Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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Re: The Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

Postby COASTAH FREAK » Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:39 am

Just to add to the comments about how forceful this beast was, my dad (who has a glass eye) had to hold it in because it was almost forced out of his eye socket. Oh and that was on the trimmed version too. I was also covered in my own spit and tears by the time I got done with that first turn. I didn't black out, but I came damn close.

On a side note, it's times like these I really start loving my family in Virginia ;)
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Re: The Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

Postby Rastuso » Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:56 am

WOW, that's some massive track and footers. No way this change is part of the original contract, unless there is some sort of G-force limit in teh contract, which I highly doubt. But, I could see KD deciding to lessen the forces, and getting a deal from Intamin. I would think this whole job will be a million at least.

I can't wait for the changes. I was a bit hesitant to ride it in the gray-out days, but I could see these changes bringing this coaster up to number one status for years to come. I'm definitley planning on a visit next year.


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Re: The Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

Postby GwaziBSRider1 » Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:00 pm

A weird thing I've experienced on Backlot's helix is to start graying out right at the top -- the force is decreased by that point but not enough after surviving the rest of the helix. You could be fine halfway through 305's turn and still start graying out at the end -- or a lot of times more a "tunnel vision" where you lose all peripheral vision, which seems different than shorter duration high-G response.

I've had this happen to me as well on Backlot. If I remember correctly, it happened at KI's version. I can't even imagine what it's like on I305. I think Intamin took this one too intense for the GP. Intamin has appeared to be going too far in this direction unfortunately. I LOVE Intamin's late 1990s through early 2000s coasters, but it seems like they've gotten rougher and more intense since then. Maverick at CP really fits the bill on this. Maverick is PAINFUL to say the least. I mean, I can only ride this once during an entire trip to CP. I305 just looks like Maverick on steroids. When I first saw Robb's video after the ride's debut, I was actually AFRAID to ride I305. Not because of its height or speed, but because of the forces and pain that are experienced during the ride. I am planning a trip to KD next Spring and I'm hoping I305 will be worth a re-ride.

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Re: The Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

Postby ahecht » Fri Dec 17, 2010 9:08 pm

Rastuso wrote:WOW, that's some massive track and footers. No way this change is part of the original contract, unless there is some sort of G-force limit in teh contract, which I highly doubt. But, I could see KD deciding to lessen the forces, and getting a deal from Intamin. I would think this whole job will be a million at least.

I wouldn't be so sure. In my work as an engineer, I am almost always working under contracts that have defined requirements for reliability, lifetime, performance, and frequency of maintenance. You would be surprised how long and detailed contracts can be for prototype-level engineering. I worked on a project last year where the appendix to the contract that listed the specifications we had to meet was over 120 pages.

If the coaster, when running at the speed specified in the contract, was chucking wheels daily, then that could violate a maintenance frequency clause. If (and this is speculation) the trains were showing more wear after a set period of time than they should have, that could also be a contract violation. Slowing down the ride was a temporary solution, but if (and again, speculation) the contract specified a minimum top speed, that would also violate the contract. Depending on the wording of the contract, and I'm not sure what is standard in the amusement industry, Intamin could easily be on the hook for the entire cost of getting the ride to perform to the levels specified in the contract.
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Re: The Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

Postby coasterfreak101 » Fri Dec 17, 2010 9:27 pm

^^I think I might've just called you out in the BGT thread, and I promise I'm not trying to follow you around and start trouble, but I've never heard a complaint from the GP. Minus one from my mother, actually, but she's just a complainer by default. Almost everyone that I get off an I305 train with is ready to go again, and the rest are usually kids meeting up with friends or parents too afraid to ride. I rode the thing with the flu, and I would've gone again if the line wasn't long and it hadn't been 95*+ outside. The same goes for Maverick (but minus the flu and plus five more rides in a day). These rides aren't rough, they're violent - but not painfully so. But I guess that's just me.
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Re: The Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

Postby chadster » Fri Dec 17, 2010 10:05 pm

I know that the effects rides have on one person versus another vary greatly, but I for one, didn't have any intensity issues pre or post trims, something I've mentioned before. Haven't rode with the soft restraints and wish I had as I suspect those helped out in the twisties. So, now I am thinking I will need to take the train down after the NE trip and give it a whirl, that, and spend a day at Virginia Beach, really like that place. I anticipate personally I will rather enjoy the wider turn as I'm a fan of low, fast, wide turns that switch to intense oh crap sections which is what this will do even better than before. While this ride should place high in this year's polls, with this mod, it should rank even higher :airtime:

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Re: The Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

Postby redfoot12 » Sat Dec 18, 2010 12:03 am

^Not to get off-topic, but I really wish there were a small seaside amusement park with a good medium-sized coaster in Va Beach. I don't know if there are issues preventing this from happening but it's something I'd like to see.

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Re: The Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

Postby Saldek » Sat Dec 18, 2010 12:56 am

^I would love to see one and I think it would do well but there really is no room for a seaside park on the Virginia Beach oceanfront. From 2nd Street through 42nd Street the strip is packed with hotels, restaurants and shops. Everything else above 42nd Street is residential.

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Re: The Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

Postby KDcoasterMAN » Sat Dec 18, 2010 9:17 am

^^Technically there use to be two...

Dips of Buckroe Beach Park

Rocket of Ocean View Park

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Re: The Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

Postby dragonskeep » Sat Dec 18, 2010 9:38 am

I am planning to go early in the summer and hope it means no trims when I ride. The folks from the park have all said that hopefully we will be able to remove the trims, that isn't assuring at all. I hope I am wrong but this doesn't seem like enough of a fix to remove the trims. Less G's but longer duration. That's what I see anyway.


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