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  1. I knew about the Tooth Fairy and Bride of Frankenstein houses but I had no idea they had opened this at some point, it looks awesome. Did they let the Beetlejuice actors do their own thing and ad lib to guests like they do when you would pass them by in the street?
  2. Ah damn that's probably gonna be an awesome house. I would absolutely love to go but it's highly unlikely I'll be able to make it down there for this. Really curious to see what the other houses will end up being, I'm expecting them to go all out with this being the 30th now and not having it last year.
  3. I didn't get charged for January so looked into it more, I never get membership emails from Busch despite being subscribed and having the correct email address but apparently they sent this email out and since I kept my payments going the entire time I'm getting 12 free months. I do appreciate it from Busch since I haven't been able to attend during all this and highly doubt we'll be attending this year either so at least it feels like I'm not totally wasting money and still able to support the parks a bit but I really don't agree with them kicking in the free months now since it's not li
  4. My guess is they convert it to something Trolls related since Universal seems to promote them a lot or maybe that Sing stage show that's in the Japan park. I'd be more surprised if they don't replace it with something for younger kids to do. That kid's playground area just seems so outdated with Fievel and Woody Woodpecker and previously Barney when they have so many DreamWorks movies that are kid friendly and would definitely draw more attention than what's there now.
  5. Might be an unpopular opinion with some of the don't change anything to old rides Disney fans but I think this is great that they are updating it. The last few times I went on it at both parks I thought it was a bit stale and boring simply cause it was the same thing for so many years. These new updates at least will give it a nice refresher and a reason to go back on it at some point. It's not like they are gutting the ride entirely.
  6. This ride looks like it's going to be so much damn fun. So happy to have this locally.
  7. Obviously depends on where your coming from but I've looked into flying to Newport News out of curiosity in the past cause of how close it was and the prices for tickets were always ridiculously high.
  8. It's a live stage show based on the animated movie... https://www.usj.co.jp/web/en/us/attractions/sing-on-tour
  9. It was definitely NY, Lego Masters was great, it got renewed for a second season and should be airing sometime soon.
  10. Them sending out the train with one of those guy's legs not secured is certainly not a good look by any means. I'm not sure how dangerous that could possibly be but it's also very ironic/what are the odds that happened and they got that on video after having issues with everything else during the same day. Like hitting a mini lotto lol Also how does someone who is a roller coaster youtuber not wear something with a zipper pocket anywhere to hold some of their stuff? lol
  11. Also if this all does really well maybe a few years down the line they will convert Curse of DarKastle into some sort of family friendly dark ride/shooting game, would be one of the best things to do to get out of the cold for a bit during the colder months of operation.
  12. That's awesome that they are adding so many new animals, when I first saw the kangaroo picture I figured that was for Tampa. I wonder where they are going to put the enclosures for all of these. The year round operations are awesome, I just wish I lived closer to take more advantage of it, the park is just far enough for me that it makes it impossible to go down and back in the same day otherwise I'd be there way more often than our usual few weekends a year spent down there. I don't see myself making it down there this year but I really hope it goes well for them so I can attend i
  13. I mean, who wouldn't want to wait on line for the amazing new King Kong Parking Lot Mayhem attraction?
  14. Ideal: Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream for a fair price Six Flags Great Adventure Halloween Horror nights in Orlando Busch Gardens Williamsburg for their food and wine festival Realistic: Nickelodeon Universe will probably raise their prices even more I don't plan on going to any parks at the moment, I've already decided on not renewing my Universal Orlando passes and I wouldn't have renewed my Cedar Fair passes in hindsight but I'm really happy I had dropped all the dining passes when I renewed for 2020 last year. I'm keeping our Busch/SeaWorld and
  15. I wish Universal was a little more creative with their renewals for their season passes. I have 2 premier passes expiring pretty soon and was originally going to renew them because of the 20% discount for paying in full to renew but that was before Covid hit. Since I'm unsure when I'm going to get back to the parks I can't justify renewing since there's a chance we might not use 7+ months of the pass or not go at all in 2021. If they gave me the option to still renew but the passes wouldn't actually activate again until we went to the parks I would renew. It seems like it would be a win-w
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