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  1. Using a plague mask as the main logo after this past year and a half is a bit on the nose lol Ride looks awesome though
  2. Lol that's great, I never saw the original email, probably was in my spam folder and eventually deleted but for that period I probably only went 2-3x looking at the dates so I wouldn't have gotten too much more. I hadn't posted about this before but I will say I tried to work with Six Flags last year on getting our money back for our food season passes that we had never used for 2020 and knew we weren't gonna use cause we could no longer go to the park. Told them I was gonna keep paying our monthly passes to support them even though we knew we couldn't go the rest of 2020 and wasn't sure about 2021(we still haven't been) that I'd at least greatly appreciate it if they could refund the food season passes. Emailed them back and forth a few times and they basically told me tough shit all we can offer is a rollover to 21 so I did a charge back with my credit card company and got the money back for the food passes. First time I've ever done anything like that but I thought I was being more than fair to meet them halfway.
  3. Lol did I miss this being talked about here already? Here's apparently why for anyone interested... "The class action settlement was the result of lawsuits claiming that Six Flags Entertainment Corp., Great America LLC, d/b/a Six Flags Great America and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Magic Mountain LLC, and Six Flags Great Adventure, LLC (collectively "Defendants") violated the federal Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act ("FACTA") by printing more than the last five digits of credit and debit card numbers or by failing to mask the expiration date on customers' credit and debit card receipts provided to guests at Covered Parks during some or all of the period from October 14, 2016 through September 28, 2017. A list of the Covered Parks and the date range applicable to each Covered Park can be found at the Settlement Website: www.themeparkFACTAsettlement.com. Defendants deny the claims or that any harm can be caused due to six additional digits or an expiration date being printed on a card receipt. Nonetheless, Defendants and the Settlement Class Representatives have agreed to settle the dispute to avoid the uncertainty and costs of further litigation and a trial. You may obtain more complete information by visiting www.themeparkFACTAsettlement.com, or by calling the Claims Administrator at 1-833-305-3916."
  4. Didn't seem like there was anything else to follow up on, there's a link to the voucher and it takes you to a six flags portal and you just select your park.
  5. This was in my spam folder but anyone get an email about a $13 voucher for some class action lawsuit? It seems too odd and specific not to be legit... "You previously received notice that Six Flags' records indicated that you visited a Six Flags theme park or waterpark in the United States during the period October 14, 2016 through September 28, 2017, you may have used a credit and/or debit card to make a purchase during your visit, and therefore you may be entitled to a $13 voucher that can be used the same as cash at any Covered Park for a period of two years after the date of issuance. On June 18, 2021, the class action settlement that includes the $13 voucher was approved. To redeem your voucher(s), please click on the below link(s):"
  6. Could be just my phone but if I copy and paste the link into my browser it worked but directly clicking the link opens my Instagram app to a page called highlights Report was great as usual, we really can't wait to get back to Disneyland. Avengers Campus was under construction when we were there last and we were waiting for it to open to make another trip. We are split on the tower rides between Orlando and California, I was such a big Twilight Zone fan growing up so I always enjoy it a lot but she loves the Guardians overlay more. Personally I hope they keep both just for an excuse to attend both parks again lol I saw Kristen had the add on webslinger for the Spider-Man ride, did it add to the ride enough to make a noticeable difference?
  7. https://www.uber.com/global/en/price-estimate/ I know this just an estimate but plugging it now I was surprised that the prices were only around $70 each way for an uber. With it being that cheap I would just go with an uber at that point. The under 25 fee each day alone is basically the cost of 1 of the trips. You can always schedule a pickup time in advance with uber as well on the way back to Cleveland. Definitely cheaper than a rental car.
  8. Almost every major car rental company will rent a car to you, they will just charge an extra fee of like $20-30 a day for being under 25 so just browse the Cleveland Airport prices for rental cars and be sure to check their fees. Also if the prices are really high check out the rental prices at some rental locations not at the airport. Sometimes you can get a really good deal that makes it worth it to take an uber to another rental location. Personally I've been curious about Turo but never tried it cause some of the reviews I've read have made me eh about it, like some owners apparently can be super annoying and can keep contacting you and there are total miles / daily limits on some cars. Just has never seemed worth the hassle to me if I can get a similar priced car from a rental place. Personally I've always stuck with Budget and Enterprise because I've never had any issues with them.
  9. Fyi for anyone interested, there's a new documentary series on Disney+ called Behind the Attraction. There's 5 episodes and each episode covers the history of 1 ride. Jungle Cruise / Haunted Mansion / Star Tours / Tower of Terror / Space Mountain I only watched the Jungle Cruise so far but it was an entertaining watch and I definitely recommend it for any fans of the rides or parks. There's newer interviews with people and some footage that wasn't in the previous the imaginerring story series on there as well.
  10. The hours for this event are great, I'm curious to see where they set this up but I'm hoping to go one night. The prices weren't bad at all either.
  11. Apparently was a drive by shooting near the entrance of the park, the park confirmed there was an incident and someone getting hurt, hope they are ok. This caused some panic at the park with people running to the exits and even jumping the fence to leave cause they thought there was an active shooter.
  12. The 2nd house for Halloween horror nights was announced, the haunting of hill house and it looks awesome, really hoping I can go this year, there's a few set photos on here.... https://twitter.com/amblin/status/1413217384580608002?s=19
  13. Plus they didn't have cell phones to kill the time in the lines amd couldn't even go on the internet to complain about it lol
  14. Ugh thats so annoying, speaking of the flume, apparently there was something with two of them crashing into each other today and people maybe getting hurt. Someone said that one came off the track and the one behind it went into it. Hopefully everyone is ok.
  15. I'm really looking forward to riding this in 30 degree weather at holiday in the park.
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