Flashback area for 2023 or 2024.
  9. Same guessing boat but I’d think it would be in the vain that you just stated or that the insurance company would require they use the funds toward a direct within reason replacement. This wasn’t a planned ride removal so it could also take some time to get a replacement.
  10. This was after they started clean up but you can still see some of what happened. Crushed the ride pretty good.
  11. Darien Lake is an option and it would fit right in to that stellar lineup LOL. I’m pretty sure the original train is long gone now. They doubled down with trying to make the new train work but I’m glad it’s done at SFNE.
  12. Definitely agree. Plus just adding a new one gives them no new marketing either.
  13. Also hearing that Fireball is coming down now. Not surprising since it was heavily damaged in the storms and was just sitting there since pretty busted up.
  14. I really hope they do add a few more rides to that list that I've seen circulating. I know that it's a smaller event than Great Adventure's but I have enjoyed the park during this time of the year. I thought they did a really solid job of adding the event to SFNE when they did. I understand the scaling back just hope it's somewhere in the middle instead of cut way back.
  15. Will be interesting to see since that crane doesn't look like it's nearly big enough to start to bring goliath down. From the pictures it doesn't really look like it's setup next to it either but I'm no crane expert LOL.
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