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  1. https://www.dollywoodwaittimes.com/ride.php?ride=Lightning+Rod&day=2021-01-27 Have a look, I think the data is pretty self explanatory. That site doesn't include the year it opened, but a quick web search tells us that 2016 wasn't so great either...
  2. There's also this thread which may be slightly outdated at this point, but I thought it had some decent tips for airlines, hotels, credit cards, etc. Aww come on man, cut Kumba some slack, it's almost 30 years old!
  3. Great report! Nice to see that you were able to get some rides on your #1 coaster in 2020. When I saw that LR was running somewhat consistently during mid-August, I decided to make the drive down for the first time. I'm definitely thankful that I got to experience it as a wooden coaster shortly before it closed down for the year As a whole, Dollywood's charm was simply undeniable. It is definitely on my list of "places I'd like to see operating normally" (i.e. not during a pandemic). Kennywood is another example.
  4. Millennium Force... Millennium Farce... what's the difference? (but my guess would be that as long as you're pretty close, you would be fine)
  5. Given that the park actually operated last year, I am cautiously optimistic for a normal opening in mid-April. Still, it's impossible to deny that Cedar Fair locations are pretty up in the air at this point.
  6. In a perfect world, we could all agree that this is probably the most reasonable estimate at this point, and then have this thread locked. Having it consistently revisited with more speculation and negativity seems kind of pointless to me...
  7. Mako at SeaWorld Orlando. Great Odin's raven, this thing is stupid good.
  8. So if our first batch with everything ranked #1 had, say, 20 coasters, would the next batch all have to be #21? First time voting this year so just want to be sure I'm not skewing any results
  9. Makes sense but personally I don't really mind too much. Really the biggest advantage for me this year was that I could go straight to Orion during my first visit to KI rather than waiting for the staff to provide a physical card. Having a Michigan's Adventure pass would be pretty sweet, though. That's awesome. Personally I'm kind of anticipating reaching the point where I am truly behind the times technologically, if that makes any sense. Not having any social media is a start but there is definitely a long way to go
  10. You can actually activate your pass online ahead of time, and once you do it'll just be on your phone through the app. Cedar Fair parks have started providing this option during the pandemic. They even allow you to upload your own photo so you don't have to take one at the park.
  11. In fairness, both of those parks did a good job with sending a notification well in advance that they would be closed (yesterday's forecast was low 40s and possible snow), so I was easily able to cancel flights ahead of time.
  12. Yeah, the unsecured leg is definitely an issue from the park's standpoint, but this also seems like the video poster is exploiting the situation for benefit of his channel. For whatever reason, negatively connotated videos tend to do really well on YouTube. Currently that video has 47k views after just one day, while the majority of the other videos he's posted in the past few months don't even have half that total.
  13. This just sounds like one of those custom coasters you build in Rollercoaster Tycoon where you think it's going to be amazing but then you test it and the intensity & nausea ratings are both ultra-extreme
  14. Yeah I would likely be spending most of the weekend at SFFT but I was hoping to also experience the coasters at SeaWorld at the very least. Based on that information it sounds like starting Saturday at SWSA might be the way to go, pending weather, of course. Thanks for the insight!
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