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  1. Were there misters in there, or am I just imagining things? Either way it was a break from the park which was really nice. Cooler and secluded.
  2. Not sure when they usually announce. No word yet. The other day IB stated their opening day for April 30, I would imagine around there for SFGAm. For what it's worth, between SFOT cutting hours and SFStL's opening weekend moving back two weeks later than normal, and the fact their first weekday open including Fridays is May 27th, I wouldn't bank on much more than Saturday and Sundays in May. Granted SFGAm is a much larger draw than SFStL for both enthusiasts and gp, so maybe they will get some weekdays, but still, not sure what to expect with this new CEO
  3. Twisted Cyclone may not be ground up but you can't find it anywhere else, seems more original to me than a coaster with a clone
  4. Like a tier list. Every coaster can't be an El Toro or Fury 325
  5. I have not been on one yet but they look perfectly fine! I think all coasters serve a purpose besides super rough ones. Every coaster can't be a S tier coaster. It will be great for IB!
  6. Who is going to sound that name out for me? I like it, original... but help
  7. I really like this color scheme. Black and red is my #1 color combo and the gold is a nice touch!
  8. Haha yes it's been cold, and I forgot my winter coat at home
  9. I agree with this too except I think Pantheon could still be the best. It has a good shot, at least in my eyes.
  10. I'm waiting to see a little more information on the legitimacy tat they are adding another coaster in 2023. Without going into what it may or may not be, I think it is great that they would have two original coasters in back to back years. Alongside all the info Bert has shared, Cotaland is really getting out there and being serious!
  11. I saw on an Instagram story that Cotaland has announced/teased "Americas first and only ____ coaster" coming fall 2023 at Winterfest. Anyone have more info, how legit is this?
  12. ^ that person has a wealth of information about the park, its awesome
  13. Easily the most comfortable shoes I've owned!
  14. I think the park is taken care of pretty well. Sure the investment for new rides hasn't exactly been there but I think the rest of the park is pretty well off under Six Flags. Its a pretty park with more charm than most the other parks in the chain. Operations are solid. I think the best food service I've seen at Six Flags was at this park. It's clean. HITP was slightly underwhelming for me this year, and sure I would have loved to see just one new coaster recently, but I think the park serves its purpose well under Six Flags. Every park cant be a Cedar Point or SFMM
  15. Great pictures, I'm getting super excited for this and to see the park as a whole!
  16. I ended my 2021 season with a 6 ride power hour on American Thunder at SFStL
  17. I bought some brooks to handle all the walking of my summer internship at CP. I loved them so much I replaced them for my birthday. Definitely worth the price, its like walking on clouds
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