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Where Are You Going in 2022?

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So...now that those of us with young children are finally able to have our whole families vaccinated, and we're ready to get back to traveling....


Where are y'all going in 2022?


For us, everything is very, very tentative, but we're hoping for...


Busch Gardens Williamsburg


Fun Spot Atlanta

Kings Dominion

Ocean City MD Boardwalks

Silver Dollar City

Six Flags America

Six Flags over Georgia

Six Flags St. Louis

Worlds of Fun

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lots of plans. . but don't wanna jinx any of em!

so will just list for sure:  SFFT, SFOT, SeaWorld SA (since all are close driving distance and I have passes to all for 2022), SFOG/FunSpot (since I'm in ATL for Dragon*con anyways)  & probably Dollywood/SDC trip with a friend in late Summer.

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Late March: Carowinds

Late April-Early May: Rescheduled Orlando Family Vacation Featuring WDW/UOR, maybe SeaWorld? F#@k Covid.

Throughout summer: Valleyfair

August Road Trip:

-Arnold's Park

-Adventureland (IA)

-Lost Island

-Santa's Village Azoosment Park

-Six Flags Great America

-Little Americka

-Wisconsin Dells

Late September: Kings Island

Anytime: Nickelodeon Universe (MN) if only for the Log Chute.

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After 357 postponements, we're hoping to actually have a wedding next year but we've said that for... how many years now?

Initially we were planning on a honeymoon in Europe but at this point we're probably avoiding international travel so we might push that out another year since nothing matters anymore anyway, If and when that happens, it will be 99%-not-a-coaster-trip since it's a honeymoon but I'll totally throw just one park in somewhere.

Most likely though, we're staying domestic because it's easier with travel. We have Disney World APs for the first time, and since we were forced to buy the most expensive pass since we're out-of-state we're using them a ton to get our money's worth. Aside from tons of Orlando trips, we've also booked a quick weekend trip in early February to Fiesta and SFOT and a fall LA trip to hit Scary Farm, HHN, Disneyland, Magic Mountain and finally get to Dodger Stadium.

That's all we have so far, but more trips are in our future for sure.

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SFMM in January

Universal/SWO/BGT in...April?

Typically take an early May trip to Cedar Point before the bugs and humidity show up...so maybe that? 

Would like to do a couple weekend park/baseball trips. Most likely Chicago and Atlanta, maybe Texas?

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As of this moment, I only have two major road trips tentatively planned:

June: Dollywood, Tail of the Dragon (an awesome driving road near the NC/TN border), Lake Winnepesaukah, Alabama Adventure, a day in Atlanta with a friend (possibly hitting Fun Spot if their RMC is open), and Family Kingdom in Myrtle Beach.  These are all new parks to me.

July: Camden Park, Kentucky Kingdom, Beech Bend, Holiday World, and a stop at Kings Island just to break up the drive home.  Except for KI, these are all new parks to me as well.

I'm also planning a few days down in Ocean City, MD, to hit their parks which somehow I've not yet done.

I also want to get back to Orlando for Iron Gwazi/Ice Breaker/Velocicoaster at some point, and will of course be doing my normal monthly daytrips to Kings Dominion, Dorney, or Morey's.  Likely a few weekend trips to Kings Island or Cedar Point.  I'll probably also squeeze in a day trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg...haven't been since 2009 so there's a bunch that's new.

Those two big trips might not even happen.  I've got some other non-trip things planned that may eat up my budget.

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Magic Kingdom


Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom

Sea World Orlando

Busch Gardens Tampa

Fun Spot Orlando and Kissimmee 

I don’t have any trips planned since these are all now local parks but probably will go to they Disney parks around once a week when my pass isn’t blocked out, Sea World around once a month, the Fun Spot parks once every few weeks and Busch Gardens around 3 times a month.

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Our original 2022 travel plan, was for visiting Amsterdam and then Paris/Disney in the fall.

But we're now assuming that it will most likely fall through, with continued travel restrictions etc.

So at this point in time, all I really want to do is get back (locally) to Playland(PNE) in 2022.

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Originally, was supposed to head back to Germany/Netherlands, but postponing, yet again. Maybe until fall, but probably to next year. Instead, taking this opportunity to hit up some US parks that have been in the backlog. 

Feb - SFMM, Knotts and Sea World (Been to SFMM/Knotts before back in 2017, never to SW)

March - Silver Dollar City (never been)

April - Busch Gardens Williamsburg / Kings Dominion (Not at either parks since like 2006!)

May/June - Likely just staying local (Cedar Point, Kings Island). 

October - HHN at USO in Orlando and BGT


Would tentatively like to get to SFFT/Sea World (never been to either) this year if possible for a quick trip.  If we end up going to all the parks listed this year, that would basically wrap up my entire US park 'want to get to' list for now. Then hopefully next year can start hitting up the European parks once again... Realllllly need to cross off Alton Towers, Blackpool and Thorpe from my park bucket list...

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Alabama Adventure, SFOG, and Fun Spot America 100%

Thinking about a Vegas spring break trip, so maybe Circus Circus and Togo's greatest coaster

Lake Winnie probably also before going to a Lookouts game

Otherwise, not sure. I want to hit Lost Island and Adventureland, but they are in the middle of nowhere Iowa.  

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I have lots planned! This year was a huge year for me (moving to Florida and visiting all the parks here for the first time, plus a Cedar Point trip in August), which was awesome after the dud that was 2020. Being out of college now and having a full time career with benefits definitely makes planning parks more fun, easier, and predictable/realistic.

100% certain (since they are my home parks):

  1. Universal Orlando
  2. Busch Gardens Tampa
  3. SeaWorld Orlando
  4. Fun Spots (in FL)

I'm not a huge Disney person, and definitely not one to fork over the money for a pass, but perhaps a visit or two if Tron and/or Guardians actually opens.

Very likely:

  1. Busch Gardens Williamsburg in April (pretty much certain at this point)
  2. SFMM, Knott's, and SWSD at some point over the summer for the new coasters - if not then over the holidays too
  3. Fun Spot Atlanta pretty much whenever their RMC opens. I will likely squeeze in SFOG and Dollywood too when this happens.

If the stars align, somehow:

  1. Hersheypark
  2. Six Flags Great Adventure
  3. Other Eastern PA parks

I haven't been to the northeast since 2016, and I'm especially itching to get back to Hershey, but this may be in 2023 if everything above ends up happening.

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No idea how screwy this upcoming year is going to be, but here are my tentative plans. The big thing is that I am going to try and hit a bunch of the Cedar Fair parks over the summer:

July: Cedar Point, Kings Island

August(?): California's Great America

September: Knotts Berry Farm

November: Genting Highlands, Universal Studios Singapore if international travel makes sense at that point...

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I graduate college in the spring, so I'm hoping to make it to SFStL twice before it is no longer my home park. I'll be moving back to Chicago, so trips to SFGAm are a lock. I imagine I wont be able to go on a roundtrip this summer with a new job, so I'm looking to knock out some Midwest parks I somehow still haven't been to on weekend trips: Mt. Olympus, Bay Beach, Little Amerricka, Indiana Beach, Adventureland and Lost Island (if it opens). My wildcard is an Atlanta trip. I really want to go. I have family in Atlanta. I have only been to SFOG for HITP in 2014 and 2016 so I'm still missing 5 credits there and have not seen a good chunk of the park. And obviously I'm dying to make it out to Fun Spot.

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This is the first year that I let our Cedar Fair platinum passes expire since I just don't see getting to any of their parks in 22, Dorney Park isn't that far from us but we don't usually end up going there anyway even with the platinum passes. 

Have plans on going to the Magic Kingdom for the 50th and want to get back to Halloween Horror Nights so will most likely renew our season passes for Universal cause we really enjoyed 19 and 21 there. 

Would love to get back to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for their food and wine festival since we haven't been since 19 but not sure that will be possible. We'll definitely end up at SeaWorld and maybe Busch Gardens Tampa so gonna keep those passes going. Still need to hit up fun spot in Kissimmee and ride Mine Blower too. 

I'll never cancel the six flags passes since it's so cheap so will definitely end up at great adventure next year after not being there in a long time either. 

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It depends on WHEN I finally get rehired at Disney (it's only been 648 days since I played my last show but who's counting...ME!!)

Since I already have season passes for Cedar Fair, Universal, and Busch parks, here are my hopeful plans:

March:  Knotts for Berry Festival, maybe Disneyland but not planning on it.

June: in Ohio for my college reunion so probably a few days at Cedar Point

         depending on when CoasterStock is, wanna hit that again at Kings Island.

July: back to Ohio for my nephew's wedding so MORE Cedar Point!

Sometime during the summer: Busch Gardens VA and Kings Dominion. It's been a few years, and I'll need my Pantheon and Tumbili credits.

Since I live in Orlando, many many trips to USF/IOA, Busch Gardens Tampa, and Sea World. I also have a Fun Spot USA season pass so I'll use that when I'm really bored!

October: Knott's Scary Farm is a must.

Dream trip: Indiana to finally go to Indiana Beach and maybe Holiday World. 

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I'd love to go to Knoebels again but not unless they get their staffing figured out. 

Definitely BGW for Pantheon and Cedar Point b/c I just have this unbearable itch to ride Magnum again. 

Also credit whores should hit up Adventure Park USA if also going to SFA. Two very underrated parks in my opinion, although APUSA has been going downhill since the pandemic. 

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100% happening:

April: BGW, KD 

May: Universal/BGT

October: Texas. SFoT, SFFT, Sea World, ZDT and now Cotaland (which ironically the race is technically why I am going, did not expect any creds to pop up there) 

Not yet happening but surely will:

Annual Cedar Point trip. Im thinking Labor Day weekend, hit up KI as well. 

Fun Spot Atlanta, SFoG probably some random weekend, whenever the new RMC is open. 


I am an idiot and misunderstood my company policy and just realized I am getting 10 more PTO days than expected.... so I am now thinking what else I can do! Either add a day to April and squeeze in Carowinds, or Perhaps a Carowinds/Dollywood weekend.

In March thinking another FL weekend to do Seaworld and the FunSpots.

Also was flirting with the idea of taking a longer CP trip go out to Chicago a city I've somehow never been to and do SFGreatAm. Maybe Indiana Beach along the way...never been and they are adding that Schwarzkopf. 


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We have a road trip planned to hit Indiana Beach, Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, and King's Island from upstate NY, my son and I. We have only previously been to Holiday World in that group. My whole family has also talked about renting a camper at Darien Lake late summer since the last time we were there my son was really little. I'm also hoping to finally hit up Kennywood, but haven't broken that to the wife yet so we will see. We have twins on the way but I go the road trip wife approved at least! 

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Starting in April I’m going to Dollywood, Carowinds and Six Flags Over Georgia.

May: Six Flags Great America, Indiana Beach and Holiday World.

June: Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Sea World San Antonio. First time visiting.

July: Cedar Point and two nights Hotel Breakers, Kennywood, Knoebels Grove, Dorney Park, Hershey Park, Six Flags Great Adventure, Busch Gardens Williamsburg during my Pennsylvania trip. 

August: Lost City Waterloo Iowa and Adventureland Iowa.

I also may do some day trips to Worlds of Fun and Silver Dollar City in the fall. I’m looking forward to 2022 lots of new parks and doing Pennsylvania trip.

Home park visiting Valleyfair a lot this season nice to see park open 7days and Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America. 



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