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  1. I believe the obvious solution is to just move to (boring) Ohio, where you can make 4-5 day trips to Sandusky every year without having to worry about airfare, lodging, or really any planning whatsoever
  2. ^^I ran into the same issue with the one-time Quick Queue use last month (no wristbands at guest services), but I just entered the QQ line at Wave Breaker, showed the ride operator my pass on my phone and explained the situation, and she was happy to let me on the ride. I'd say as long as you're honest and the employee is friendly enough, they *should* let you enter without a problem.
  3. At this point, I would think that most parks are willing to provide guests with a new mask if it gets lost while on a ride.
  4. Interesting that as of right now, you can currently purchase power hour tickets during May, but you can't make a general reservation during the same month.
  5. Just circling back on this - would these additional benefits apply to people who purchased the membership after the pandemic began? I didn't make my purchase until September of last year, and I can't recall seeing any emails or anything about it, but in the app it definitely says my membership is Diamond Elite VIP...
  6. You never know, especially considering Kings Dominion isn't opening for another two months
  7. I thought preferred parking was pretty easy to get to compared to Over Texas. Just follow the cones and you'll see the sign along the right side. Make sure to get your preferred parking pass from the original parking booth; they will ask to see that. When I was there a few weeks ago, Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster was eligible for Flash/Skip-the-line passes. Not sure if that was just a spring break thing, though.
  8. LOL I just looked at the app and it says my membership is at the VIP level. Would have been nice to know that when I was at the insanely crowded Fiesta Texas the other week Good to know!
  9. Probably a dumb question, but doesn't Diamond Elite get just 2 skips each visit? Or can each individual person bring someone else for their two passes?
  10. I would guess it's Covid or maintenance related, since Rio Loco was open when I was there last week.
  11. Steel Eel at SeaWorld San Antonio. Fiesta Texas today was the most crowded I've ever seen an amusement park get (serves me right for trying to go during Spring Break ), but thankfully the lines at SeaWorld weren't too bad at all.
  12. So... any guesses as to when they'll change it to a standard chain lift?
  13. They aren't changing anything. Same goes for Fiesta Texas. https://www.sixflags.com/overtexas/plan-your-visit/safety-protocols
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