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  1. I want to start reading, particularly self help. My friend recommended I Heard God Laugh by Matthew Kelly and I will finish it this weekend!
  2. Kit Kat is my favorite! But I also really like Reeses, Crunch and M&M's
  3. With all these repaints going on in the industry, and Six Flags slightly switching gears, how about some new trains for Boomerang? Sidewinder and Flying Cobras are good rides. I feel obligated to ride it but usually regret it - might as well make it good!
  4. Sorry it took me awhile to get around to this, but I have my new goals! 1)Reach below 200lbs at least once by 4/8/22, otherwise be 202.8lbs or less 2) Close all my apple watch rings for 365 straight days! 3) Average 9,642 steps through March (this will put me at an average of 9,500 since Aug 2019) 4) Average 52 exercise minutes per day through March (this will put me at an average of 60 since June 2020) 5) Average 750 active calories burned through March (this will put me at an average of 1,000 since June 2020). So far in October, I've been doing okay. My weight isnt really dropping but I'm averaging 9,422 steps, 59 minutes and 983 calories. I'm set to get my cast off in 2-5 weeks, so I am close to getting back to higher intensity exercise (mostloy basketball for me). My VO2 max is increasing, which I am happy about!
  5. I am hyped for this project! I have been growing impatient for another update...
  6. You will still be able to get the physical band. I would highly recommend using your phone though, unless your phone battery wont last all day. The flash pass line is brutal to wait for the physical band. The park has bottle fillers, but I cant say if they are currently on or off. Normal water fountains are on. Girodano's is the tourist classic for Chicago deep dish. I prefer Lou Malnati's, which is also nearby. I dont know the hours on the top of my head. I like front left seat the best. I only really do the left side. You can ride Whizzer by yourself, and it is insane how much room you have with only the seatbelt! I recommend Terror Twister II in the night for FF. Not a coaster, but its one of my favorite experiences. Other night rides would be Goliath, AE, Whizzer. Not many bad night rides but nothing like Kings Island where they are a must. _________________________________________ I went to the park this past Saturday. Not slammed like most Saturday's during FF! I was able to get on 7 rides, two meals and a snack in 6 hours. Not bad, especially considering I waited in Maxx Force's line only to be told I couldn't ride because of my arm cast. Speaking of food, I thought this was the best FF food service I had ever seen at the park. No line at strutters for lunch, no line for ice cream for snack, and spent ~30 mins at Chop 6 for dinner. Terror Twister II was slightly disappointing, music seemed really low compared to past years. Maybe because I did not ride at night?
  7. Orient Express at Grady's Family Fun Park a little over a month ago.
  8. I don't think this is the case. When I toured the factory it seemed like they had a strong desire to make their own trains and they just didn't have the capability to do so for those first projects.
  9. ^ Agreed. Not only that, but is popular and caters to the family audience (where the money is)
  10. Not true! You will pass some Waffle Houses on the way! I was excited to visit for FF but I broke my wrist and no casts allowed on Batman or Mr. Freeze, so bummed about that. I've spent 6 days at SFStL and only have two rides on Freeze to show for it. I am not sure if I can add to that upsetting statistic haha
  11. X2 is my "X" #1 coaster . It was my #1 from 2014 (when I rode it the first time) until a month ago (when I rode it for the second time). I think it still has a spot in my top 25 but it wasn't the greatest experience ever, like the one I had in 2014.
  12. First time I've been back on this thread since my last post. I was happy to see some people take new initiatives, hope yall are doing well and chipping away still! I would like to hear how its going All of my hard work to lose 100 pounds was awarded immensely this summer. I visited Kennywood (2 days), Waldameer, Kings Island (5 days), Hershey (2 days), and Kentucky Kingdom, all while interning at Cedar Point! I also went to a FEC, SFMM, Belmont Park, DCA, Knott's (2 days), and Carowinds (2 days). 102 credits (68 new), 50 days riding at least one coaster, and 430 cumulative rides! I had the summer of my life and it felt so rewarding after EVERYTHING I have gone through! Unfortunately I did not have access to a kitchen while living at Cedar Point. So I put on some weight. And then, to continue the theme in my life that something must always happen, I broke my scaphoid on my first weekend back from this summer. In the short term, I could not cook for a couple weeks after that. So I still have not exactly gotten back to my healthy eating, and I've been hovering around 240 lbs. To make it worse, I still have at least two more months in a cast. Not only does that mean a lot less coasters, but it means I can not do any exercise beyond walking (because cast cant get wet/sweaty). With that said, I have been walking daily. In fact, despite breaking my wrist and driving/flying to all the parks above, I have exercised at least 45 mins and burned at least 750 active calories for 180 STRAIGHT DAYS and counting. That's right, no off days! Since April 1st! October 1st I am going to hit the reset button, mostly pertaining to my eating. But with my injury, I have to make some adjustments to my goals to work towards. I am still finalizing my revised goals, so I will update on what I decide!
  13. A rant somewhat coaster related... I broke my wrist and doctor said no coasters at my diagnosis. My first follow up I got him to allow me to ride coasters. Went to SFGAm and turns out you can't ride Maxx, Goliath, Raging Bull, Batman, Superman, X-Flight with a cast. Those are just notable ones, there are more. So dumb! I don't see how I cant ride X-Flight if I rode Joker. Both restraints and riding positions are extremely similar, yet out of the two, Joker is the one I would think would be more of the issue due to the fact its trying to eject me into oblivion while X-Flight gracefully goes about.
  14. Any update on Tatsu? Hoping to ride it Aug 13. Also, is the flash pass good at SFMM? I’ll be traveling from Chicago and only have a single day there, and haven’t visited since 2014, so I am sure I will buy one but not sure what to expect.
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