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  1. I feel like as a potential replacement for Possessed, a shuttle woodie is pretty good...about equal. But seeing as how it could end up being a replacement for Possessed AND Stinger, it seems to me to be a little bit of a downgrade. I understand Stinger sort of sucked but still think that Possessed+Stinger>one shuttle woodie. But best case scenario here is them getting the new ride and also keeping Possessed. Hoping for that!
  2. I can't really say I will miss Dragon, but I did like it better than I guess a lot of people did. The loops and first helix were so intense, and even though the ride was rough, I always thought the roughest part was (oddly) the pre-lift hops. Excited to see what they replace it with! And it will be interesting to see if they decide to build whatever new over the water, or to basically stick to the little strip of land that Dragon did. Dragon Slayer would be a cool name to use, too, seeing as that whole little area of the park is "Dragon Island."
  3. Back in July I said the same thing, a RMC Raptor would fit nicely using RailBlazer's measurements Nice. I didn't know the measurements worked out so well. Tidal Wave was built partially on a bit of a hill, though; I wonder if 6F would pay to flatten it out. Or at least get custom supports or something.
  4. The claim on #1 woodie bothers me a bit more than it should. I used to think 6F was pushing it with their records but I can see Goliath still being a woodie, no problem. This is definitely hybrid though (or, if pushed, just totally steel). The ride looks FANTASTIC, though! I'm surprised it takes all the elements so fast.
  5. I get what you're saying with the mountain so that's a fair point, but KI's spot for Bat is nowhere at all near flat.
  6. Wow! You are right! Although the supports are vastly different, the track spine joints are literally all in the same spots throughout the entire ride. Can't believe I didn't pick up on that before. I feel like part of the GP sucker crew now lol. However, Vortex when compared to Bat side by side with numerous POV's, seems way more intense and faster than Bat. Maybe it's just the surroundings, or maybe there are different train sway patterns based on how Canada's Wonderland lets those shock absorbers operate on the train. Because when you put them next to each other the ride time off the chain lift to the brake run is pretty negligible, but maybe that sway and just *slight* couple seconds of time cut on Vortex makes all the difference. I would agree with you quite a bit anonymouscactus. While Bat was definitely worthy of a re-ride, (not better than Ninja, just falls a bit short of it) I feel like Vortex might actually be one of the best Arrow Suspendeds out there with how intense numerous POV's appear to be. Learning these types of things is a BIG part of why being a coaster enthusiast is so fun. Bat also runs with one extra car, which I suppose must be the reason it's not tied for fastest suspended like Vortex is (with SFMM's Ninja). Must slow it down slightly. Personally, I liked Bat a bit better as a I liked swinging through the woods and its little valley back along the queue area KI has back there. Vortex is obviously great (and is probably better now with YS) but going over a flat lake didn't quite do as much for me. It's odd that Bat is the clone, seeing as Bat seems much more custom-designed for KI's topography than Vortex is for CW.
  7. I could see Iron Apocalypse being relocated again. I don’t think the park would invest in floorless trains, but having the ride on hand could be too good a deal for 6F to just scrap. Maybe it will be the chain’s new “ride rotation” coaster and bounce around to one or two more parks over the next 10 years. Granted, it’s relatively-poor performance at SFA could be a deterrent, but maybe they’ll just live off the first few seasons every time they move it around.
  8. Did Tobu Zoo remove their Intamin drop tower? Seems like it would have bee visible in the pic of the hippo statue.
  9. My friend and I are planning a Great America trip this Saturday (weather...potentially permitting), and I had a question about the Gold Flash Pass we were planning on getting. I've had FP at this park before, but not since Goliath. Are there any funky rules for certain rides? I think Goliath in it's opening year had like a "ride once and done" policy, or it was just available on Platinum or something. The website doesn't seem to show anything that I can see about it, and I wanted to ask. High Priority: Goliath and Joker (Joker will be new for me!) Significantly Lower but Still Kinda High: Justice League and Hangover Thank you!
  10. Bump? I'm still hoping someone will answer this question. I know it's lame to go to CP for just a day and do only six coasters. I have my reasons. I just wanted to ask if this plan is feasible. I absolutely think this is doable. If you get there at opening (or around then), then I expect you can do Blue Streak, Gemini, and Magnum probably within an hour! Not major lines on those coasters in all my experience, but even if the wait is a little more than usual, you are ABSOLUTELY going to have some free time between these coasters and lunch. You would be able to throw in a few more rides you want to do in the morning instead (Millennium, possibly? Or Mine Ride back by Chik Fil A). You'll be able to clean up any coasters/rides you didn't get to in the afternoon, and probably still have significant time before 4 to do some other rides, if that's what you want.
  11. That’s exactly what we did this morning after staying at the express hotel. Parked the car around 8.30 and walked the new boardwalk. Picked up our Starbucks coffee along the way @breakers and waited about 10 minutes at the Magnum entrance with a lot of other people. Watched the running when the gates opened which was fun to see but didn’t care to do the same( FL+ was already planned for today). Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk Fantastic tips! Thanks. Starbucks is a nice plus, too.
  12. Hey guys, I'm planning a CP trip in two weeks. Thinking of heading there on a Sunday hoping to get a slightly less busy park. Thing is, it's been a few years since I've worked there, and even more since I've been a guest. So I have some questions, if anyone knows the answers that would be great! 1) Definitely getting FL+. I am thinking of booking the Express Hotel. Is there an option to buy FL+ in the same swoop online as booking the hotel room/park ticket passage? Or is it done separately online and/or at the park? 2) I am not sure how the new Boardwalk entrance works...is it possible to drive from the Express Hotel before 9, park, then walk through the Boardwalk Entrance over to the Resort Entrance by Magnum? I have done early entry several times but I usually waited at the main gate. I'm not even sure if it's allowed to go back to the Breakers/resort area pre-opening if you're not an on-Point guest, even if the new Boardwalk entrance now makes it possible. I did the Marina entrance once though, and that was a little bit helpful. Any help would be great! Super excited to ride SV (and Rougarou and Valravn) for the first time. Thanks!
  13. Nice POV shots in the video! Looks like B&M updated the shaping on the turn after the splashdown.
  14. ^ I actually had a question somewhat related to that. Is there anything actually wrong/different about Green Lantern that makes it behave so much worse than its European cousins? Or is it only the crappy way it's run (and modifications due to being in California) that makes it so bad? I've never been on it (or ridden a ZacSpin), but am curious if it's entirely the state and the park screwing the ride up.
  15. I thought that Griffon and Sheikra’s second drops weren’t quite vertical. (Not sure about Valravn’s). But I do think that their second drops are steeper than this new one. Maybe a minor design change for some reason? Does that drop maybe not go as deep as Griffon’s?
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