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  1. Heres another entry to this funny contest. I had one hell of a time cut and paste this photo. lol ROBB's NEW Fat Bastard Wine From HELL! ROBB's NEW Fat Bastard Wine From HELL!
  2. Here another entry to this funny contest. I had one hell of a time cutting and pasting this photo. ROBB's NEW Fat Bastard Wine From HELL! ROBB's NEW Fat Bastard Wine From HELL!
  3. Here is my entry for this contest. This Person Is A Bogus As This Note. lol Theme Park Review's Funny Money - The Bogus States Of America. I mite post more very soon. Theme Park Review's Funny Money - The Bogus States Of America.
  4. So if you are just going to give it away, then way are you trying to sell it? :?
  5. Hey Coasterkid20... Yes that day I was there with a friend of mine the Silver Comet was using a six (6) car Coaster. But they were only running one (1) train that day for some reason. Hey Coasterlicious... Well what are you waiting for. Your only 2/hrs aways. It takes me 1.5/hours to get to the Niagara Falls US border then a 30 to 45/min. wait at the border, then a 30/min. drive to Grand Island. So if I can drive there just to visit MFI then so can you. P.S. We also stop off at the Duty Free Shop on the way back. lol
  6. Hey Canobie Fan... Thanks for your feedback. Your right, The Silver Comet is a very fast wooden coaster that is very under rated. It has a wooden track with a steel frame with a 82 feet drop with a 50 Degree first drop and in operating since 1999. Its max speed is 55/MPH and was build by Custom Coasters International, Inc. The only brakes on this coaster is at the brake run. 8)
  7. The Road Trip to The USA was not fun at all when we had to wait 45/mins to get across the border to enter the USA. But after getting in, it was only a 30/min drive to Grand Island New York. ( Just to let everyone know, I live in Canada ) I think my name says it all. I found that this theme park is not as good as some other theme parks in the state of New York but its worth the visit. It only cost $15.95 US/Funds each cause had a $5.00 Off coupon. The reg. price is $20.95 US. Funds. The Park Has 3 Roller Coasters. The Silver Comet Coaster, a kiddie dragon coaster and The New Spinning Mouse coaster. Theres even a water park, a kiddie park area and a petting zoo. And you can ever stay right next door at the KOA Campground. So Guys and Gouls, let me know what you think of my trip to Martain's Fantasy Island. I want your feed back. 8)
  8. - BOOT HILL CEMETERY - A cemetery In a theme park? What will they think about next?
  9. A picture of the Train Station near the main enterance area. The Train ride is a 15 to 20/min ride though the park.
  10. One of many birds at the Petting Zoo at Martin's Fantasy Island in Grand Island New York.
  11. A Photo Of The Train Ride at MFI - Grand Island NY. This train runs from one end of the park to the other.
  12. Hey MovieGuy... There is a NEW Roller Coaster this year at PCW, Its called The Italian Job. A new multi-million dollar fast-track coaster experience based on the high-action finale of Paramount Picture's the Italian Job. Guest's board thier own tricked out MINI Cooper S for a multi-sensory ride full of thrills and special effects. 8) PCW now has 14 Roller Coasters. Go look at there website. http://www.canadas-wonderland.com
  13. Paramount Canada's Wonderland Turns 25 in 2005 this year!!! Take a look at the old photos and the history page. http://www.canadas-wonderland.com/News/detail.cfm?item_id=98
  14. Question: What dose the winner WIN? A free seasons pass to Hell!? lol
  15. Hey CoasterFanatic... I thought you guys would get a kick out of that message but its ture, You spelt Niagara Falls wrong. ( Go take a look next time you watch it ) Next thing you know you will spell it with a "V" for Viagara. LOL Yes, everyone makes errorrrrrrsssssss Eh. BTW - I dont really say "Eh" after each sentens. God, I cant spell worth S@!T today.
  16. Thats funny... Blame Canada!!! lol I could blame alot of stuff on the USA but It would take to long to type and I dont have all night! 8) Anyway... Sorry guys for not posting any messages for about 2 to 3 weeks. I've been pretty busy latly & Im sure you have too. Just to let you know the Cheak or Cheque ( Canadian ) is in the mail. BTW - You spelt Niagara Falls wrong in your Canada trip video to Marineland Eh!. You spelt it "Nigara Falls" or "Niagra Falls". It really looks funny. Its almost like your spelling the "N" word and thats a bad word up here in the great white north Eh. :? Please Fix It. Thanks! & Keep up the great work. Im sure you put in alot of time in making theres videos. 8)
  17. Hey TPR... Your DVDs are great But... I just got some of your DVDs in the mail on Friday. But I live in Canada the stupid Canadian Customs opened the package you mailed to me and changed me a opening fee of $5.00 and a tax of $9.03 for some taxes. I had to pay $14.03 Canadian in order to get your DVDs mailed to me. - WTF! On the packed it was cheaked maked as "Gift" but they still opened it. WTF. Has anyone eles had this problem before? Im going to mail you a money order plus the packed for you to look at. Anyways... I love the DVDs Keep up the great work.
  18. About 2 Years ago I got stuck on "THE BAT" at (PCW) Paramont Canada's Wonderland. It was not fun at all. The train got stuck just under one of the loops and some people where stuck upsidedown for 2 to 3 hours in on a hot summer day. Luck for me and my friends we where near the base of the track so we where ok. 8) "The Bat" at PCW is just like the Boomerange ride.
  19. I think its just going to be a topspin ride in the dark just like the one at PKI. PCW has a topspin but its outside and your get very wet on it. The topspin Tomb Raider ride looks pretty cool though. 8)
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