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  1. I was at Holiday World on Thursday and drove from Kentucky Kingdom on Wednesday to close out my 2021 road trip. Its a great park love the free parking and free pepsi oasis. I was there on Thursday for the day I can say that Legend was closed. I saw water dummies in the seats on the trains. Anyone know what the problems are? Staff told me it has been down for two weeks at a time. My only question about Holiday World when I went on Thursday all rides extremely full ques The Raven was outside on the walk way. How come Holiday World doesn't have a fast lane system in place? I was there for one day lines were extremely long has Holiday World ever considering adding a fast lane if they did have one I would buy one just for one day.
  2. I’m at the park this week for 4nights I haven’t seen Max Air open at all or Top Thrill Dragster running? Weather. Rain first two days. Wednesday this week I saw that Gate Keeper was running test cycles I’m hoping maybe it might be open this Thursday? How many test cycles does Gate Keeper need to re open? Thursday my last night then I’m driving down to Carowinds on Friday morning 4nights and also going to Six Flags Georgia and Holiday World Splashin Safari.
  3. I was wondering if anyone knows if Cedar Point is selling in park fast lane passes this year?
  4. I was wondering would anyone know if Six Flags Over Georgia is normally open on weekends in April? I'm going to Dollywood & Gatlinburg for a week in April for my birthday possibly flying down with southwest. Dollywood for 3 days and Gatlinburg for 2 days then possibly Six Flags Over Georgia on April 17 & 18. Would they normally be open weekends in April? Thanks.
  5. I was wondering when does Cedar Point normally start ride testing? Will there be any testing start to take place in the next few weeks?
  6. On twitter they got new renovated restrooms by the front gate and north star. Would anyone know if the restrooms by super cat and by the monster got renovated during the off season? Also has there been any ride testing starting to take place and will the park be ready to open with staffing to?
  7. I drove by this week and I didn’t see T. rex from the highway it looks like it was removed. Did any more rest rooms get remodeled during the off season and was there any work on High Roller far as re painting or re tracking? Also anyone going to season pass preview day you have to use your season pass to register this year I don’t remember having to register for season pass preview day and spaces are limited.
  8. Can’t GCI run there coasters at 30 degrees? Even if Renegade ran only one train would be nice I would think they could run few rides like scrambler, super cat, northern lights, antique autos could definitely run, tilter maybe Steel Venom. Also what’s the temperature to keep North Star open?
  9. I’m making plans to go to Carowinds for the first time in July 15-17. Right now I’m planning to stay at the new SpringHill Suites by Marriott at Carowinds for two nights. Has anyone stayed at the new hotel yet? I’m curious I book the room through Orbitz was $389 for two nights and I was wondering is it worth it? Also is the hotel within walking distance to the park? When I’m done with Carowinds on Friday night I’m driving straight ten hours north to Cedar Point staying then staying at Breakers for 3 nights.
  10. I’m planning to go to Universal Islands of Adventure, Sea Word Orlando, Fun Spot, and Busch Gardens Tampa in April for a week for my 40th birthday. Mapquest says Six Flags Over Georgia is a 6 hour drive from Orlando. I’m planning to visit the park for the first time is it open in April during the week if I wanted to add a extra day to drive up to Six Flags Over Georgia and are the crowds light during the week? I’m planning to go to Orlando April 11th through the 17th.
  11. Here’s what the traffic looked like at 7:30 pm this evening coming from hwy 169 close to the bridge and traffic coming from west bound past the rail road tracks at the stop light. I have been coming to Valleyfair for years I would say this has to be the busiest night I’ve seen in a while other then adult night. The main lot was near capacity when I got there at 6:30 pm and when I left around 7:30 pm the field by the Valleyfair dorms was almost full. Would anyone know what’s going on with the field at the end of the main lot by the river it’s not suitable for parking any more? I’m also curious if Valleyfair set a haunt attendance record for one day?
  12. I stopped by Valleyfair on the way to work this evening got there around 6:30pm the main lot was near capacity. It took me ten minutes through tolls and ten minutes through security and when I went up to guest services to get my fast lane it took five minutes. Once I got in the park it was a mad house. Everything had a hour wait plus food buildings and lines with food trucks. I did ride North Star x1, Renegade x3 with Mike. When I headed out there were lines of traffic all the way to 169 bridge and to hwy82 past Excalibur. The field by the dorms at 7:45 pm was near capacity. I’d say this is one of the most busy days I’ve seen Valleyfair in years Saturday October 19, 2019 it’s nice to see the park this full. Does anyone know what the attendance has to be before they can’t let anyone else in? Everything had over hour waits.
  13. I did a walk through the Dino area there hasn't been any signs of land clearing in that area no signs of any type of construction going on as of yet unless something has changed.
  14. I'm planning to visit Cedar Point in a week. I'm staying at Hotel Breakers for 4 nights. Do you get discounts on fast lane plus for platinum pass holders?
  15. I'm also making my very first trip to Dollywood next week. I'm leaving Valleyfair this Sunday at 1:00 am driving 15 hours overnight will work out great because I should arrive at the hotel around check in time 2:00 pm stay overnight sleep then do Dollywood on Tuesday all day. I was also wondering I'm planning to visit Dollywood on a Tuesday for one full day is the Time Saver also worth the extra money or should I wait till I get to the park? How is Dollywood's fast lane do they move pretty quick? And with the weather there forecasting Thunderstorms every day that week. Dollywood is the first stop on my trip then driving over to Carowinds will also be my very first visit for 3 days then driving up to Kennywood for a day on Saturday after Kennywood heading to Cedar Point staying at Hotel Breakers for 4 night stay after Cedar Point going to Kings Island for 2 days then heading home.
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