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  1. Get ASAP to Kärnan! This ride has a really low capacity. The first time I visited the park was on a busy summer day. We immediately went to Kärnan and only had to wait for about 10 minutes. After we left the ride, the queue was already over an hour. After that, you also want to go to Novgorod, because it also doesn't have a large capacity and its line can also become quite long. If you decide to do the SkyFly, I would recommend to inspect te seat before boarding it. Some seats have braking disks on the back and they make it really hard to go upside down one or more times. The seats that don't have braking disks spin as they should.
  2. I visited Heide Park last year in september. We stayed in the 'Holiday Camp', which has a dedicated park entrance (next to Scream). We started our two days with Dämonen and then Bobbahn and Limit and we then just made a tour around the park. I recommend to do these rides first, because right after park opening, the lines are usually short for these rides. I wouldn't go to Krake first, since it is the first big ride visitors pass when they enter the park via the main entrance. On the second day of our visit, it was raining like hell during the afternoon, but it stopped raining around 3pm. At that moment, the park was already dead (it was a weekday and no school holiday, so before the rain it was already really calm at the park), but all (major) rides stayed open until 5 pm (1 hour before the official park closure). It was so calm when it stopped raining that I could do 11 consecutive rides on Dämonen without me having to leave my seat once between 4 and 5 pm. I have no idea at all. My prediction is that it will depend on the weather that weekend. The park you visit on the best day will probably be the busiest... We usually go the Heide Park first, since it is the closest to home for us, so we can have more sleep on the night prior to the trip.
  3. Movie Park has 2 fast pass options available: Speedy Pass Single (valid for 1 ride) and Speedy Pass Gold (all rides once). More info can be found here. Since it is Halloween, the park can be really crowded, especially during the weekends. So, if it's a first-time visit, I would recommend a to buy a Speedy Pass Gold. Also, if you want to do some of the Halloween mazes, buy your maze tickets online in advance, because the capacity of the mazes is restricted due to covid measures.
  4. The Ride to Happiness opened today for the public, but I had the chance to ride it last Tuesday during the press preview. I'm really impressed by both the theming and the coaster itself. The queue, the station and the area around the coaster look great, but the ride is just wow. It is really intense, it has some nice airtime hills of which I didn't expect the airtime to be that strong. The launches are strong (they are stronger than all the other Mack launches I did so far). The ride is smooth, but on some rides I still experienced some rattle which can be slightly uncomfortable. The spinning gives a nice extra to the coaster. It is a special feeling to do a vertical loop sideways or experience a zero-G roll backwards. I also expected that the spinning effect would make you nauseous, but in fact it does not. So for those who doubt because of the spinning effect: just do it, you won't regret it! Below are some pics and a POV I shot (with permission of the park).
  5. The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland at Plopsaland De Panne last Tuesday during the press preview.
  6. I think you can only buy parking tickets at the park. And if you buy your parking ticket early (before 3 PM), it is 2 euros cheaper than after 3 PM.
  7. The first test ride took place yesterday! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SjdjL8X96Q
  8. In a new construction update video, we can see that the highest point has been reached:
  9. The construction of the coaster is progressing well: source source
  10. Revolution at Bobbejaanland last week. It was so calm at the park that I had two private rides just before closing time. Two days later, the Belgian government decided to close all the theme parks, so I probably won't do any coaster in a while .
  11. Actually, they are fun! In my opinion, Max (the blue one) is the best when riding backrow. You also hear the soundtrack on the train, so not only on the POV.
  12. At the beginning of November. When was the last time you visited a water park?
  13. That layout looks incredible! Yesterday the park organized a fan day where they also shared a concept art of the station. It would be themed to an abandoned train/subway station. Underneath is a picture I took during a presentation about all the novelties for the following years.
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