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  1. I was planning to visit Six Flags Great Adventure in mid April 11 through the 14th for 3 or 4 days. This is my first time going to the park so I was wondering how busy the park gets during spring break that week in April. I will also be getting a diamond season pass. Will all the coasters other then El Toro and rides been fully open? The park is open during that whole week and I have a week off from work so I'd like to make a trip out to Great Adventure.
  2. Does anyone know when Six Flags over Georgia posts the new schedule? Or Six Flags in general? I’m trying to plan a road trip stop on the way down to Busch Gardens Tampa and Sea World plus Fun Spot Atlanta in mid April. I’m driving from Minneapolis and stopping at Over Georgia first it’s on the way. Trying to make plans for stopping on the weekend of the April 8th. Is Over Georgia normally open weekends in April? Is that the best time slower crowds? Thanks
  3. In October I’m going to Hershey Park on Saturday and Sunday weekend of October 14th for there new Dark nights Halloween event. I have a free day on Friday night we’re I could go somewhere close to Hershey Park. I was thinking of going down to Six Flags Great Adventure on Friday night for Fright Fest my first time ever to Great Adventure. I was wondering how busy park will normally be second weekend in October 14th. Is it possible to get all the coasters in 5:30pm-12:00am and is everything normally open? I’m just going for coasters and rides if it’s slow maybe some scare zones and haunts. I’m hesitant to go with reading reviews. I’m also trying to decide maybe go to Knoebels on Friday night for there Hallo weekend or drive to Dorney Park for there haunt. So I’m trying to decide we’re to go on Friday night because I have time I also have season pass with Six Flags. I have four day weekend driving out to Hershey on Saturday and Sunday. And first visits to each park. Any tips which park will be the least crowded Thanks.
  4. From reading reports everything is back open other then Titan? If the chain comes before memorial weekend and they install the new chain how long would it take them to get Titan back open in operation after testing or how many cycles does it take? What would chances of Titan being open after memorial weekend I’m leaving on Monday be at Over Texas on Tuesday?
  5. They normally sent out the first test cycle of the season on Wild Thing without water dummies to see if it can make it back to the station that’s normal to see how it runs it probably valleyed because there wasn’t enough weight on the train.
  6. I was wondering about making trip down to Over Texas first time visit in June. I saw recent reports of ride closures. I would like to make first visit with all rides and coasters open what are the odds of Titan and Judge Roy Scream being open and the park fully open by June? Also I was going to Fiesta to there new Dive coaster expected to be open by summer? If not I may do a Georgia trip to Over Georgia, Lake Winnepesaukah and Wild Adventures if Over Texas isn’t fully open.
  7. I’m going to Kings Dominion weekend in April 8-9. Friday and Saturday I was also wondering about fast lane plus. How are the crowds on weekends in April and can you get by without fast lane plus? Also can you wear Fanny packs and put your cell phones in a Fanny pack around your waist going through the medal detector or can you carry your cell phone and put it in your cargo pants? Will they allow that on Twisted Timbers or do you have to use locker free? Is Twisted Timbers the only ride there were you required to use locker for cell phones? I’m also going to Busch Gardens Williamsburg on Monday Tuesday.
  8. Starting in April I’m going to Dollywood, Carowinds and Six Flags Over Georgia. May: Six Flags Great America, Indiana Beach and Holiday World. June: Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Sea World San Antonio. First time visiting. July: Cedar Point and two nights Hotel Breakers, Kennywood, Knoebels Grove, Dorney Park, Hershey Park, Six Flags Great Adventure, Busch Gardens Williamsburg during my Pennsylvania trip. August: Lost City Waterloo Iowa and Adventureland Iowa. I also may do some day trips to Worlds of Fun and Silver Dollar City in the fall. I’m looking forward to 2022 lots of new parks and doing Pennsylvania trip. Home park visiting Valleyfair a lot this season nice to see park open 7days and Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America.
  9. I'm planning on making a trip at both Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. This is my first time and first ever visit to Texas. I'm doing a 14 hour overnight drive from Minneapolis to Texas. So I was wondering is the holiday in the park worth the visit for both parks and will all the rides & coasters normally open? Also is it normally busy week before Christmas? I'm planning on Fiesta Texas Friday & Saturday. Over Texas Sunday & Monday. I was also thinking of going end of February week before spring brake instead of December haven't decided yet. Are both parks normally open during the week in February? And would it be better to visit in February crowds? Thanks.
  10. I was at Holiday World on Thursday and drove from Kentucky Kingdom on Wednesday to close out my 2021 road trip. Its a great park love the free parking and free pepsi oasis. I was there on Thursday for the day I can say that Legend was closed. I saw water dummies in the seats on the trains. Anyone know what the problems are? Staff told me it has been down for two weeks at a time. My only question about Holiday World when I went on Thursday all rides extremely full ques The Raven was outside on the walk way. How come Holiday World doesn't have a fast lane system in place? I was there for one day lines were extremely long has Holiday World ever considering adding a fast lane if they did have one I would buy one just for one day.
  11. I’m at the park this week for 4nights I haven’t seen Max Air open at all or Top Thrill Dragster running? Weather. Rain first two days. Wednesday this week I saw that Gate Keeper was running test cycles I’m hoping maybe it might be open this Thursday? How many test cycles does Gate Keeper need to re open? Thursday my last night then I’m driving down to Carowinds on Friday morning 4nights and also going to Six Flags Georgia and Holiday World Splashin Safari.
  12. I was wondering if anyone knows if Cedar Point is selling in park fast lane passes this year?
  13. I was wondering would anyone know if Six Flags Over Georgia is normally open on weekends in April? I'm going to Dollywood & Gatlinburg for a week in April for my birthday possibly flying down with southwest. Dollywood for 3 days and Gatlinburg for 2 days then possibly Six Flags Over Georgia on April 17 & 18. Would they normally be open weekends in April? Thanks.
  14. I was wondering when does Cedar Point normally start ride testing? Will there be any testing start to take place in the next few weeks?
  15. On twitter they got new renovated restrooms by the front gate and north star. Would anyone know if the restrooms by super cat and by the monster got renovated during the off season? Also has there been any ride testing starting to take place and will the park be ready to open with staffing to?
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