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  1. I'm sure that much is going to change about these plans, and they probably are only vague ideas in the first place, but I think that the schematic is kind of suggesting that this will be two expansions for the existing parks with new secondary entrances and another entrance plaza off of Disneyland Drive. That would make the park layouts for both parks kind of strange. I'm also surprised that all of this is getting announced while Covid is still kind of an elephant in the room. Still, any plans for possible expansions for the California Disney parks is something to look forward to.
  2. For recent close calls, I am sad that I missed Curse of DarKastle as I went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg the year after it had just closed. I am sort of a sucker for dark rides, and that one looked interesting. Still liked the park, even if I couldn't get my dark ride fix.
  3. I'm basically hoping to simply move all of the plans from 2020 this new year. However, I suspect that a lot of the places that I will want to travel to will still be limited park operations at best which will probably put me off of visiting large parks. Ideal: New York City (not really theme park related, but I might do a side trip to Coney Island or Nickelodeon Universe) in May 2021. There is an Automatacon event there that I've wanted to go to for a while now, but I suspect that that it will be cancelled again. Enchanted Forest and Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washingt
  4. I guess "Enchanted Wish" is a way better fit for the massively popular princess brand than "Scary Adventures". I wonder what they are going to do to the other parts of the ride as they'll probably want to remove all of the appearances of the witch, which is like half of the ride.
  5. Is this the first time they've talked about what type of ride the Mario Kart ride is? I did not expect this to be a "shooting" ride, and if I'm being honest the AR thing makes me a bit nervous. But these gaming franchises are part of my childhood nostalgia, so I look forward to seeing how all this turns out.
  6. Hope this isn't too much of an old thread to reply... In comparison to other amusement park games, Roller Coaster Tycoon tends to be heavier on management systems, but still has plenty of opportunities for creativity. RCT1 has a more interesting / rewarding campaign mode. RCT2 is pretty similar to RCT1, but it has better tools if you want to get deep into modding and custom parks. However don't sleep on Parkitect, which is a more recent take on the RCT formula.
  7. Not sure if this question belongs here or in the non-parks resort discussion, but has anyone gone to the parks recently? Are the COVID / distancing policies still being enforced / obeyed? I am probably being paranoid, but my mother (recklessly, in my opinion) decided to go to Disneyworld by herself, and given her age (+65) and our ethnicity (Asian) I am slightly worried about this and would like to assess how much extra anxiety I should have this upcoming week.
  8. I don't think that California is ever going to get down to yellow to reopen amusement parks / theme parks. In my county, people seem to be taking the lockdown / covid guidelines seriously and we haven't been able to move past the red tier. So I guess no Disneyland until the vaccine is fully distributed.
  9. Looks way more modern now! I remembered seeing survey results have unintuitive coloring (which is a total niggle) when I took a gander earlier this week, but I looked just now, and it seems fine now, so one of your changes this week must have improved it.
  10. Even outside of the timely racial sensitivities, this is obviously a good branding move for the park. However, I'm sort of against the change as I suspect that placing a Princess and the Frog overlay on Splash Mountain is going to result in a worse ride. Part of it is the theme. In order to better align with the princess branding, the designers are probably going to want this ride to be as toothless and as non-threatening as possible. And given that this is one of Disney's thrill rides, I worry that the ride is going to end up feeling conflicted and weird. The other part of this is als
  11. Given Covid19, I obviously won't be able to visit Enchanted Forest in a couple of months. I'm hoping that I can still visit Universal Studios Singapore this winter.
  12. Oh my god. The pictures of the water park make it look pretty, but $105 per day is crazy. I doubt they are going to lower it for the summer either. Yeah, at this point I am hoping for both parks to get heavily discounted for semi-permanent "promotions."
  13. Yeah, I noticed that when I was looking at prices earlier. I guess I can wait a little while before deciding on whether to visit. My trip is not until the very end of May. Maybe Nickelodeon Universe will turn it around before then... somehow...
  14. Geez... this place sounds kind of terrible. I'm going to be in the area at the end of May, but it's sounding like the Sandy launched coaster isn't going to really"fix" the park. It sucks because I want to theme park when I'm vacationing, but none of the parks in the NYC area are great, and I'm not the type of person that visits a park just because there are credits. Do you guys think Nickelodeon Universe is worth going to just because it is new? The other options for me are Rye Playland and Coney Island.
  15. I'm not exactly sure how they plan to ride-ify stuff like Monopoly, but I get the feeling that the Hasbro brand is way more evergreen than some of the franchises that other parks have gone with recently... This is probably a good change for Galaxyland.
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