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  1. That must be the "situation" that Claire keeps referring to on the VelociCoaster brake run...
  2. Come to think of it, that's actually a lot of train bumps in the Cedar Fair chain in recent years. Vengeance, Valravn, and Shivering Timbers also come to mind.
  3. So were any of the operators who were working at the time of the accident aware of the adjusted seats beforehand, or did the victim just coincidentally choose one of them? Either way, terribly unfortunate.
  4. ^^Yeah honestly, as fun of a ride as Pantheon is, the amount of downtime I've heard about/experienced when I was there has been somewhat disappointing so far. Not to mention the ridiculous glasses policy lol. But thankfully the park is beautiful enough where you don't really need to be riding all day, the scenery and atmosphere are pleasing enough on their own.
  5. Piggybacking off several points made above: - If you want to ride all the coasters, Cheetah Hunt and Cobra’s Curse MUST be ridden first, as both are very popular and low capacity - Yes, there are usually staggered openings for a lot of rides in the back of the park, like Kumba, Falcon’s Fury, etc. Not sure if this holds true on weekends, though - I will also recommend Twisted Tails (pretzel place), those things are absolute fire
  6. Interesting, I was put off by the glasses policy as well, although to be fair I always have contacts in and ride with non-prescription sunglasses. It was strange being asked to put them in the bins for a ride that doesn't cross over any guest walkways, but good to hear that they explained the situation to you at least. But if they're not allowed on Pantheon, then why isn't it a problem on VelociCoaster, Maverick, Taron, etc.
  7. I'm not the biggest fan of the free spins either, but lately I've been taking the approach of stapling myself to oblivion on them to prevent sliding around, and it's actually helped. Tumbili was an enjoyable ride.
  8. Yes, wait times are listed in the Dollywood app. Some of the ride entrances also have screens which list the wait times for all the major thrill rides (Mystery Mine and Tennessee Tornado come to mind, there might be more).
  9. Nah, no need to regret it. Watching enthusiasts wildly speculate over smoke and mirrors is almost as entertaining as the ride itself (talking about other websites, people here were pretty logical about it)
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