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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone. This morning I weighed in at 241.6 pounds, so I lost .2 lbs since my last update Sunday. I have not eaten the best the past two days, but I have been killing it exercising. Living in Illinois, the park district basketball courts FINALLY reopened on Friday. I played for 121 minutes on Sunday and 73 minutes yesterday, burning 3,084 active calories combined. I am thrilled to play on real hoops again, hopefully the wind stays away now...
  2. Hello! Last Tuesday, and the majority of my vacation, I had poor signal and was not able to update. Today is my first entire day back at home, so I was able to weigh in this morning to see what my vacation did to me. The meal prep did not go well as we ended up eating out a lot. So I ate bad, but I tried keeping portions smaller. I stayed active, closing all my rings on my apple watch each day. I was extremely happy when I weighed in at 241.8 lbs this morning; -2.0 lbs for the entire vacation! With a couple days left this month, I am currently at -7.4 lbs for the month of June, which is awesome considering I went on vacation. With my estimates, I am the lightest I have been in ~5 years! Only 19 pounds left until my ultimate goal that I want to hit by 4/9/21. I am in a great spot! While on vacation, I was able to get on 3 new credits on some mountain coasters in the Smoky's. These were my first new credits since my disastrous day at SFStL. It was 648 days between new credits! I had a little anxiety before the first alpine coaster, but once I got off the lift it was so liberating and I was right at home. I also bought my first XL shirt in 2-3 years in Gatlinburg, and it fits perfectly! If anything, it is a little too big! Just feeling great. I want to continue updating on Tuesdays as best as I can, so the turnaround will be quick for the next update. ^ Bert, way to go on the numbers! That is pretty astounding. Walking is great. Where do you walk? Rubber tracks feel great, I have one near my house that I am excited to use again because Illinois closed it for awhile. Concrete hurts the joints, avoid if you can! ^ Captain, you make it souynd like root canal can help me out, as painful as they are great job on the -10 lbs! Water intake is great keep it up. ^ Tina and Shark, I fast on fridays. I call it "Fasting Friday". After I moved back in with the family, I found that Friday's were our worst meals. No matter how hard I tried to eat my own food, if they made pizza, I needed a bite. Then two. Then a piece, then another... So I eat breakfast on Friday's and then that is it. Next meal is breakfast saturday, The 16/8 did not work for me. When I started skipping breakfast that is when I started gaining weight. When I tried it a few months ago, it was not nearly as effective as Fasting Friday. It's different for everyone I think. Ultimately, the best diet and/or exercise plan is the one you will actually do.
  3. So since my first post was on a Tuesday, I guess that will be the day of the week I will try to update. I weigh in daily (assuming access to scale, and I always use the same scale, at generally the same time) Today I weighed in at 245.6 lbs, down from 248.4 lbs last Tuesday, for a loss of 2.8 lbs. I had a pretty standard week. Besides a massive cheat lunch yesterday, everything else was great or acceptable. Yesterday I increased my active calorie burn goal from 800 to 850. Today and tomorrow I will be out of town, and Thursday night starts a non-coaster vacation. Vacations can be hit or miss for me. Some vacations I lose up to 6 pounds, others I gain. I plan on staying as active as I can while away, and I have a grocery list for meal prepping before I leave. I’ve never meal prepped for a vacation, so I’m not sure how it will go. Hopefully I do not stray too far away. That said, next Tuesday I will not have my scale with me. I plan to update then but I will not have any numbers to go with it.
  4. 18 Months - Calvin Harris An album from my early teen years. Can’t force myself to skip any of the songs when they come on shuffle. Takes me back and has summer vibes
  5. I’ve been to 48! Only missing New Mexico and Nevada, not sure when I’ll knock them out though.
  6. I do not like soda. Last time I had any was 10+ years ago when we went to the Coca Cola museum downtown Atlanta
  7. No Is your favorite restaurant in your home state?
  8. Hi guys! I am new to the forums as a whole and was thrilled to see this thread. I think it is a great idea because through my current transformation I believe a support structure has been essential to my success and perseverance. My long story somewhat shorter… for reference I am 6 foot 2… basically my whole life I had steadily gained weight. Was always overweight, eventually crossing into obese. October 2017 was an extremely rough month for me in life. I turned to comfort eating and boredom eating and my weight started to balloon. I started college in the fall of 2018 and my parents wanted to take me to SFStL Labor Day weekend to spend some time with me. I had my walk of shame on Batman, the first ride of the day, right in front of my dad. I had another walk of shame on Screamin Eagle. After a few months of playing the “woe is me” card, I decided to change in 2019. I weighed in my heaviest at 322.8 pounds on 12/30/18. Mid December 2018 I had a cyst removed that was supposed to heal in 2-4 weeks, but it took me 4 months. So, the start of 2019 was slow with no exercise, and in the summer, I lost motivation and fell off the wagon. Before the school year started again, I committed to change again, but this time I acquired more support. 8/13/19 I weighed 313.4 pounds. Since then, I have been on a successful transformation both mentally and physically. I started with developing healthy habits, not taking on too much to burnout. I advanced when I was comfortable with taking on more. Above all, I put myself first. Some notable changes were only drinking water (except milk with cereal), fixing my sleep schedule and taking a class on reaching my full potential that encouraged reading leisurely. I fast on Friday’s and eat plant based whole food diet on Monday’s and for breakfast and dinner on TWThSaSu. I rarely have snacks. I cheat often. With my Fitbit I would aim for 12,500 steps a day. However, 16 days ago I upgraded to an apple watch. I am still getting used to it. For the first 14 days my goal was to burn 750 active calories. I was reaching it with ease, so I changed my goal to 800 yesterday and we will see how this week goes. So far on average I burn 1,138 active calories a day, but I have more free time with quarantine and no school now, so I do not know how feasible this is long term. I play a lot of basketball, go for walks and use my elliptical whenever I am home. This June I am starting to do weight training. Before that I was strictly cardio. I do not specifically count calories and carbs, but I limit them and look at labels and nutrition facts before I eat anything. A couple of days ago I hit -75 pounds total and -30 pounds since quarantine. I’ve had a couple bad days since, so as of today I am at 248.4 pounds: -74.4 since 12/30/18 and -65.0 since 8/13/19. Using estimates of my weights throughout the years, at my current weight, I can comfortably fit on all coasters at SFGAm (home park, but have not been on Maxx Force, so don’t know abut that one). I should fit on about 95% of rides. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic I am probably taking this year off. I do not own a season pass, so I do not see it worth going until I get one, which at the earliest would probably be the flash sale for the 2021 season. Speaking of which, sometime in November 2019 I set myself a goal of 222.8 pounds (-100 pounds) by opening day for SFGAm 2021. I am well on pace to hit that, and then some! That said, I have taken some time to read this thread to get to know some of you and what you are going through. I am here to support you all! I believe support is incredibly important. It encourages people and gives them some accountability. I would love to update you all on my transformation, but I do not want to flood the thread, so I am hoping it will be at least semi-active! Best of luck to all of you, I hope you achieve your goals and dreams, and let’s get on some coasters! 12/25/18 to present
  9. Santa Ana Canes sauce or Chick-fil-a sauce?
  10. I guess we still need an O. Outlaw Run - Silver Dollar City
  11. When people waste their time by not using turning signals or using them at the very last opportunity they have.
  12. ^ Turn off the light is a BOP that I respect "I'm Sprung 2" T-Pain
  13. Whats up guys. I made this account nearly 5 years ago, posted once, and disappeared. I am looking into becoming more involved in my passion so I thought I would look into TPR forums again! As SFGAm is my home park, I have been in and out of their separate forums for years now. Since quarantine started, it has been relatively inactive over there compared to prior years, so I am looking for something more active. Hoping TPR forums can be another home for me! I became an enthusiast in 2013 after riding Outlaw Run. CC 159, home park SFGAm, fav coaster X2, fav park SFMM. The last three seasons (including this season) I have been relatively inactive due to weight gain, but I've since lost nearly most of it back and counting. I am eager to get back to the parks now that I can fit on everything and have a stress free day, but now the pandemic is holding me back. Looking forward to that day though! Other random facts... I am a college kid, I love college basketball, I have been to 48 states (missing Nevada and New Mexico), Coldplay is my favorite band/musician, and my favorite food is cheese curds and/or mozzarella sticks
  14. New to the forums, I thought this would be a good one to start on! Kinda don't know what I am doing, just give me some time. 1) X2 2) Diamondback 3) Maverick 4) El Toro 5) Outlaw Run 6) Millennium Force 7) Goliath (SFOG) 8) Full Throttle 9) The Voyage 10) Goliath (SFGAm)
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