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  1. I get that you don't want to put individual people on blast, but that kind of behavior from a ride op is completely uncalled for. That being said, I'm glad you all had a great time at Hershey. I'm looking forward to visiting it again next year.
  2. For the record, it looks like the guidelines define a "smaller park" as one that has a maximum capacity under 15,000 patrons. I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of a lawsuit be brought against the state from the major operators (similar to what happened back in Ohio earlier this year) in the near to immediate future with the revelation of these "guidelines".
  3. ^ I'm pretty sure all of the above are still open for the season, barring the usual daily downtime. Supposedly the reservations have been selling out due to Hallowfest so if you're planning on going Sunday try reserving it ASAP.
  4. That's not really a fair assessment at a place like Dollywood. A large amount of people go there for the rides, yes, but they drive a lot of business for their non-ride offerings such as their shows, their food, the shopping, and yes, their museums. While I personally never checked out the Gospel Museum, I have checked out the Dolly Museum on previous visits and always left feeling like I could have spent a whole lot more time in there. The assumption that "people want rides, not museums" is exactly the sort of point of view that I would expect out of the average coaster enthusiast.
  5. ^^ I had the same issue when I was doing the Dreamworks Water Park trip report. The photos were captured with an iPhone 8 Plus, and I'm using a MacBook Pro to type and upload. I ended up just manually editing and re-exporting all the photos on my side (and dropped them down to a 2000 pixel width as well). I've seen this issue crop up from time to time elsewhere, and this website seems to indicate that it's because: a) the original photo was taken with the iPhone being held "upside down" in landscape mode (ie, the volume buttons on the top, the power button on the bottom) b) some thing
  6. Although I don't personally take Dramamine, I've heard nothing but good things for those who use it to combat motion sickness. When the kids are as young as that, it's definitely important to be able to keep an eye (and/or an arm) on them. In our house, we have one of those growth charts that you tack up to a wall, with markings for the next major milestones. If your kid is interested in riding all the different things, you might want to point out which ones have height requirements close to their size for a little bit of motivation. Right now my daughter is hovering around the 46" inch m
  7. Awesome to hear! Thanks for reaching out to them and getting the definitive word. Hope you enjoy it when you visit!
  8. Unfortunately, I still do not have an answer for you on this, since we all rode together as a family. When/if I go back I'll make sure to double check for you.
  9. Yeah, I mentioned both of these in the big post up above, but I don't blame you if it was a little too wordy. The TL;DR -- You don't HAVE to pay for a locker if you don't want to. It's entirely optional. You can do what 95% of the other folks do and just stake a claim to a chair or two and leave all your towels/bags/etc on top of it. If you want to, lockers in the changing room run you $20 and are pretty large, and there's smaller ones throughout the park that don't hold as much and are only $12. There is one place in there that's currently open for food. They offer small, cold p
  10. I'm not going to give Knoebels a hard time on their pricing, as even with those modest increases, it's still one of the most value-for-dollar parks out there. Free parking, free entry, ever-present discounts on ticket books if you go to the nearest Weis Market, delicious and cheap food... yeah. I don't blame them for raising their prices on rides due to the shortened season if that's what it takes for them to stay in business during this new temporary normal. I visited with the family on a mid-September Saturday with overcast weather, and I was expecting it to be way emptier than it actua
  11. I ended up visiting the Dreamworks Water Park for the second time this past Thursday. Wait, what, second time?! Believe it or not, I was one of the few people that managed to sneak a visit in during their brief soft opening preview weekend back in March. The whole family and I really loved it, although a few of their slides were non-operational at the time, and we were eagerly looking forward to returning when it was able to reopen. Please note that all of the photos in this trip report were taken during our first visit, back before social distancing measures were implemented.
  12. I was playing around with this and adjusted the settings slightly on my end to get it more like the old "View Your Posts" on the previous version of the forum. If you start from the "Content I Posted In" activity stream, then change "Read Status" to "Everything", and view from "Expanded" to "Condensed", it ends up looking a lot like the previous style's list of topics. Then, you can also save that as a new stream (in my case, I named it "Latest Replies") and set it as your default stream, so when you look in the upper right hand corner of your screen and see the little newspaper icon, that'll
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