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  1. Seriously, this is closer to me than even Six Flags and I still have no desire to go. The prices plus not everything being open is just meh. If they had a somewhat reasonable season pass or prices I'd have gone by now.
  2. That I agree with but I just think it could also be handled differently with the person who took the video giving it to the friends there and authorities instead of rushing to social media to post it. Just would never cross my mind to rush to social media to post something like this if I had been the one filming it.
  3. This story just shows the worst aspect of social media. I can't even imagine being those parents and family/friends and knowing that so many people watched a video of your loved one dying.
  4. Ya sure it was 5 years ago? If you were on pre like mid September 2015 that was before they retracked the whole thing, sometime in summer 2016 it reopened so that would explain the differences you felt. I was on Hulk in September last year and thought it was still super smooth.
  5. Obviously doesn't warrant it's own thread but curious to see how this ends up going with 2 of the cheapest airlines to fly if you don't have any bags or expectations merging, Spirit and Frontier... https://www.cnbc.com/2022/02/07/frontier-and-spirit-to-merge-creating-5th-largest-airline-in-us.html "Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines, the two largest discount carriers in the U.S., have agreed to merge in a deal valued at $6.6 billion, creating what would become the fifth-largest airline in the country."
  6. My only real complaint about the SW parks is when they changed their tier level of memberships a handful of years ago and then immediately changed them the year after which caused confusion when I was dealing with some staff. Like I have "premier" membership which gets me into all of their parks but they changed it the next year to "platinum" so while I still get access to all of the parks and the perks that go with it some of the staff get confused when they see premier on my passes but when they scan it then it still works. If this actually somehow goes through I'm curious to see if they keep the season passes separate or make an ultimate platinum premier pass to attend all the parks and what that price point would be. I've kept our SW parks premier/platinum passes because they are locked in at $20 a month but I've dropped our Cedar Fair park platinum passes for this year cause I simply don't see us getting to any of their parks since Dorney is the closest and Dorney alone isn't worth renewing it, especially with the lack of real benefits in terms of renewing. That has more to do with our travel plans for the year than the state of the parks though.
  7. When I went to the park the other day they had construction around the main entrance sign, this is why... Old entrance... I know they want to get away from having the Orcas be a main promotional part of the company and parks but even still the rocks really don't pop at all on the new entrance.
  8. By far my favorite ride at the park and the only coaster I've ever actually marathoned a stupid amount of times, got really lucky one day with nobody at the park and they just let us sit in the seats the entire time, think i ended up with close to 17 rides in a row. I enjoy sitting towards the back more but too many selfish idiots with their phones out has lead me sitting towards the front of it more and more over the past few years. Can't wait to get back on it next year, haven't been to the park since 2019 now.
  9. This is the first year that I let our Cedar Fair platinum passes expire since I just don't see getting to any of their parks in 22, Dorney Park isn't that far from us but we don't usually end up going there anyway even with the platinum passes. Have plans on going to the Magic Kingdom for the 50th and want to get back to Halloween Horror Nights so will most likely renew our season passes for Universal cause we really enjoyed 19 and 21 there. Would love to get back to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for their food and wine festival since we haven't been since 19 but not sure that will be possible. We'll definitely end up at SeaWorld and maybe Busch Gardens Tampa so gonna keep those passes going. Still need to hit up fun spot in Kissimmee and ride Mine Blower too. I'll never cancel the six flags passes since it's so cheap so will definitely end up at great adventure next year after not being there in a long time either.
  10. Right in front of the Macy's store that's across from the tree or in front of the Mummy ride, when Santa arrives there then you'll also get to see him light up the tree. I can't speak for what's it like normally but we only showed up like 20 mins before it started and were able to sit on the curb right in front of Macy's.
  11. Was flipping channels tonight and Dinner Impossible with Robert Irvine on the food network was doing a show at the park for the 150th anniversary. He rode a few rides and they had some nice footage of the park and rides during it. I'm sure there will be a few replays if anyone is interested.
  12. They could and should be selling them for no more than $2 a bottle for water. Even at that price they would still be making a ton of money, most likely even more cause people would be buying it even more. One of my biggest pet peeves in all of theme parks / sporting events. I've never seen the Bourne movies either but this show was so awesome. I always enjoyed Terminator but it was definitely showing it's age the last time I saw it. This is a massive upgrade with some really cool stunts and tricks. The only slightest knock I have against it doesn't even have anything to do with the show. I selfishly just wish this was a James Bond show cause I've always been a fan of that franchise and I think if this was themed to Bond a lot more people would be talking about it. So many of these stunts and tricks would work for Bond, plus you throw in the classic theme song, catch phrases and cars and it would be literally perfect to me.
  13. Great report, this looks fun, definitely on my list of things to do whenever we get back down there. Not at all classy but I'd be amused by some sort of man vs food challenge, like the Mission Space Orange challenge where if you eat your entire meal and don't barf on Mission Space Orange you get a free meal or a free express pass for a ride lol
  14. Was watching Halloween Wars and saw them advertising this... https://www.foodnetwork.com/fn-dish/shows/hersheys-after-dark "Skilled pastry chefs enter the famed Hersheypark after dark and compete to create the most mind-bending chocolate showpieces in the new primetime series, Chocolate Meltdown: Hershey’s After Dark. The four-episode series, produced in partnership with Hershey’s, premieres Monday, September 27th at 10|9c and is hosted by Sunny Anderson, who challenges the brave and talented pastry artists to create some of the most incredible chocolate creations we've ever seen! Working at breakneck speed with the help of just an assistant within Hershey’s largest candy store, Chocolate World, the competitors race against the clock as judges Ralph Attanasia and Maneet Chauhan keep a watchful eye to determine who was the most successful at molding chocolate and spinning sugar into works of art. The winner of each episode earns a year's supply of Hershey’s candy, a Hersheypark vacation and a cash prize. In the premiere episode, a self-taught and gravity-defying cake artist quickly runs into problems, forcing them to adjust the design on the fly. Meanwhile, a sugar artist almost loses a battle against a 33-pound slab of dark chocolate, and a sculpting enthusiast uses enough Hershey’s candy to empty the whole store. Other episodes include the pastry chefs using Reese’s Pieces and Almond Joy candies to create a Scary Sci-Fi chocolate showpiece. And the competitors have their work cut out for them as they create Frightful Forest-themed chocolate displays incorporating Twizzlers Twists and York Peppermint Patties."
  15. I've been to the Dallas world aquarium and they had a Jaguar in a rather small enclosure. The whole place looked rather poorly run with shoddy looking exhibits in terms of the health of everything too. One of the few times I didn't read reviews about a place before going. Apparently the owner has a lot of controversy surrounding him as well.
  16. Yes they did. I believe there was announcement about keeping your shirt and shoes on but don't quote me 100% on that. Another couple on the same barge as us did take their shoes and put them in there.
  17. Got 2 rides on Velocicoaster and then 1 on Hagrids in the last hour of the park being open. Can't possibly say anything that hasn't been said already but Velocicoaster is just absolutely incredible. Really impressed with the locker system and hope they do this on all future coasters. Such a better experience than what Dueling Dragons use to be like with the lockers and it is nice to not have to worry about getting smacked in the face with a cell phone. Our first ride was in the front row and maybe took 8 mins, there was a decent line for the front row and the grouper was telling people it was a 30 minute wait but the staff here is absolutely booking it, it's just fantastic. Favorite part was definitely being completely out of my seat upside down right above the water. Such a wild experience. Only had been on Hagrids once before back when it opened and that was during the day. While we both liked the ride we both thought it was such a better overall experience at night. There were things that we simply missed during the day or didn't pop out enough themeing wise that were so much easier to notice at night, especially in the darkest part of the forbidden forest. I know it's more of a mental illusion thing but it just felt faster at night too. Earlier in the day we left the cell phones where we are staying and threw on sandals so we could hit up the 3 water rides and not have to care about getting absolutely drenched. Jurassic Park really wasn't too much more than just having some wet hair but Dudley Do-Rights and Popeye & Blutos absolutely drenched us, especially Popeyes. I really forgot how much fun these rides are but typically avoid them since walking around with wet shoes and socks is just miserable lol we ended up doing Jurassic Park 1x and the others 2x. There was no line for Popeyes so they actually let us just stay on the ride to go back around again. Since it's been awhile I really forgot how great the themeing is on Popeyes and Dudleys. We left to go change after that since absolutely drenched really doesn't justify how wet we got on these rides lol I really do love absolutely everything about these parks. Just wish I was in a reasonable driving distance from them and we would be here at least once a month. My only complaint is I simply wish they were open later. A 10pm close would make them perfect for me and it's something I keep filling out on the surveys they send and on the way out when the workers near the exits are looking for feedback.
  18. I could not possibly agree more, years ago I tried one at cowfish at CityWalk and it was easily the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten. Doesn't go at all to me either but like you said clearly others think it does lol
  19. Gotcha that makes sense. They were announcing it through out the day at least so we made sure to get some Mako rides in long before anyway. I'm waiting to see reviews from tonight and tomorrow and we might go Sunday night then if they are good. Just didn't wanna be there the first night in case it's eh.
  20. At SeaWorld today for a few hours, have a platinum pass or whatever they are calling it now at Williamsburg so doesn't affect me too much but an fyi they are shutting down mako, xfinity falls, sesame street and the other Halloween areas at 4pm today. I know it's the first weekend but 3 hours in between the park actually closing and the event starting seems a bit excessive if they keep doing that from now on. Mako was still as fun as ever.
  21. Went to Halloween Horror Nights for the second time ever tonight(last went in 2019) and we were able to do every house and watch the show in the lake without an express pass. It was definitely more crowded this time and closed at 1am instead of 2am the last time we went but the lines really weren't too bad. Longest we had was like 55 mins for Hill House. Overall I thought the original houses were way better than the IP houses. Case files and the pumpkin lord houses were our favorites. IP wise thought Texas Chainsaw massacre was the best. Bride of Frankenstein had a really awesome opening scene though. I would definitely have a frequent scare pass if we were closer but was really happy to get though everything again in 1 night without having to get an express pass. Happy to have the event back and didn't mind the actors being behind the screens but really looking forward to next year when we are hopefully back to a more normal world and event. My only real complaint was that some of the staff inside some houses that had bright orange glow sticks like the airport tarmac workers use to wave people to go faster. Was completely unnecessary and distracting, even more so when everyone was in a close conga line to begin with anyway.
  22. I was passing through the area and stopped in for a quick 4 ride trip, Orion, the beast, Mystic timbers and diamond back and left since we didn't have much time but Orion was an absolute blast. Really don't understand the complaining about Orion that I've seen by some people. We sat in the front row and it was so much damn fun. I would love to have this ride closer to me, felt like it was something you can ride a bunch in one day and not get tired of it.
  23. I have some family members who are platinum season pass holders and are not thrilled with this either. For them between the price increase here plus having to pay for genie+ and possible lightning passes here and there as well as the photopass they feel like it's getting to the point of too much. They were hoping they would have at least x amount of days ode genie+ for free or something of that nature. They are talking about letting the passes go completely and trying Universal which they never even considered before. If we were in closer distance to the parks we would probably have a season pass of some nature but like you said in that news interview all these price increases without having everything return from pre covid is a lot to take at once.
  24. I totally get ya just wanting to pay up front and being done with it for the year but just letting ya know it's not like prime where it automatically renews after a year. You also should be receiving emails for prime every year when it's about to renew. I get them warning me when it's gonna renew. For membership you have to pay for 12 months then after that you can cancel at anytime, you're not locked into another 12 months. You can cancel at 13, 14, 15 months etc and that's it, no penalties or fees or anything. That only happens if you cancel under the first 12 months.
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