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  1. Any update on Tatsu? Hoping to ride it Aug 13. Also, is the flash pass good at SFMM? I’ll be traveling from Chicago and only have a single day there, and haven’t visited since 2014, so I am sure I will buy one but not sure what to expect.
  2. I was at the park Monday and Tuesday. I saw them cycling consistently for a few hours on Monday, and I heard from some people I met that it’s something with the lift.
  3. Do lines close at park close or beforehand? Here for my first ever visit today and looking to maximize rides.
  4. Correct. From my understanding you only get things like bring a friend free or discounted tickets for your "home park". But parking is chain wide and merchandise discounts are chain wide. This is for the season pass though, I don't touch the memberships. I would assume the same applies if not more.
  5. Knock You Down Keri Hilson ft. Ne-Yo and Kanye West
  6. Hey guys! Long time no talk. As some of you in this thread may know, for a year and a half I had a goal to lose 100 pounds by SFGAm Opening Day 2021. Yesterday was the big day, and I am happy to report I was at -101.8m pounds! If you would like to hear my story about riding Maxx Force for the first time, look at my post in the SFGAm thread! With that said, I have three goals in mind for SFGAm Opening Day 2022, but I "only" want to hit at least two of them. 1) To weigh less than 200 pounds. This has always been a "far fetched" dream that is not so far fetched anymore! 2) To weigh less than 194 pounds. This is more a stretch, but this is a "healthy" BMI for my height. I feel great right now at 221 don't get me wrong. And some do not believe in BMI. But I would never think I would be considered completely healthy. 3) to dunk a basketball on a 10 foot rim. As a basketball fan, this s something I have always wanted to do. And now that I am the most physically fit I have ever been, it's not impossible! I am 6 foot 2 so I will have to do more than just lose weight to get there. It will be a grind, but I am up for it. If I hit two of those I will be extremely happy and will only have to "maintain" from that point forward! How is anyone else doing?
  7. I went for opening day yesterday, it was a mess. No consistency with rows. For example(s), Raging Bull and Whizzer were loading every row, Viper was most but not all rows, and then Maxx Force was less than half the train. Most restaurants were closed. For lunch, Chop Six was still closed at noon. We went to Johnny Rockets and their computer software was not working in the kitchen. So after you placed your order they took your receipt to fill orders. It was a gigantic mess and they fell way behind. They would come by every 5-10 minutes and ask for your order number, and nobody knew theirs because we did not have our receipts anymore!! We ordered two burgers and they ended up throwing away our receipt after we got the first burger. I reminded them three times that I had only received half my order, and overall we were there for 75 minutes. Later in the day I ordered on the app for dinner. I got the notification it was ready half an hour before my window. When I went to pick it up later, the restaurant was flat out closed, shuttered at all. Mind you when I ordered the food they had windows until park close, and this was around 6:30. I tried to get the employees attention and they didn't acknowledge me. The app said the order was completed and it used up my dinner and snack. Luckily I went to Chop Six and told them what happened and they gave me two entrées free of charge. I had an experience I will never forget with Maxx Force. SFGAm is my home park and when Maxx Force was announced I was morbidly obese, so I wanted to get on it but I knew I had work to do to get there. I did not get there for 2019. By 2020 I had lost enough weight to get back on coasters, but you know, COVID. So I was on a mission yesterday: the only thing I wanted to do was ride Maxx Force. Especially visiting the park with my sister, who does not do coasters. I told her I did not care what happened, as long as I got on Maxx Force I would be happy. Let me tell you, Maxx had a rough day and did not make it easy for me. I met up with Zero Credits Remaining and we joined the line, and we did not know what was ahead of us. In short, it broke down 4-5 times and we waited 3 hours. After the first hour, we were "too close" to leave the line, and after waiting 2.5 years for this, I was more than determined and refused to give up. My poor sister out in the park waiting three hours for me, she kept calling me all mad asking how much longer I would be. One breakdown forced them to move to single train operations. Finally we got in the station. We were next to ride, and sure enough, it broke down. Eventually they were able to move the train from the brake run to the station to get the riders off. They ran three cycles and allowed us on. We rode, and it was awesome! #2 in the park, top 25 for me! The only problem, sure enough, was that we got stuck on the brakes! For whatever reason the mechanics had a harder time getting us in the station, we were probably stuck for 20 minutes. My sister was calling me and came up the exit to talk to me and make fun of me, she was happy I got stuck after all the waiting I put her through. Only fitting this is what it took to get on after I couldn't for 2.5 years!! Despite the day going really poorly, my ride on Maxx Force made it a great day, and I am genuinely extremely happy now!!
  8. Obviously I would prefer this project to go somewhere close to me, but my first thought was that I was glad to hear that this project is going forward for 2022. Maybe it was originally supposed to be 2021 and was pushed back? But either way I'm happy to hear a park is going forward with a significant project.
  9. Not exactly a missed opportunity, but something that slapped me in the face and could have been a disaster... I live about 75 mins from SFGAm and 90 mins from Indiana Beach. I have been to SFGAm ~48 times in my life and Indiana Beach ZERO times. Naturally, when Indiana Beach closed I was kicking myself so hard. I was extremely upset with myself. I'd like to thank Gene Staples for the opportunity to redeem myself.
  10. I just bought some brooks because I'll be on my feet a lot this summer for my internship. Traditionally I wear generic nike gym shoes for all activities
  11. Keep on Keeping On Travie McCoy ft Brendon Urie
  12. I contacted the park and they told me that all the rides would be open in the indoor water and theme park, but "only selected rides are usually open in the outdoors and its weather permitting. We cannot tell yet what rides will be open at the outdoor for that day as we also get those information within the day as well". A little confused, I responded back asking if they try to have all rides open and they replied "If the weather is nice, coasters and go karts will be open but the whole outdoor park will be fully open memorial day". So not sure if they are just going to pick and choose what to operate..? I still plan on going, I'll update afterwards.
  13. I only got one ride Friday night and it was a middle row, so maybe that is why. The woods and dark was awesome and its pacing is always great, I just did not get the air I got last fall I'll be back at least once this year and I am excited to give it another go! I really want to love it, I know before this weekend trip it was my favorite wooden in the park.
  14. Just bought a clear drawstring bag for both amusement park and sporting event trips!
  15. Thinking of visiting the park on Sunday, but it says select rides will be open. Does anyone know what rides those are?
  16. Trip Report! 4/16/21: I got off work 40 minutes early and booked it to SFStL, a 3 hour drive for me. I got there around 7:30. I went straight to Mr. Freeze and it was a walk on, but right when I got onto the ride platform it went down, the transfer track was stuck. Since it was a walk on, I got out and went to American Thunder. After that I went right back to freeze and it was testing but an attendant was turning people away. So I went to screaming eagle and there were attendants with the train on the brake run so I turned around to boss. While walking in the queue freeze was running with guests, so I got a little frustrated. After boss I went to Freeze and they were turning people away, so I decided to eat. I did mobile food ordering for Johnny Rockets and I got it 45 minutes after my window closed even though they were churning out people in the normal line fairly well. I did batman afterwards and went to freeze but it had valleyed. Spoiler, I did not get on it this weekend After my food fiasco and freeze valley, the rest of the night went really well besides some light rain. No line was longer than 10 minutes. It was extremely dark, which was good on boss and screaming eagle, but I agree with someone above that in some places it was too dark walking around. Especially the top half of the park besides the kids area. SFStL is not my home park and I definitely took extra precaution walking. Considering if this event did not exist I would have not been able to ride any coasters, I love this event! 4/17/21: I was there open to 4 with my sister. My sister does not really like rides, especially coasters. I convinced her to go on pandemonium first ride of the day and she hated it, so she was hesitant to do much else the rest of the day. We did colossus and shazaam twice each and justice league, and I squeezed on some coasters by myself every now and then. We did a lot of walking because she was dying to get a henna tattoo, so we would lap by the stand every now and then to see if it had been staffed. 4/18/21: I was there open to 4 by myself, so I got a lot done. Crowds were light. I spent a lot of time at American Thunder because I think it is the only good unique coaster in the park besides Mr. Freeze. I lapped by freeze constantly hoping to see signs of life, and once I saw some operators in the queue, but otherwise they were in no rush to reopen it. Again SFStL is not my home park, so I do not know what it takes to get it back up when it valleys, but I was obviously really hoping it would reopen. I spent some time at Screaming Eagle too. I had an amazing ride on it in the fall, but I could not find it this weekend which was a little buzzkill. Sunday was also the first time I saw them sanitizing trains, not sure if they were on Friday or Saturday. It was a beautiful day outside. Personal Notes: This was the first time I visited an amusement park since I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. getting a medical sticker for my bag was no problem, no questions asked. When I walk through security I ask for a medical sticker and they did not even search my bag. Inside the park, the sticker did nothing for me, because a situation where I needed to show it never came up, which was good! I wore a spybelt on my belly to keep my insulin pump on during the ride, and it worked flawlessly. The only gripe I had in relation to my type one diabetes was the food. On the app, it says nutritional information is available upon request, but it really is not... When I went to johnny rockets and asked, she clearly had no idea what I was talking about. Like she could not even understand what I was asking for. When I went to primo's, I actually asked the lead. It took her a minute to answer me, and eventually she said yes, she had the nutrition facts. But she said she did not have a cheatsheet to hand out, and that it was in her binder, wherever that was. If the nutrition facts exist somewhere, I would think it would be really easy to add them to the app. It would make my life easier, especially as a newly-diagnosed, because my "guestimating" game is not good and I was worried how my blood sugar would react after I ate every meal because I did not know for sure how many carbs I was eating. It's a little frustrating because it says its available upon further request. Either put it on the app or train employees / make cheatsheets to hand out. This may be more of a chain problem though. I have been to SFStL on six different days and only have 2 rides on mr. freeze. On the flip side, I now have 15 on American Thunder, which makes it the coaster I have ridden the most outside SFGAm, my home park. Banshee with 12 rides held that title for nearly 6 years. I got on 39 rides for the weekend, highlighted by American Thunder with 14 and Screaming Eagle with 6.
  17. When I was there this past weekend, an employee operating Colossus that clearly works on the train said the train was super close!
  18. I’ll have a trip report coming out tonight or tomorrow from my weekend here, but any chance Mr. Freeze opens today? I have to drive back to school today but haven’t been on mr freeze this weekend, not sure if it’s worth waiting around or not. The train is still in the grass next to where it valleys.
  19. I will be there! I got a reservation for 6:15. I just made a reservation like normal and it was the earliest time available. I don't have to make a special reservation for the event, do I? Also for anyone wondering, the dining pass will be accepted during the event.
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