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  1. True except for RMT; on that one you go up the exit. True except for Ka, this year they moved the flash pass line to the steps on the left side of the station, and there's no merge at all anymore. They changed it this year and now the Flash Pass entrance is its own dedicated entrance to the left of that building with the claw games, and it will let you right into the station near row 1. Merge point before the pre-show. Absolutely right. You can also use it at Justice League and it completely bypasses most of the queue and preshow and dumps you right onto the loading platform. For the Big Wheel, you enter through the exit. Skyscreamer has its own queue for Flash Pass and they will pull from that queue first when loading. There's a few other flats as well that are on there like Buccaneer, Cyborg, and Twister but I honestly can't remember what those ones are like.
  2. When it comes to Knoebels, I'll give them a free pass on having stuff closed for staffing. They are free admission for entry, it costs nothing to park, so if worst case half the major rides are down for the day, I'm not out any money past the gas it took to drive there. On the other hand, just a couple weeks ago at Hersheypark, day after Memorial Day, they had 31 rides closed throughout the day, including both their non-Boardwalk water rides and five coasters. That was a day where we ended up just leaving early because we literally ran out of things for my daughter to do. Thankfully guest services gave us a comp ticket to come back another day. Until we can get back to 100% capacity and 100% staffing, I'm afraid there's no one right answer on how parks should be handling this situation. Six Flags is definitely making the best of a bad situation though as I feel like they're doing the best possible job at running the majority of their rides on skeleton crews.
  3. Show me any park currently operating in 2021 that is killing it with their food operations, because honestly, I've heard nothing but horror stories across the board no matter if you're on the West Coast or East Coast, up north or down south, little independent place or multi-billion-dollar corporation.
  4. It's been two years since I've been down there, but for all the rides you mention, I seem to remember the Fast Lane dropping you directly in the station and never with more than a 2-3 minute wait at most. Out of the park's coasters, the only major one that wasn't on the Fast Lane was Ricochet, their Wild Mouse, and that line was a pain to wait in so if you can get to that before the line builds up you'll be in a good spot.
  5. Unless they changed the locations since 2019, both of these merge points were right before the stairs, as well. If the steps are full, that could be about a 15-20 minute wait at SDL, and up to 40 minutes at Storm Runner.
  6. I think by this point, security at American Dream is used to enough single enthusiasts coming into Nickelodeon, hitting up the coasters, and bouncing. There's so many Youtube videos of people doing exactly that. You'll be fine as long as you're not doing something sketchy like hanging around the kiddie rides and taking video of other people's children. Just a quick word of warning; I visited the mall with my wife and kids last Friday night to check out the mini golf courses. While they still are advertising parking rates being $2 after two hours, when it came time to settle up at the pay stations before leaving, that number mysteriously jumped to $4. I don't think $4 parking is going to break any banks but just be aware.
  7. I can't remember which Youtube vlog I was watching yesterday, but the guy was completely dogging on it, absolutely mercilessly, and at the end of his review he says something to the effect of "well, even the worst RMC is still better than 90% of the rest of the coasters out there". So horrible, and yet still in the top 10% of coasters he's been on. Is that what the kids are calling cognitive dissonance? FWIW, it's not my favorite RMC by a long shot, but it's still a fun as hell ride, and one I'm glad that the park finally has. Oh, and my opinion is null and void because according to my daughter it's the new best ride in the park so what the hell does an old boomer like me know anyway.
  8. Originally, they were trying to get this park reopened by Memorial Day. A few weeks back, they pushed that opening date to June 5th. Now, as of last night, they sent out an email blast to everyone on their mailing list saying that they will not be able to make that date and they do not currently have a new opening date on the schedule as of yet: I can't help but wonder what sort of regulatory problems Gene may be running into when dealing with the state of NJ, considering it's a vastly different experience than operating in Indiana. Here's hoping they can slog through the red tape and get this park back open again in the near future.
  9. Yeah, we originally were planning on doing it Tuesday after leaving the park; even on Tuesday the waitlist was 90 minutes at 5 PM. We just ended up heading back to the Hershey Lodge and eating over there instead. Wednesday we made sure to get there a little before opening, and we were fifth in line. Scored one of the sweet Tilt-A-Whirl tables, too! Just looking at Queue-Times, it looks like it's been down consistently for the past three days now. Definitely hope they can get it up and running again soon. Stinks that two out of the three Intamins are currently down, but them's the breaks I guess.
  10. They're still open and operating as Aquatica for this season, at least. I keep getting emails every week from SeaWorld saying "buy a pass, get Aquatica free". Their website shows that they're open, although some of their slides are temporarily closed, specifically certain ones in Kiwi Curl, Woohoo Falls, and the Walkabout Waters area. Not sure though if that's due to construction or just due to COVID regulations.
  11. I was there on Tuesday, and they eventually reopened half of Lightning Racer; only the left side was running, the right side remained roped off. Still a ton of fun but it definitely loses a lot of the appeal when you're not racing. Tuesday was... uh... not a great day for the park. At one point, they had 31 rides closed. A good chunk of those just flat out never opened at all throughout the day. Obviously we weren't expecting Storm Runner to open up barring some sort of miracle, but Fahrenheit, Sidewinder, and the Wild Mouse were all down for the entire day. Skyrush and Laff Trakk were both down for a good chunk, and Wildcat was also closed until the late afternoon. Both of the non-Boardwalk water rides, Coal Cracker and Tidal Force, were also down for the stretch, supposedly due to some unforeseen plumbing problem. A good chunk of the family flat rides were also out of commission, such as their wave swinger, whip, skyride, pirate ship, flyers, ferris wheel, and two out of the three towers at the Triple Tower. And bar one or two kiddie rides, most every other one was closed. I also don't think it's been mentioned yet, but their fun slide that was over by Laff Trakk has been removed (and no longer appears on the map, either). I get there's staffing issues going on all around, but it just sucked to get what was basically half an experience on a full price day. We had a two day ticket; Wednesday we ended up just getting some lunch at their new restaurant, The Chocolatier, and when we took a look at the app to see most of the stuff closed on Tuesday still not open, we decided we'd just rather come back later in the season when hopefully they get these issues ironed out. (And hopefully also get Storm Runner back up and operating again.)
  12. Weighed in at 244.8 this morning -- so I'm halfway to my goal of 200! Just gotta stay consistent with the exercise and diet. (Gonna be so hard to do that when I'm spending a few days at Hersheypark next week though...)
  13. Sorry to double post, but since it hasn't yet been mentioned, Disneyland made two changes yesterday: 1) As of June 15th, they will begin to admit out-of-state visitors once again. 2) They have changed the online reservations to allow you to schedule a reservation up to 120 days in advance. Already reserved my three days at the end of August. Really looking forward to finally doing this Disneyland vacation with my son after being in the works for over a year and a half at this point!
  14. Yep, can confirm. Was there today with the family. Possessed still slaps. The holding brake still hasn't been turned back on, and honestly, I doubt it's ever coming back, but it doesn't need it. It's still a great ride even without it. I'll have a longer write up in the next few days, but overall, it was a great opening day without any of the major problems that plagued the other parks on their first day of operations. It was great to be back!
  15. ^ My vote for best in show goes to Joker's Jinx, personally. But yeah, there's a pretty dramatic dropoff from the good to the bad to the ugly in this park.
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