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  1. This is the only thing I'm worried about. I haven't had any cedar fair season passes in years because the parks just aren't that close(besides Dorney which isn't worth going to routinely) and I haven't been traveling to any others. I've only kept my six flags memberships because of the price cause we barely go there as well. If they cancel them and raise the prices a lot I most likely won't bother buying new ones.
  2. Was there any rumors of this? Looks fun, I just got an email about it from SeaWorld https://seaworld.com/orlando/roller-coasters/penguin-trek Penguin Trek - Coming in 2024Race Through the Ice on Penguin Trek! This will be the coolest research mission you’ve ever joined! Prepare for Penguin Trek, an unforgettable family launch coaster adventure through the breathtaking vastness of Antarctica. Board your snowmobile and race along with your expedition team at up to 43 miles per hour, navigating twists and turns and narrowly escaping the crumbling hazards of an icy cavern. Reach the end and you’ll make the ultimate discovery: a real penguin habitat! This new indoor/outdoor family ride is the most immersive addition to the Coaster Capital of Orlando, and with a height requirement of just 42”, it’s the perfect journey for families to share.
  3. It's a pretty quick ride for me but it's the pricing for me for the rides that makes me uninterested every time I look into going. I still don't know a single person who has gone either. It's also weird to me that I use to tailgate and park for Devils games and use to do my homework growing up in the lot where this whole thing is built lol I gotta just go one day and check it all out.
  4. The video is pretty wild to watch. I wonder how many trains passed through it like the way it was before someone actually noticed. Certainly looks like it could have been a really bad situation if it wasn't spotted when it was. Thankful that they avoided a potentially big disaster.
  5. This place looks really fun, it's amazing how this place actually shows how well the WB properties can be used instead of how six flags uses them. Would absolutely love to visit this place one day.
  6. Can't say I'm surprised, this was never my cup of tea but the people who went seemed to enjoy it. The prices were just too much for a lot of people who would have wanted to do this... https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/experience/theme-parks/2023/05/18/disneys-star-wars-galactic-starcruiser/70233141007/ "The final voyage will be September 28 through 30. In coming days, Disney will contact guests who had reservations booked for later dates about rescheduling or canceling their plans. In the meantime, new reservation bookings will be paused until May 26."
  7. They were last to monetize it but weren't they the first to start a skip the line program and that's what gave the other chains the idea to eventually incorporate it and monetize it? Google doesn't really come up with the exact answers besides Disney starting the free skip the line pass in 99 and Cedar Fair starting their paid skip the line passes in 2011 at Kings Island and then 2012 everywhere else in the chain.
  8. This post is so far off the rails here but there's a lot to unpack in this post that has absolutely nothing to do with a fast pass system. You've made unnecessary comments in the past but this one tops the cake for you. You yap that this is a worldwide controversy yet all I see in your post is what the real biggest problem with our society is currently. Selfishness and a what about me and what I get attitude. Me, me, me and mine. Not everyone has the same opportunities to get ahead in life no matter how hard they work. Your attitude of how you see people is rather quite disgusting. Just because you worked hard doesn't mean you're better than a guy pumping gas, that guy is working and yet somehow he's a cigarette addicted alcoholic that's still an entitled drain on society to you. Somehow people who don't go to college are automatically living the immediate gratification lifestyle and are out there just buying nice things and living it up. Wut? Lol this is absolutely delusional None of this shit is as simple as you seem to think it is. We get it, you don't like paying taxes, none of us really do, when we all know they piss away a lot of it and especially me when a lot of my taxes go to fund the police who also have these same awful entitled attitudes that many of them have, including yourself.
  9. Really bad storm last night in the area with lots of down lines and some damage. Not sure if the park had any damage but the park is closed today because of the mess in the area.
  10. At least if someone takes their phone out on the ride and drops it you won't have to worry about getting hit in the face with it, just the back of your head lol
  11. I was just there last week and got my first ride on ice breaker, definitely agree that the ride would be much better without those collars. I still wouldn't wait more than 10 minutes to ride it no matter the restraints. Also rode Mako again, not sure if they have been off for awhile now cause I hadn't been on the ride for a few years but the screens above the ride that use to show water with sharks swimming around was off. Mako is still such a fun ride, it's amazing that every time I've been there it always takes longer to walk through the queue than to wait for an actual train to get on. The new stand up really changes the front entrance of the park when you're walking to security / ticket entrance. I didn't realize that's where they were putting it but it looks like a fun layout and gets down near the water too.
  12. Wow, this place really does seem cursed. Wonder how long it takes to even fix a building of that size when it's deemed an unfit structure and how it's even done.
  13. Geez, hopefully those people aren't too injured. That helicopter is pretty big and high up...
  14. I'm sure it's just cause it's old and not worth trying to maintain anymore but it would sure be wonderful if Green Lantern was next since it's right next to it. Would free up a decent amount of space to put something else in. I'm just dreaming though lol
  15. Sad story, shame that just trying to have some fun turns horrible in basically a split second... https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/bergen/east-rutherford/2022/12/14/american-dream-mall-man-dies-snowboarding-big-snow/69726358007/ "A 24-year-old Long Island man died last week after falling while snowboarding at Big Snow at the American Dream mall in East Rutherford, according to a Newsday report. The family of Peter Mathews, of Bay Shore, New York, told Newsday that he fell backward on Thursday night while snowboarding, hit his head and became unconscious. The family told the newspaper that Mathews was wearing a helmet and other safety gear. He was taken to Hackensack University Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead. In a statement, Big Snow representatives said: “We can confirm that our ski patrol responded to a guest incident last Thursday evening. First aid was administered, and the guest was transported to a local hospital for further care. In the interest of the guest’s privacy, no additional information will be provided. Our thoughts are with this guest’s family at this time.”
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