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  1. The Country Inn that's across the street from KD wasn't always terrible, and it used to be our favorite place to stay near the park, but like so many other midrange hotels during the pandemic, their level of care and quality has really fallen off. Their rooms are definitely not worth the amount they are currently charging for them, and the lack of basic amenities ("bEcAuSe CoViD") is an active strike against it. I probably wouldn't stay there again until I hear they've improved.
  2. Awesome write-up! It's been over two years at this point since my family and I have been down Smoky Mountains way, and this is definitely making me eager to get back there. Little surprised that the Rowdy Bear in Gatlinburg got picked up by Ripley's, but I guess they still have their other location in Pigeon Forge going strong with the tubing mountain and a few other coasters. I wonder if the mountain coaster market down there has reached saturation point yet...
  3. I really enjoy Lightning Racer when it's actually racing. That's the whole point of the coaster. The twister layout is perfect for that IMO, not every ride needs to be an airtime fest to be fun and enjoyable. OTOH, Wildcat is absolutely irredeemable trash. Bring on the conversion, if that's what's actually happening. That being said, I never saw the pictures of the blue footers, and when I searched for it, I found this comment on another forum from about a month ago. Is it legit? Hard to tell, anyone can claim anything with a throwaway account, but it sounds like an equally plausible possibility.
  4. I ended up taking tndank's advice, and although I wasn't able to get the passholder rate at Cabana Bay, it did end up saving me about $500 off my previous lowest attempt. I took a look at all the different deluxe hotels and sure enough, Portofino Bay was the cheapest with that passholder rate discount. The others didn't have it available for the dates I was looking at. In any case, the trip has been booked! Thanks again everyone for your help, and looking forward to finally getting back to Universal next month and getting our first rides on their elite coasters. Robb's recent video has definitely amped up my excitement.
  5. I'm not a fan of Batwing or Nighthawk, but what do you mean by "no fresh parts being made anymore"? They're made by Vekoma, right? I'd assume that if either Six Flags or Cedar Fair needs a part they'd be able to get it direct from them, no?
  6. ^^ That's the sort of crazy-ass, next level lifehacking I needed. Thank you so much!
  7. I do appreciate the help, thank you! I've spent some time looking a little bit harder into crunching the numbers, and even still with the passholder discount, this is what I'm seeing; Putting the difference in cost aside, the biggest drawback is that on the cheapest annual pass, the "3 Park Seasonal" pass, it has blockout dates for Volcano Bay that directly conflict with our travel dates. The bundle tickets have no such blockouts. Since both my son and I are big fans of waterparks as well as theme parks, we definitely want to dedicate one day to checking Volcano Bay out, so not being able to get in there after dropping $500 per person for the annual pass is a big deal-breaker in my book. Well, we're going to be at the theme parks for two of those three days, for sure. Obviously not splurging on Express would save a bunch of money, over $1000, but I'm not sure that during a mid-June weekend that close to the end of school that it won't be swamped and miserable in the regular lines. Considering Express Unlimited doesn't even include skip-the-line access on Hagrid or Velocicoaster, maybe it'd be better to just get the basic Express? Or just hope that we can knock them both out during early entry?
  8. Should clarify, I am not currently a Universal pass holder. Given our distance I don't think we would be back within the next year, so more than likely, we would only be there for these four nights and three full days.
  9. Just ended up booking a flight down to Orlando for my son & I during June 16th-20th, and we're planning on spending 3 full days at Universal Orlando for my first visit to these parks since... well.. since Back to the Future and Kongfrontation were a thing. Hell, I don't even remember if Islands of Adventure was even open the last time! Really looking forward to getting back there, and with any luck, making Velocicoaster the 400th in my count! I haven't booked hotels yet, but pricing out packages on their site, it looks like even with the included Universal Express Unlimited, attempting to stay at a premium resort like Hard Rock is going to be more expensive for two of us compared to staying at a place like Cabana Bay and buying the express passes separately. I'm not planning on getting a rental car or anything, just going to be taking a shuttle direct to Universal and back to the airport, so it makes sense to stay on site, right? Other than the current "buy 3 days get 2 free" deal that they have on their site (which I doubt we're even going to be able to take advantage of due to us getting in late on Thursday and leaving early Monday), is there anything else that might help us save a few bucks? I'm assuming the Express passes will be pretty necessary during the weekend? I'm thinking of splitting our days at the theme parks between Friday and Sunday, and then spending Saturday at Volcano Bay and Citywalk (and/or maybe swinging by SeaWorld later in the day if we feel waterparked out). Also, if I'm reading it correctly, it looks like both Hagrid's and Velocicoaster are back on early entry again? Can anyone confirm that's still the case? Thanks in advance for the help
  10. Well, that's okay. They still haven't opened a park that's an hour from your house with a drop tower and 5 coasters that are open 365 days a year.
  11. Man, it's so weird to just see that big empty plot of land in the middle of that prime real estate. I know Goliath typically didn't run much at all, but it really drew your eye. Here's hoping they figure out something to go there sooner rather than later.
  12. I'll be out at Knott's a week from today. Does anyone have any updates so far on Xcelerator reopening?
  13. I mean, honestly, if this upcoming Sunday is anything like last Sunday was, you'll be good to go without FL+. Take a look on the previous page for my trip report from this past Sunday, and that was on a day where it was in the high 60's. You'll be fine.
  14. Yes, both the Springhill Suites on site and the Comfort Inn across the road from the parking lot are good, affordable, and within walking distance to the front gate.
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