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  1. If I can't drive my own car through a big, bright, orange plastic loop at 80 MPH then no sale.
  2. The Beast is literally the longest wooden coaster in the world, so not sure what you mean by that. You mean in your personal ride rankings?
  3. Or, even more so, wind. When I was down there two years ago in February, there were "high" winds (like I want to say in the 15 MPH range) and they literally shut down all the coasters in the park until they died down. I ended up sticking it out and eventually got rides on all of them, but it was pretty miserable between them clearing out the queues, then letting people back in, then sending a test train, then clearing the queues out again. None of the other Texas parks I visited had such a restrictive wind policy.
  4. They are way better than any ride with a 39" height requirement has any right to be. Vekoma has really turned a corner as of late.
  5. Dude I literally just said it's okay to be scared. If you don't know the difference between being legitimately scared in one of those haunts and... - being an obnoxious shrieking and flailing jerkass to everyone around you, or - trying to push other people out of the way, or - threatening to square up with anyone who dares come close to you, or - literally running full speed when a haunt actor is chasing you and running straight into a store and knocking over a display rack... yes, this literally happened last year right in front of me... ...then clearly you haven't had thos
  6. You're just going to keep dunking on them year after year, aren't you? I'm here for it.
  7. For the past several years Luna Park has had a pay-one-price plan that lasts all day, not just a set block of time like it was when they first introduced the wristbands. Not sure yet what Deno's is going to do but I would guess that they'll stick with the individual tickets per ride as they just don't have that many non-kiddie rides to make it worth it.
  8. ^ ^^ There's a difference between reacting and overreacting, obvs. If you've been in a major park chain's haunt, you certainly know the type. I'm not saying in any way to not have fun, but you can have fun and be scared without being a dick to both the perfomers and the rest of the patrons stuck in there with you.
  9. They are. Dragon Flier at Dollywood is butter smooth. No OTSRs, just a lapbar in a comfortable bucket seat. He's saying the Zamperlas are janky (not going to disagree there) and the Cyclone (which has actually been running pretty great the past few years I've gotten rides on it).
  10. Before the new coaster at Luna Park opens, it seems as if Deno's Wonder Wheel Park is getting a brand new custom Vekoma suspended family coaster for the 2021 season! From the article on USA Today; Phoenix at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York Deno’s was never able to open in 2020 and celebrate the 100th anniversary of its famed Wonder Wheel. Nevertheless, the park’s owners are making their biggest investment ever with Phoenix, a suspended family thrill coaster. Why are they taking the risk? “It’s an important time to rebuild,” says Deno “DJ”
  11. One of the more awkward things that no one here has touched on yet are Halloween haunts. Don't get me wrong, I love a good haunted house. But a lot of these walkthroughs at the major parks have become very slow moving conga lines, and then you have the people that either overreact to every little thing in the place or try to prove how manly they are by getting in scare actors' faces and threatening to hit them.
  12. Is it bad to say that, at this point, I literally don't remember the last coaster I rode?
  13. Ideal for me is being able to reschedule the 2020 California road trip with my son so I can finally take him to Disney, Universal, Knott's, Magic Mountain, CGA, DK, and all the other miscellaneous parks in between and around the area. We were going to go this past April and, well, that didn't happen. Disney has said the tickets I purchased will be honored in 2021, and JetBlue has given me credit for the flight out that's good throughout 2021 as well. The only down part is the return flight on Alaska only was good through the end of this year and they haven't announced any extension to that as
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