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  1. Mid month update in the hopes of holding myself accountable. Exercise is going fantastic so far this year. I'm averaging 12,535 steps, 99 mins, and 1,504 active calories a day. My move streak is still intact, currently at 295 days. The problem is eating. I've been on the "I'll start eating better tomorrow, I'll enjoy today" mindset all year so far. Despite my exercise, this mindset has ballooned my weight. This morning I weighed in at 254.8 pounds. Yikes. I'm a Type One diabetic and I saw my endocrinologist Tuesday. She was slightly disappointed that my A1C (your sugar average last 3 months) increased. I knew this was going to happen because I've been eating awful and I've seen my averages go up, its not like I was shocked. I was disappointed I let her down. I'm less confident in myself where I am at now that I was when I was around 220 pounds. And at 255 pounds, I'm starting to borderline getting walked of shamed again. Jeans are tighter, belt is bigger. This was the slap in the face I needed to get back on the right track. I know I can do it once I'm determined and motivated. I didn't magically lose 100 pounds. When the seasonal parks near me open in the spring, I do not want to be thinking about how tight restraints will be. I want to feel more free. I decided since yesterday was my birthday that I would still enjoy myself Tuesday and yesterday eating cake and whatnot, and that Thursday (today) I would start eating better. Scrap all my old goals, here are my new ones. And they are final. Close all my rings daily (which I am changing from 800 to 1,000 active calories and from 45 to 60 mins) Weigh 215 pounds by 5/24 (my next endo appointment) Have an A1C below 6.0 (will be taken 5/24) I'm confident I can do this, and of course I will update. The weight goal will be a push. When I lost 100, it was about a 2lb/week clip. This would be about 2.25/week, so similar but still an increase. I have a weekend trip planed to SDC & SFStL early April. If I keep that pace, I'll be around 230 lbs by then, which I was at this summer and had no problems at any parks.
  2. I've been waiting to contribute to this thread, because I ~love~ a good burger, but for whatever reason I have not had a burger in awhile. Yesterday was my birthday and I wanted a good burger. I went to Red Robin and the Cheesy Bacon Fondue Burger caught my eye, but they were out of the fondue So I just settled on the royal red robin, I love eggs and bacon on burgers. Also forgot to take a picture so.... maybe next post I'll do it right!
  3. I'm excited for this one. The pacing looks amazing and (to me) gives it a different look than the other dives
  4. I have driven past WoF many times, but I have never been able to visit because I always visit KC for Thanksgiving-Easter. I would think a wooden coaster, an invert and B&M are out. Whatever they get, I really hope it is a hit with the common guest. Something they ride, go home and tell their friends and family how it was awesome, more people visit, repeat. Can't afford to gamble too much for a first coaster in over 10 years
  5. I wonder if this is staffing or if it is another decision new management is making
  6. Thanks for all the information! I didn’t even know about the lantern tour, I’ll keep that in mind.
  7. I'm looking into a trip to visit the park on Friday April 8th and am getting ahead of myself for planning. There are no prices for 2022 tickets besides season passes. Does anyone have an idea how much a ticket might run that day? Will Mystic River Falls be running, weather wise? I'd love to do the Marvel Cave tour. I see it takes about an hour. Does anyone have any advice for doing this while sacrificing the least amount of park time? For example, do any tours start before park opening? Is it smart to start the day in the park, then do the cave in the middle of the day when lines pick up (I wouldn't expect lines on this day though, right?), and then go back in the park?
  8. According to a tweet, park president Hank Salemi has passed away. RIP. I’ve talked to him shortly when I saw him walking around a couple times, and he wrote back to me when I wrote a letter to the park when I was younger. A great guy and will be missed
  9. Bert said in the SFStL thread that Ron was "shown the door". I wanted to reply but thought I would do it here instead of flooding SFStL Thread From Screamscape: "From the sound of things, the new CEO seems to be ready to give the power back to the Park Presidents and empower the parks once again, who best know their own demographics, to help guide and lead their own future development." Contingent that the statement is true, wasn't Ron a park president you would want to give power to? I do not know Ron or know much about it but from the sounds of things he was either an A or S tier park president. It sounds like Ron knew SFOT demographics best. It sounds like Ron has already been pouring his heart and soul into guiding and leading the park for future development. Six Flags didn't want to give the "power" to this guy? They want to give it to someone who was either below Ron, someone completely new to being a park president, or someone from a different park? If the replacement is from outside SFOT, how is that going to be a person who best knows SFOT's demographics? Makes me think there was something more behind this move, but I don't think its appropriate to speculate. But I can't see how this is a good move, and I can't see how giving power to someone brand new turns out better than giving it to Ron.
  10. ^ that's not even in question. Yes. I've seen people willing to wait and see how it goes, but I have not seen any praise for any decision since Cliffhanger was announced (which was a decision made some time ago)
  11. I hope the whole back area is up and ready to go for park opening, whether the new ride is open or not, I'd like to be able to experience the area revamp! Agree with holding out for a little. I haven't liked what I've seen/heard so far, but we have not been able to see how his takeover reflected into the park operations yet. In my eyes six flags has been below cedar fair for years and that is not going to change without, well, change. Interesting the schedule is out, I did not know until you brought it up. I don't think it has been announced by the park, has it? Seems earlier than normal for six flags to have a seasonal park schedule out. According to this schedule, no Fridays in he spring
  12. Atlanta probably won't pose problems for construction, but I can't imagine this will open in spring. Late start plus I'm sure construction near the mini-golf course and arcade building will be a little difficult
  13. I'm looking forward to trying to visit twice before I graduate. Once I graduate and move back home, SFStL will no longer be a home park for me. Sure, SFStL does not have the best ride collection, but I love the layout and setting, and I've had fun visiting the last 3.5 years, especially the last 1.5. I'm most looking forward to riding Mr. Freeze, because I have been on it twice throughout my seven days spent at the park. I've also only been on Pandemonium twice and Xcalibur once, so at least one last ride on all 3 would really be nice
  14. Without any trims, even the rest of the ride after the loops looks super fun and forceful. I'm sure its still fun if IB restores the trims
  15. Happy New Year everyone! December was alright for me. Weight didn't change, 245.2lbs today, which is fine considering I enjoyed myself for the holidays. Still closed all my rings each day! Per day in December I averaged 1,187 active calories, 65 exercise mins and 10,011 steps. I'm super excited to give it my all this year, especially the first 3 months. Hopefully I hold true to that!
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