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  1. Similar story at Kings Dominion, their only operating coaster will be the Dominator.
  2. Two gigas in one city?!?! But all kidding aside, this has been a highly entertaining read thus far. It's always great to see Diamondback getting the heaps of praise it deserves, and having Mystic Timbers right next door just adds to the experience.
  3. Good heavens, this might actually provide a decent enough reason to head up to Sandusky sometime this year.
  4. Yeah I've seen many different places describing 2021 as more eventful than most, but personally I think it's just a result of social media and culture gradually becoming more over-reactionary over time.
  5. Yeah those rides are always listed as closed for whatever reason, so if you're at the park and using the app for wait times, don't worry too much if they're not listed as open.
  6. I think it's still just testing water dummies at this point, but it shouldn't be long before it reopens to the public.
  7. It sounds like El Toro could remain closed for the rest of the year, unfortunately. Although I did see this through an unofficial Facebook group, to be fair.
  8. That's good news, especially since it sounds like Jersey Devil Coaster needs an inspection from RMC and will be down for a bit.
  9. ^ Keeping the trend of new spinning coasters going, today I stopped by the Columbus Zoo to take a lap on their new Zamperla, Tidal Twist. Fun ride! This makes C-bus the first major zoo in the country with multiple roller coasters.
  10. Have a great time, everyone. I wouldn't get too worked up about Saturday's weather, honestly some rain in the forecast can actually be a good thing as it rarely rains all day, and it will keep some of the crowds away. I've gone on two separate days this year with forecasts very similar to what Saturday is looking like, and both times it's ended up being great. And remember - for the night rides, as long as you're in line before 10 pm, you will get to ride! (even if it's after the fireworks)
  11. Well since everyone and their mother seems to think that Cedar Point is getting that new Gerstlauer... that makes KI the prime candidate, right?! Pretty crazy how the first Extreme Spinner starts with a wicked vertical drop, and this one starts with a Jojo roll. Wonder what Mack will think of next.
  12. Assuming those are from today, wouldn't a decent chunk of that crowd consist of people observing the national holiday?
  13. Personally, I'd love to go back to a world without cell phones and with pre-social media Internet. Seemed like a much more carefree time.
  14. Another note from yesterday - have these mobile ordering teasers (can't read it it the picture but the sign says Coming Soon) been around all year, or has Cedar Fair seemingly heard our commentary regarding food lines this season?
  15. It was coming down pretty good this afternoon but the rides haven’t closed yet!
  16. ^Glad you were able to make the most of the situation. For those who are fortunate to live close enough, spontaneous day trips to the Ohio parks are always a good time, as long as your expectations beforehand are appropriate. I'd definitely recommend coming back for Orion if you can swing it. The weather is definitely a guessing game, I personally believe that a little rain in the forecast isn't bad by any means. If the forecast calls for, say, roughly 60% chance of storms all day, that never actually happens, so it actually can be beneficial to visit then since crowds will likely be driven away.
  17. That's a great idea! Then they could repair the motors on Harley Quinn at SFA, put a new chain on Gatekeeper, and fix the rattle that allegedly exists on every single B&M ever constructed
  18. Strange, I was told the back car was the best place to ride... *Glad to hear that everyone was okay*
  19. My slight preference is for the front, but there really isn't a bad seat on Phoenix. I feel like I've heard some people say that row 3 is the "magic seat," but I could be wrong.
  20. When I was there last week, I managed 3 laps on Skyrush during the last half hour. They kept the line open until park close, but once there was nobody waiting for rows 2-8 anymore, they had everyone waiting for the front fill those rows, since the queue for the front on that ride is ridiculously excessive.
  21. I'm not a seasoned veteran like a lot of people on these boards, but the advice I was given was to rope drop Wonder Woman since its wait can be lengthy even with Flash Pass, and also to knock out Kingda Ka before it inevitably breaks down.
  22. What's even funnier is that Silver Dollar City just added 16 operating days to their 2021 calendar, including several Tuesdays/Wednesdays in the fall.
  23. Really? I ran into some folks who work for CP maintenance at Kennywood earlier this week, and they said they were hoping Gatekeeper would be ready in a few weeks (early July).
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