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  1. I got 70 rides between all day Tuesday and the first half of yesterday with no fastlane. God I’m in love with KI. Beast was solid. Row 17 for smoothest and 15 for roughest. I also thought Racer was running really well (I did ride last year too). I somehow had the best rides on invertigo I’ve ever had. Hopping for a speedy recovery for the bat! I left before it happened but it was my last ride of the day.
  2. The Bat yesterday. No, that’s not a joke. It was the last ride I rode before the weather closed everything
  3. The same thing happened Monday night for associate ride night. They had two metal detectors going and the operators were HAULING, almost rolling trains. But wait was maybe 30 mins while sending half trains. Part of the problem is the clog at the end of the long straight. People who need to get to the lockers aren't able to. Corkscrew, Millie, Raptor, Rougaru and Steve are supposedly closed atm
  4. I just bought another "spy belt" for coaster riding. I found the one I have gets stinky so now I have two to rotate!
  5. I was at Kennywood yesterday. Every credit was open except lil phantom (at least the one time I walked back there). Actually, every coaster was eventually running multiple trains except Steel Curtain.
  6. Less than 100 pph is pitiful. Such a shame, I've only seen good to raving reviews for a ride that won't even see 1,000 people in a day.
  7. It's not just MA. I'm working at CP and my boss uses office supplies he took from Geauga when they gutted the place. Hilarious to see this nonetheless. Over the weekend I decided to visit the park today until I found out they were closed. Disappointing but understandable.
  8. I'm setting a goal to lose 20 pounds in June. I am ready to commit to the hefty goal!
  9. Agree with Adventure Express, I always look forward to my rides. I make sure to ride it once every tip I make to KI
  10. I went to the park yesterday for my first ever visit! Loved the atmosphere of the park and was amazed by how they fit everything in the space. Cyclone was messy. No activity for the first couple hours the park was open. When we saw it testing we booked it there and there was a small line. Eventually it opened, and had one or two cycles with riders before it broke down. The ride operator told the line it would be a quick fix, it just needed to be released from the brake by maintenance. It was back up in 15-20 minutes. Again, one or two cycles with riders and then it broke down. This time there was no immediate reason given by the ops, maintenance came and shortly after that the ops said they were shutting down the ride and wouldn’t say if it was for the day or not. This was about the same time maintenance was pushing hard to get Lost Coaster open, so they didn’t work on Cyclone for a couple hours. We would walk by and see little activity. Eventually they were working on the top of the ride right before the first drop. While waiting for Hoosier we heard on the radio that they were going to open cyclone with one train, so we booked it there and were first in line. Shortly after we got there they started cycling consistently with maintenance riding. The ride operator told us that a train had ripped off a sensor right before the drop and that’s why the ride closed, that makes sense why we saw maintenance where they were. Eventually Cyclone opened and we got our ride, and it was running consistently for the two hours before I left. (At least from what I saw, it’s hard to see it operation from a lot of the areas in the park) As for the ride itself, it has major clearance issues, be warned. In the station they tell you to hold on to a bar in front of you, and I was thinking I’ve heard that so many times, it means nothing. Seriously, for half the ride, you will smack your hand on something if you don’t keep them in the vehicle. Something that shocked me - I sat in the front right seat of the car, and I am 6 foot 2. After dispatch you make a 180 right turn and then you start the lift. When you start inclining on the lift, there is track/structure above you and it was INSANELY close to my head. I ended up ducking a little to avoid it. I think I would have been fine if I didn’t duck, but it’s seriously that close. I would have closed my eyes and hope I made it if I didn't duck. The rider behind me said to me after the ride she wasn’t sure if I would have cleared it or not. Not so much that I care about the clearance, obviously if you stay in the vehicle you’re fine, but definitely worth noting. I can see an injury coming to people/kids not keeping hands in vehicles, but the ops made it clear to hang on the entire time. There's a wicked airtime moment in the middle of the ride, you get inches between your behind and the seat. Some wicked laterals too, specifically the last turn before the brake run. I think Cornball isn't ready for operation yet. I can't comment on Saturday, but it was closed all day Sunday and stated by the park entrance it was going to be. I saw lots of buckets and equipment on the track while riding Tig'rr. Speaking of Tig'rr, we found the train for Cascabel while riding. The flywheel looks like it's still on property. Steel Hawg got painted, and it looks great. HOWEVER, it looks like they cheeped out, because the paint is literally flying off. Whenever they sent a train it started snowing small pieces of orange paint and it is all over the ground in the queue. Makes me worried for Triple Loop repaint because that ride is a complete mess underneath any coat of paint they are putting on if they are using the same method as Steel Hawg. Speaking of Triple Loop, we saw them painting it. No train on track. The three curved drops are blue.
  11. Almost got in a car accident today. Someone in the right lane tried to make a left turn while I was in the left lane in their blind spot. Hard brake with skid marks, the tire sound and lots of honking, I was probably inches away from t-boning them. You cant make a left turn from the right lane, idiot
  12. It's nice to have you Carrie, congrats on your weight loss! I'm in a similar boat - lost a bunch of weight and it was great riding everything again, but put some weight back on and currently struggling to shave it off. Went to SFGAm and Indiana Beach this weekend and BARELY squeezed on X-Flight (needed help from op), Raging Bull and Batman were one click etc. Was able to ride everything but I'm right on the verge of a walk of shame. I just am eating awful
  13. Excalibur is pretty fun, a little dizzying but I will always give it a ride if it is open
  14. I'm still struggling, I don't know what it is. I have all the motives but then I push it to "tomorrow", tomorrow never comes.
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