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  1. Not haedly...they've already gotten that record.As for what's coming in 2013 we won't know till the announcement but I doubt it's a new huge coaster of the 300ft. variety as construction would've started by now as we saw with I305 back in mid 09. It doesn't matter much to me since my season is shot thanks to what happened in recent weeks,which is why I havn't been back on the forum till now.I'm hoping my sister & her family will get 2013 passes so I can possibly go next season ut I doubt it at this point as it depends heavily on their finances as to wether or not they can afford a four pack of passes or not.
  2. Rebel yell is running pretty smoothly this year. Regardless, rumor mill says that GCII is beginning a 3 year "Thunder Road-esque" renovation. I'm excited the prospect. With a new coat of paint. I rode thunder road about a year ago & it was horrid.
  3. How about if they got Carolina-Cobra like trains? That would be an improvement as those Arrow cars are only suitable on straight track like a lift or brakerun LOL!!
  4. Well not very many parks in the US offer them anymore & the ones that do still se a fair amount of ridership so they could very well make a comback since they offer a different exprerience from other coasters & the GP will flock to it if given the chance. Remember that,while wingriders may be the current "flavor of the month"gimmick that fad may not last long & these rides may end up going the way of the flying coaster or suspended coaster.
  5. The thing that gets me about a rumored retheme of the kids area is that they had an opportunity to do this in 2011 to finish up what they'd started in 2010 with the retheme of the former nick central area & all the park did was add starlight spectacular so why wait two or three years to finish what was started in 2010?Also for any sort of work to be done in kidzville we'd be seeing at least some sort of markings by now,or sometime in the near future otherwise they may be working on something totally different & might be trying to throw us off since nobody saw what exactly was on those blueprints after all. CP has/had their signs around the DT area hinting at their 2013 attraction,perhaps we should be looking out for this rocket sign/graphic near the kidzville entry points as a clue in the coming weeks as to what's going on?..I do recall KD putting up a sign showing windseeker around the ED site during haunt after they fenced it off & were in the process of removing the ride to prep the site so that's why I think we may see these signs in the KV area if in fact a retheme is taking place.
  6. I disagree. Efficient marketing IS what brings in the money! Cedar Point wouldn't have spent so much time and effort marketing themselves as "America's Roller Coast, the Coaster Capital of the World" for all those years if it wasn't worth it and didn't produce a marginally decent ROI. Cedar Point is a resort destination that attracts people from all around the world, and I'd be willing to bet that the fact that they always broke records and had the most (albeit not necessarily the best) coasters in the world definitely attracted more people. I remember back when TTD was built, the park was overrun with hundreds of Japanese people who trekked thousands of miles to see the park that had the most coasters, and to try out the biggest and baddest coaster on Earth at the time. I thought I was at Disney World or even in a foreign country. It still amazes me how many people are still completely and utterly amazed by TTD, even a decade later. Every time someone I know goes to Cedar Point for the first time, or who hasn't been there in a while I always get the same reaction, "Have you heard about that Dragster ride?!! That thing's insane!!" The way people make it out to be they try to make it sound as if park A's management (CP) has just learned via park B's press release(SFMM) that park B is installing a coaster to one up park A's count & that park A has to get on the phone real quick with B&M/Intamin etc. to ask for a coaster to be whipped up lickety split to counter park B before they even get the last piece of track bolted into place but that's not how it works in the real world since rides need to be researched,planned & engineered once a bid for the design has been offered by the park to the manufacturer.It's not like the designers just have mass produced mega coasters laying around the factory like cars on a dealer's lot ready for immediate sale. Besides that factor there are other ways for the parks to market themselves with things like family oriented rides & not just coasters to help round out the offerings available to their guests....this is where SFMM went terribly wrong over the years by becoming a coaster park with next to nothing for non coaster people to do when they visit.
  7. Funny how a few years back I took a flash photo with my digital camera in the FOF station & got yelled at by one of the ops.
  8. A possibility exists that a part of the 2013 attraction may occupy the footprint currently occupied by treasure cave? In order to retheme kidzville they'd need to remove/replace virtually every one of the rides save for their dark ride & ghoster coaster as there's no more room to increase the physical size of that section of the park without going into congo...that & most of the rides have already been renamed from nick/HB to peanuts/generic themes since 2010.
  9. The only part I find painful really is that last turn & the airtime going through the bunnyhops into the brake run hurts my shoulders a bit but it's not as bad as hurler or anaconda. For 2013:I would expect the teaser graphic to be a little more comical/peanuts like as opposed to what we see in the art work if it were for a revamp of the kidzville area.
  10. How can it be a "record breaking" addition when most of KD's guests wouldn't be able to ride any kids rides?
  11. We've got quite the discussion going in a couple of facebook groups on the subject right now but I find it odd that KD would be teasing this early for something as simple as a rennovaation of the kids area since theirs is already bigger than SFA's LTMT section & with better rides for the kids. "Record breaking" sounds like something in the thrill ride category to me & it will have been three years since their last coaster but since we got windseeker this year as well as DA it kinda throws off the whole thrill ride one year/family ride next year rotation since both were done together this year.Now they could be hinting at a new woodie coming to the park to break the current record they have of four woodies in one park who knows?
  12. I only see one coaster being added,not two....Kinzel never went so far as to add two coasters at CP just to satisfy his overinflated ego & since he's gone & Matt Q is in charge he's gonna follow a more cost effective plan especially since there are other parks in the chain that need new captial investments as well. This is seems like the most reasonable post here. Cp is trying to regain its coaster count by adding another one, that was the general message. Some people read to far into things and assume there will be two coasters. If there is to be second attraction, i doubt it will be a second coaster, maybe a nice thrill/flat at most. Possibly a new/redone games building to go with the new coaster. If they are trying to regain their coaster count (and surpass MM) they are going to have to add more than one with the rumored 2013 MM coaster. I don't think that Matt Q is interested in playing that rather pointless game as much,if at all anymore....like I pointed out that was Kinzel's thing & with a new CEO in charge we're probably looking at the chain heading in a totally new direction since coaster counts only serve as a marketing tool & aren't what bring in the money since no one but enthusiasts (which make up a small percentage of their customer base) are gonna care about how many coasters some park in another market thousands of miles away has.
  13. I only see one coaster being added,not two....Kinzel never went so far as to add two coasters at CP just to satisfy his overinflated ego & since he's gone & Matt Q is in charge he's gonna follow a more cost effective plan especially since there are other parks in the chain that need new captial investments as well.
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