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  1. Not a great look considering both of those coasters just went through full inspections fairly recently...
  2. Pretty sure Kings Island would RMC Mystic Timbers before even considering RMC-ing the Beast
  3. Not sure when exactly it returned, but the music is back in the shed.
  4. Similar story at Kings Dominion, their only operating coaster will be the Dominator.
  5. Two gigas in one city?!?! But all kidding aside, this has been a highly entertaining read thus far. It's always great to see Diamondback getting the heaps of praise it deserves, and having Mystic Timbers right next door just adds to the experience.
  6. Good heavens, this might actually provide a decent enough reason to head up to Sandusky sometime this year.
  7. Yeah I've seen many different places describing 2021 as more eventful than most, but personally I think it's just a result of social media and culture gradually becoming more over-reactionary over time.
  8. Yeah those rides are always listed as closed for whatever reason, so if you're at the park and using the app for wait times, don't worry too much if they're not listed as open.
  9. I think it's still just testing water dummies at this point, but it shouldn't be long before it reopens to the public.
  10. It sounds like El Toro could remain closed for the rest of the year, unfortunately. Although I did see this through an unofficial Facebook group, to be fair.
  11. That's good news, especially since it sounds like Jersey Devil Coaster needs an inspection from RMC and will be down for a bit.
  12. ^ Keeping the trend of new spinning coasters going, today I stopped by the Columbus Zoo to take a lap on their new Zamperla, Tidal Twist. Fun ride! This makes C-bus the first major zoo in the country with multiple roller coasters.
  13. Have a great time, everyone. I wouldn't get too worked up about Saturday's weather, honestly some rain in the forecast can actually be a good thing as it rarely rains all day, and it will keep some of the crowds away. I've gone on two separate days this year with forecasts very similar to what Saturday is looking like, and both times it's ended up being great. And remember - for the night rides, as long as you're in line before 10 pm, you will get to ride! (even if it's after the fireworks)
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