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  1. Almost got in a car accident today. Someone in the right lane tried to make a left turn while I was in the left lane in their blind spot. Hard brake with skid marks, the tire sound and lots of honking, I was probably inches away from t-boning them. You cant make a left turn from the right lane, idiot
  2. It's nice to have you Carrie, congrats on your weight loss! I'm in a similar boat - lost a bunch of weight and it was great riding everything again, but put some weight back on and currently struggling to shave it off. Went to SFGAm and Indiana Beach this weekend and BARELY squeezed on X-Flight (needed help from op), Raging Bull and Batman were one click etc. Was able to ride everything but I'm right on the verge of a walk of shame. I just am eating awful
  3. Excalibur is pretty fun, a little dizzying but I will always give it a ride if it is open
  4. I'm still struggling, I don't know what it is. I have all the motives but then I push it to "tomorrow", tomorrow never comes.
  5. Roaring rapids will be open this season after a lengthy refurb. Buccaneer Battle will be closed for the season.
  6. Makes sense, but I don't remember being treated like that at the park before ever. Not even opening weekend last year. The park is pretty and has *some* charm all year long imo.
  7. I know Freeze has been sending trains halfway up the top hat, I saw it once in person and I've seen other videos. More life there than Xcalibur. Something I noticed at my visit was that the park seemed more friendly than in years past. Anyone else notice that? It has been my only visit with the new CEO so maybe it was a big emphasis going into this season. Not that they were rude in the past but they really seemed to go out of their way to say "enjoy the rest of your day", things like that. Park looked nice and the day couldn't have gone much better besides the closed rides.
  8. I was not at the park this weekend (I will be next though!) but I saw that the park is doing the single ride flash passes, mandatory lockers on Batman, Boss and American Thunder, Boss was not staffed (yesterday) and there is a crane on Freeze's island and they are working on the spike
  9. thats awesome bert, keep it up! A reward is definitely okay I've been better but not great. I'm down 6.4lbs since 3/18. Just need to eat better, I'm doing the exercise!
  10. @IntaminLove covered the bases pretty well. I like eating at Strutters. If you want to get in the Chicago spirit you could go to Big Lou's for Italian beef. Chicago is within an hour, but obviously requires a hefty time commitment, there's so much to do. Maybe see if the Cubs are in town!
  11. Was looking around the app today and noticed two things. For my 2 skip the line passes it says "Skip Two Lines Every Visit, Every Season". Maybe that sheds a little light on our worry about what benefits we might lose after a year / the grandfather age? I also noticed that I get "Unlimited Soft Drinks Every Visit". Are they talking about the souvenir cup? Or is this Six Flags version of Cedar Fair's disposable cup plan? Also, does "unlimited" mean that I could order food with two friends and get them free drinks on my behalf? Or is it just for one individual?
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