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  1. Theoretically they can change the price at any time, but it probably won't this close to the date. Note that you are physically incapable of buying it "in the park." You'd need to use your mobile phone to do it there. It's honestly easier just to buy it in advance. Even if the crowds are small, you'll appreciate one or two train waits for almost everything. And you only want Fast Lane Plus. Don't bother with the regular FL. With FL+, here's how I'd go: -Woodstock Express first; it's not on FL -Bat second; it's also not on FL. -Flight of Fear 3rd; it is on FL, but the merge is kinda back from the station some ways and it always seems to have horrible capacity even though it shouldn't. -After that, do whatever you want LOL. It won't matter with FL+. Wanna go spend some time in the water park? Cool. Wanna go back to your hotel and take a nap for a few hours? Fine and dandy. With FL+, you will have more than enough time to do everything you want several times. Yeah, if this is your "last big adventure" for a while, I would go all out.
  2. It might be busy, might not be depending on the forecast. Will you have Early Entry with a Platinum Pass? Guessing not. No FL+? You should have FL+. It will turn any wait into a station wait on everything except Flight of Fear, possibly Orion, and possibly Beast at night. Read back through the last few pages, plenty of tips for first timers have been given, but I'll give a quick rundown of how I would hit the park without Early Entry. 1. Flying Ace Aerial Chase (it's horrible and you'll be glad you didn't wait, plus its never fun to stand in a long line with kids) - Back Row 2. Woodstock Express (see above about waiting in line with kids) - Back Row 3. Diamondback - some people swear by Row 11, but I prefer Row 2 or the very back. 4. Mystic Timbers - Back Row 5. Beast - Front Row or Row 17. 6. Backlot Stunt Coaster - Back Row 7. Flight of Fear - Front Row or Row 2 8. Orion - Front Row (some people swear by the back but gigas are all about the speed for me) 9. Racer - Front or Row 2 or 5 (if not the front you want a non-wheel seat) 10. Racer (whatever side you didn't do first) - Same 11. Adventure Express - Front or Row 2 12. Banshee - Front or Back Rows 13. Bat - Front for visuals, Back for forces. At this point you've hit all the coasters and have time for rerides on your favorites. I find KI's flat package somewhat lacking, but you'll probably want to hit the Log Flume (Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown) at this time (don't let the fact that its in the kids section fool you, it's good). Many people will suggest the Phantom Theater Encore show but if you've never been to KI you might not be very impressed; personally I'd spend more time on rides. Note that they shut Beast down from approximately 9:25 to 10:35 for the fireworks show. If you're trying to get out of the park before 11:00 PM, you want to be in the station for Beast no later than 9:15 to try to time it for a night ride. If you don't care, take a nice long bathroom break and then get in line at like 9:45. You want your last ride of the night to be Beast, preferably in the front row. For food, Tom + Chee has awesome various grilled cheese sandwiches and so-so mac & cheese. Everything at Miami River Brewhouse is good. Let me know if you have any more specific questions. EDIT: If you will have Fast Lane plus, the ride order will be a bit different, so let me know if you will.
  3. You know that every CF website has Places to Stay in the top menu, right? It's just their design theme. I'm not discounting that yes, some people cross shop parks that are long distances away. I'm one of them - I do several 1500 mile + road trips a year. But I'm also an enthusiast with a dedicated interest in the hobby. Every single one of my friends refuses to go on trips with me for parks longer than 4 hours, and there's only one that will do more than 2. The general public is not taking long trips more than once or twice a year, and in those cases it's to see something new. No one is thinking about driving 4 hours to VF and then says "nah, you know what, let's just go to our local park since VF haven't added a coaster in 10+ years." School trips are going whatever park gives them the better price point, that's a simple fact. If you want to think that VF and Adventureland are competing, fine, you're entitled to your opinion. You also need to say then that Dorney Park and SF Great Escape are competing (or for a more extreme example, Busch Gardens Williamsburg and SF Fiesta Texas). They're not competing any more than any other park in the country is for tourism dollars. And again, it's not CF's standard procedure to make major investment at parks that are doing just fine financially regardless of competition. Think of Dorney Park again. This park is located in what might be the amusement park mecca of the US - Within a 2-3 hour drive, you have the following: Hershey, Knoebels, Dutch Wonderland, Sesame Place, SF Great Adventure, Casino Pier, Keansburg Amusement Park, Clementon Park, Playland's Castaway Cove, Morey's, Coney Island, and even American Dream. All are without a doubt "competition" for Dorney Park. Yes, while many of those places are shitholes, and some rarely see major improvement projects, Hershey and SFGAdv get new, major rides every few years. Dorney Park hasn't gotten a coaster in 10, and it was a hand-me-down - their last original coaster investment was 14 years ago (and I'm not saying they need one now). But yet, Dorney Park continues to exist, and make money for CF. Similarly, SF America is located within an hour or so of both Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and you see how frequently they get major investment Why? Because it doesn't always matter what competitors do if the park is meeting the goals of the operators. Clearly, VF is doing this, or they would be getting more investment (or shut down).
  4. @Hilltopper39I think the problem is that the "tickets as low as $40" thing only applies on select days and every other day is more expensive. At SFGAdv, weekends are $75 (even buying online) and weekdays are $55. Paying $75 to go to a park where not everything is open is not most people's idea of fun. And the pass cost now seems low to you and me, but to someone who was used to spending $60 a year for a base level membership, that's a 100% increase in cost with zero improvements to show for it.
  5. As I distinctly recall saying several times over the past few years, no they don't. Parks that are a four hour drive from each other are not direct competitors. Also, its not in Cedar Fairs wheelhouse to "directly answer" competitors moves, even if they are competitors. Which they aren't (at least any more than VF competes with Universal Orlando).
  6. Sadly, some of these people will take you seriously and agree.
  7. You're absolutely right on the first point about the GP not noticing. The only thing they could do to counter that is increase the launch speed to re-take the "fastest launch in the world" and then just add some trims at the near the top of the spike so the train doesn't crest too fast. But that's not going to happen; it's getting a new queue and some walls around the brake run or its coming out. Also, since when did Xcelerator's two additional turns count as a "bowl"? And please explain your logic behind CP not removing Dragster because a taller and fast (albeit, worse) ride exists in a completely separate market?
  8. That's what I get for not properly reading posts. I truly am sorry, both for the insensitive nature of my post but moreso for your loss.
  9. Yeah, Flying Turns if it's operating at opening first. Capacity is only 3-6 people per train and it's easily the slowest moving line at the park, even with the stellar operations. A lot of people go to Impulse first, as it suffers from the "first thing people see" syndrome. Phoenix is an awesome 300th! But Twister is just as awesome.
  10. Here's a fourth to what @bert425, @Pedrinho, and @JT325 said. I couldn't care less about Fascination, and yeah 5 hours is not enough to truly experience Knoebels. I made the mistake of just doing a "stopping in on the way through" for my first trip here, and probably spent less than 4 hours there. I left with a mediocre taste in my mouth, much like @Arthur_Seaton's experience. I decided that I didn't give the park a fair shake during that trip, and spent an entire day there on my next one...I discovered as so many have how truly magical it is. There really are no words that haven't been said to describe it. Even little things, like the Carousel, which I normally wouldn't be bothered with (sorry Bert!), are awesome. And Haunted Mansion. And Black Diamond. And Looper. And The Boats. And Paratrooper. And the Scooters. And the list goes on and on.
  11. Seriously? No one's made a joke about a launched coaster at Dollywood yet? Wow....you all disappoint me haha.
  12. Re: TTD - For the thousandth time, the launch mechanism had nothing to do with last year's incident. They're not changing the launch mechanism. Re: Prestige Passes - Why does the regular $300 Prestige Pass not include access to other parks, when the $250 Platinum from MiA does? This leaves so many questions. I find it hard to believe that after so many years of CF pricing its "All Park" pass the same depending on what park you buy it at that they're going to change it now.
  13. Just a quick TR from my trip to Cedar Point this past Tuesday and Wednesday... I got to the park after checking in to my hotel at a little before 6:00, and the place was absolutely slammed (scroll back a couple of posts for the pictures of the queues I posted). My night one rides were (all times are with FL+): -Raptor, 7-minute wait for back row right wing. -Millie, 34 minute wait for front row. -Maverick, 8 minute wait for back row. -Steel Vengeance, 25 minutes from entering the queue to getting my phone from the in-queue locker for back row. In my video note, I think I say it best: "Such an incredible ride, but such a stupid, stupid system." The new Farmhouse restaurant's patio provides a very nice cut through to Maverick's Fast Lane entrance. The show at the end of the day at Celebration Plaza is like most CP shows...lots of song and dance (but live instruments, which was nice), and fireworks shot off right there. They even have some bandstands set up to watch it, which was nice. That last bit kinda surprised me. The screens are also super high-res. After those four rides, I left the park around 9:30, stopped by Thirsty Pony for a tasty adult beverage and some Mac & Cheese Bites, and then was off to bed. I arrived back at the park for early entry opening and went right to Iron Dragon. I'm glad this is on Early Entry, being not on FL at all. My day 2 consisted of: -Iron Dragon, 1 train wait for front row (Early Entry) -Millie, 23 minutes for front row (Early Entry) -Maverick, 12 minutes for front row -Magnum, 5 minute wait for row 2 -Water park for like 4 hours; did every slide they have except the family tube one, capsule-drops, and mat racer, and probably a dozen laps of both their lazy rivers. Also a few tasty adult beverages at the swim-up bar. -Raptor, 1 train wait for a double ride in the back row, left wing. I have never seen re-rides happen before at CP, but hooray for me! -Blue Streak, 1 train wait for front row. Easily the best ride I've had on this in a very long time. It was absolutely flying with the heat, and even got some brief pops of ejector and floater air. -Valravn, 1 train wait for front row, left wing. I noted that it was a little vibrate-y. -Corkscrew, 1 train wait for front row and then 5-10 minutes sitting on the brake run while they cleaned some sort of spill from the train in the station...I don't think it was vomit...eek. -Gemini, half-train wait for row 2, red side, and we won! -Maverick, 9 minute wait for back row. This was also flying in the heat. -Train ride north-to-south -Didn't ride Rougarou because it's a POS and can die in a fire. -Gatekeeper, 8 minutes back row left wing. -Sky Ride, 6 minute wait, south-to-north. -Maverick, 3 minutes for front row. -Rode the train around a few laps waiting for it to get dark. -Millie, 21 minutes for back row to close out the night. Crowds on Wednesday were virtually non-existent; I think the threat of thunderstorms kept people away. All in all, an awesome day and a half. My ride counts were quite impressive: -Maverick x4 -Millie x3 -Raptor x3 -Every other coaster x1 (except Rougarou for obvious reasons, and CCMR which was down every time I was in the area) There is a new(?) mock-advertisement poster at Steel Vengeance. It reads: "We do what we do! BLASTER! will save you time, energy, stress, money...for over 80 (60?) years." Not sure if this is new or not, but its the first time I've seen it. One fun fact I learned on this trip: Apparently, Cedar Fair is running a park-to-park throughput competition for the summer. The park with the most efficient operations wins...something. None of the employees I asked knew what the prize was. This is why ride ops actually seemed to be hustling these past two days; in my experience CP ops can be a little lackadaisical. One not-so-fun fact I learned on this trip: So I have the season drink plan, using the paper cups. I noticed that every single time I redeemed it, the clerk would ask me if I wanted to buy a plastic Souvenir Cup, and I would always politely say no. Like, I have the paper cup plan for a reason. But, after the 20th time, it did start to get annoying. So when I finally encountered an employee at one of these places that spoke decent English (many, many did not), I asked what was up with that. It was explained to me that the park has "secret shoppers" going around, making sure that every employee at a place that sells Souvenir Cups, asks the customer if they want to buy one, regardless of what the transaction is. If the employee does not ask, they and their supervisor are sent home immediately and not paid for the rest of their shift. Seriously, Cedar Point, how toxic can you be? These are kids in their late-teens to early-20s, no longer making the $20 an hour you paid them last year, working long hours in the summer heat, and you're going to treat them like this? Shame, shame on you. Every time I redeemed my drink plan after that, I'd always say "No, I do not want to buy a Souvenir Cup." with a smile and a wink when I scanned my pass; I got quite a few laughs from the clerks. So yeah, a good trip rides wise, but kinda depressing with that information about the Souvenir Cups.
  14. Okay, time for the last park of this trip... Stricker's Grove, July 4th. What an odd park. Privately owned an only open to the public four times a year, this is a prime example of what would happen if a park didn't care about making money. Here's their "main entrance": And their "ticket booth", which seemed more akin to waiting for a raffle at a VFW than an amusement park. Of course there's a bar... And under these canopies was where a BBQ was set up, with decent prices and decent food. Some additional things, like ice cream and soda, were available from this booth. They had a small arcade with plenty of '90s-awesome games. Of course, some games. Okay, time to get to the rides! This supply of 5 tickets cost me $10; it was enough for both coasters. Onto the rides themselves: Carousel Flying Elephants Ferris Wheel A healthy supply of kiddie-go-rounds Kiddie Whip With a can't-be-OHSA-compliant operator position. Scrambler Round Up Pirate Ship (non-operational) Tilt-a-Whirl Whatever used to be here... They also had a miniature train and minigolf course (not pictured), and...this: This was called Tip Top. It's hard to find any info on these, but manufactured by Hrubetz, it's kinda a cross between tea cups and a tagada. Words cannot describe the motion of this ride, so here's a video: VID_20220704_155748028.mp4 Crazy, and definitely too much spinning motion for me. What was in my wheelhouse, however, were their two wooden coasters. Though these were both built in the 1990s, they feel much, much older in how they're operated. First up was Teddy Bear, their junior woodie. This runs your standard PTC junior woodie trains with buzz bars, no seat belts nor seat dividers. No skid brakes, for that matter either. This took about 15 minutes to get on, and I can't remember where I rode it (and for some reason I didn't take a notes video afterwards?). It was pretty forceless, just a kiddie coaster really. And the final ride here for me was Tornado, their full-size coaster. This runs standard PCT buzz bar trains, but with dividers and seat belts. 16 minute wait for the back row, which I shared with a budding young enthusiast who filled me in on the coaster. He advised that I keep the seat belt loose and cautioned me about "intense ejector air." At first, I was like "Okay, kid" since the ride didn't seem all that crazy from watching it from the ground. I got a little floater on the first drop, as well as the last hill, but otherwise the ride was kinda boring. All that changed at the drop before the final turnaround. It seemed like the train just dropped out from under me, throwing my entire thigh straight up into the buzz-bar, in what was easily the most powerful ejector air I've ever felt on a coaster. I'm talking more sudden and intense than the most you'd find on an RMC. Aboslutely bonkers. 11/10, and found a place in my Top 10 Woodies for this reason alone. Sadly, that was about it for Stricker's grove. Worth the trip? Absolutely, but the park did leave me wanting more. And that also brings this trip report to a close. Thanks for reading everyone!
  15. Kings Island, July 3rd and 4th. So, most of us have been to KI, and there's a ton of pictures out there of it, so I'll spare you them in this post. However, I did take a lot of pictures of the 50th Anniversary History walk they have set up in the garden, the Phantom Theater Encore show, as well as the art contest winners that were on display in one of the stores. These can be seen in a post on the Kings Island Thread. As for my time at the park, day one I spent a huge amount of time in the water park to start the day, then went back to my hotel for a while, then went back to the park and got a front row ride on Beast (12 minute wait). After that, I met up with a new friend (one of the bartenders from the waterpark) bar and we did a lap on Adventure Express, wandered around looking at history stuff for a while, did a lap on the back row of Mystic (I forgot how awesome this is at night). After that we took in the fireworks/drone show, and then did two laps on Diamondback (rows 2 and 11) to close out the night. Notably, Beast's Fast Lane line after the fireworks show extended all the way down the exit ramp, almost to the photo booth. Eeesh. The next day, I went back for park opening, and hit the following rides solo, with ducking away for a while in the middle of the day to visit Stricker's Grove: -Woodstock Express, walk on for back row (full train, which I rarely ride this with, made it fly)/ -Diamondback, train-and-a-half wait for back row, right wing. This ride is growing on me. -Mystic, three-train wait for front row. Cars and snake monster ending, same one I had last night. -Banshee, train-and-a-half wait for front row/ -Orion, train-and-a-half wait for back row, left edge. -Beast, two train wait for front row. -Banshee, half-train wait for back row, left wing. -Racer left side, one train wait for front row (did not win). -Flight of Fear, 10 minute wait for row 3. Honestly one of the better rides I've had on this for a while. -Mystic, three-train wait for the back row. Maneater and snake monster ending. At this point I met back up with my bartender friend and we closed out the night with a night ride on Beast on the last train of the day (Hour and 37-minute wait through the fireworks shutdown). Unfortunately, while we lined up for the front, we were right at the cutoff and had to move to row 11. Notably on Beast, the stop-and-go shuffling when pulling into the station has been largely resolved but not entirely. And that about sums up my stop in at Kings Island. Next up, the ultimate in rare park credits: Stricker's Grove.
  16. So I haven't seen a lot about either the history section that has been set up in the gardens, or the Phantom Theater Encore show, so I'll deviate from my big trip report to talk about them and show the pictures here. First up, the 50th Anneversary history section set up in the gardens. This area has stones for every year with the big addition on the ground, with blank stones set up for another 15+ years. Along the path are signs talking about the parks history, broken down by era, as well as model Eiffel Towers painted in the colors of major rides. And the Phantom Theater Encore show. It was entertaining enough...I definitely enjoyed the acrobats, and the talent and production values were there, but not knowing anything about the original ride, I found the show kinda meh. There was also a little too much union bashing for my liking. In the lobby of the theater there's a whole bunch of history about the ride, including reproductions of the lenticular posters, and the original model of the ride (which apparently the park had to buy back from a collector who had purchased it). I love park history, so honestly this part was better than the show for me, but I'm sure people who remember the original Phantom Theater ride will be very entertained by the show. Out front, one of the original ride vehicles. The poster on the outside of the theater. Inside the theater (no photo or video allowed once the show began). And the history section: And I'll close out this post with some pictures of the art contest winners and runners up, on display in one of the stores:
  17. I didn't. Between the heat and my mild headache, I didn't do any rerides, which I regretted 15 minutes down the road. I was also a little nervous about back row rides ruining the ride for me like what happened on Thunder Run LOL. Thanks for the positive encouragement!
  18. Columbus Zoo, July 2nd. After leaving my hotel in Louisville, and with several hours before I could check in to my hotel in Mason for Kings Island for the next few days and a slight disappointment over missing out on two credits early in the trip, I decided to forego the extra time at KI and instead detoured up to Columbus for their zoo, which as everyone knows has a couple of coasters. This report will deviate from my standard chronological format. I'm going to talk about the rides section first, then animals (of which there are over 200 pictures). But first, the entrance: Yeah, it was kinda busy. Okay, so on to the rides section here, called "Adventure Cove." Their newest addition, a Reverchon spinning mouse called Tidal Twist. 12 minute wait and then four minutes sitting on the brake run, because in true Kings Dominion fashion, they only allowed one car out on the course at a time but were running every car they owned. Whatever, it's a spinner...I still don't particularly enjoy these. 4/10. Some other rides they have... And then finally every enthusiasts reason for coming here, Sea Dragon: A 1956 junior PTC woodie with hand-level operated skid brakes! No wait for front or back row. It was decent enough, very smooth...retracked through the whole first lift and drop. It runs PTC junior trains with flanged wheels (no guide wheels) and non-buzzing buzz bars (they were mechanically operated). No real airtime or any kind forces to speak of, but a great classic ride. 7/10. So what did these three rides cost me? $6.00 Every ride here is individually ticketed (you can buy wristbands), and costs either one or two dollars. On top of the $25 entry fee, this place is a bargain. Before I picture dump all of the animal pictures, a few comments: -I walked through every section except the Africa section, simply due to time. -The Lynx, the only other animal I really wanted to see, was hiding somewhere. -I typically am not a big animal or zoo person, and while it was cool to see Pallas Cats in person and I got to pet a Stingray, all in all it kinda made me sad. Most the animals have to be so bored, cooped up in cages without many of their natural activities to do. This goes double for the primates...just thinking that they are so close in genealogy to humans, and we trap them in tiny boxes and just watch them...I don't know. I get it, it's good to preserve these species that might be having their natural habitats destroyed, but still. -You'll see how sad some of the primates are in the pictures...it's just all over their faces. They're just laying around, bored, all day except when the trainers come in to interact with them. It just doesn't seem...right? Anyway, with that preachy spiel out of the way, here's a video of the Pallas Cats doing their thing. These are tiny little wild cats, barely bigger than a housecat, and are super cute but also a deadly predator. VID_20220702_134204314.mp4 And now, the photo dump of all of the animal photos I took. If you have no interest, feel free to skip ahead to the next post.
  19. Just finally got around to posting my first ever trip to Holiday World in my big 2022 Photo TR thread. What did I think of the park, after spending the previous day at Kentucky Kingdom? Click through to find out!
  20. Holiday World, July 1st. I made the drive out to Holiday World in the morning, taking advantage of the time zone change to get an extra hour of sleep, and arrived before opening. I always love to see parks with their own water towers. Fast scanners again. Seriously, Cedar Fair...let's go. A nice classic entrance facility. With nothing operating for about another 30 minutes, ducked into the waterpark to stow my aquatic gear, and took pictures of the areas I could access: Even without his famous coat, Santa must get really warm in that velvet suit in these temperatures. I could tell already that this place wouldn't have the same shade issue as Kentucky Kingdom. A great theme for their drive'em cars. Amusingly, I did not spontaneously burst into flames while taking this picture. A nice little kiddie ride section, each ride with a nice Christmas theme. Though I don't quite understand how seahorses work into the Christmas mythos... I see you....I'll be back later! Once the park opened, I started making my way towards the back of the park as per recommendations I received here (Thanks everyone!), for my first top: Voyage. I love when parks put 3D logos on the fronts of coaster trains. Nerd shot. That is a tall lift... 14 minute wait for the front row. WOW! That was insane. Awesome, awesome ride. A little rattle-y, not gonna lie it gave me a little headache, but it has everything you could want in a wooden coaster: Speed, airtime, laterals, positive Gs...you name it, it has it. 11/10. On a brief side note, this is the first park I've ever encountered where the ride ops actually encourage guests to hand them their loose articles rather than have them cross the train and put them in the bins. I continued my way up towards Thunderbird, taking some more pictures as I went... A great theme for a Tilt-a-Whirl. I did not ride the turkey-shooting dark ride. All that remains of Pilgrim's Plunge. Uh...so about that shade? This part needs it the most! No, this doesn't cut it! What's with these Zamperla Starflyer-clones being so prolific in this part of the country? Finally, after the long long hike uphill in the direct sunlight, I made my way to Thunderbird. 15 minute wait for the front row, left wing. Great ride. This was my first ever launched B&M, and I don't know why they don't make more. The keyhole element was incredible and I greyed out a little bit at the top of the vertical loop. 9/10. And of course, gotta grab a picture of the first hill on Voyage through the trees. At this point, I made my way into the water park and stowed my phone, so obviously no pictures. The first stop here were of course the three water coasters. Reasonable waits for all of them, and all were very very good. I had never experience true airtime on a water coaster, and wow they blew my mind. I loved the dividers in the giant tubes on Mammoth. These should be standard on every ride that uses these large tubes. Otherwise, the water park is very expansive and has a ton of slides and splash-around areas, though I wish there were more single-person-tube slides as opposed to the big-family-tube type that proliferate at this park. I get it, adults without families are not the target demographic for this park, so it's definitely a me-only problem. The lazy river is quite long but doesn't really have a lot of elements in it, and is quite shallow (only like 2.5 feet deep), making it a little odd for riding it in the body-through-the-tube fashion that I prefer. That said, I did like the U-shaped "lounger tubes" that were offered that allowed one to be mostly submerged while in a sitting position...these should be standard on lazy rivers. I left the water park at around 2:15 and made my way into Halloween. I absolutely loved this theme on the Wave Swinger. Unfortunately, Legend was closed on my first pass, with a train stuck halfway into the station, but I would get on it later. Only the second non-lighted scrambler I've ever seen. I was surprised that they still had a diving show; these are long-gone history at most parks. Anyway, I made my way up to the next coaster, Raven. Awesome little thematic details on the walls in the station. And once again, a 3D logo on the front of the train. And some nice graphics on the sides. Why more parks don't do this, I'll never understand. Two-train wait for the front row. HOLY. SHIT. This ride was absolutely insane. I was out of my seat for the entire first turn after the drop, getting some nutty laterals+airtime. It held great speed through the woods, and provided great laterals and airtime throughout. It honestly reminded me a lot of Beast. 11/10. As Legend was still closed, I made my way back up through 4th of July to the kiddie area, grabbing a "few" more pictures along the way. Great theme on the bumper cars. Great theme on the Calypso. Not really sure if you want to advertise eating something "dog" named when your park's mascot is a dog LOL. Nice little song and dance show. Man it must be brutal in that costume (it was like 92 degrees ambient on this day). I was honestly surprised to see one of these kid's climbing things in such a major park, but I guess they are independently owned after all. Grabbed a ride on Howler, their kiddie coaster (no wait), and made my way back in to the main part of the park. Another show venue. This stupid little kiddie flume that has zero verticality...I love it. I stopped in to the merry marketplace for some food. The mac & cheese was pretty good, but the breadsticks were super dry and hard. Finally, I made my way to Legend, which was now operating! Three-train wait for the front row. Absolutely insane laterals here. There's a double helix, that's basically taken with no banking and at a pretty good speed. This ride is all about the lateral forces, and I love it for it. 10/10. Exhausted from the heat and with a mild headache from the not-perfectly-smooth wooden coasters, I decided to call it a day around 4:00. All in all, I really enjoyed Holiday World, and anyone who thinks Kentucky Kingdom is objectively the better park is out of their mind. Boo hoo, there's no alcohol...what are we, back in college? Oh, and the free drinks was awesome and every park should do this. Next up is an unplanned bonus visit to the Columbus Zoo!
  21. Just posted up my report from my visit to this park on June 30th, right here. Check it out and see if Thunder Run was truly worthy of being my 250th!
  22. I guess I should probably finish this report sometime within a month after it happened, right? Kentucky Kingdom, June 30th. This was my first time ever at this park...and boy was it...underwhelming? That's a big flag. At least the entrance is nice. And they use the fast-scanners too. Come on CF, get on the ball with these. My first time ever seeing a Huss Breakdance that wasn't themed to something. First up here was Lightning Run. Two train wait for the front row. This was kinda insane. Definitely a fan of the Hyper GT-X model and will join everyone else in echoing "Why aren't there more of these?" A few of the transitions were a bit abrupt, but yeah this was awesome. 9/10. Also, did RMC have something do with the restraint design? It's almost identical to theirs. Same Ferris Wheel model as at Morey's, except without the suicide-prevention cages. Next up was Kentucky Flyer. One train wait for the back row. A very fun ride...I was expecting something like Wooden Warrior at Quassy, but was pleasantly surprised by the solid airtime. Still not sure how I feel about the Timberliner trains though, and it could be longer. 8/10. That is one tall water slide...reminded me of the massive speed slides that used to be at Action Park, NJ. I had to do it to make Thunder Run my #250th at my fellow TPRers recommendation, plus I'm never one to turn down a credit, so yeah...next up was T3. This sign speaks the truth: 22 minute wait for the front row. So what did I think that is widely regarded as one of the worst coasters on the planet? Not too bad. I don't know what everyone complains about. It's no Great Nor'Easter, sure, but it's far from the worst SLC I've ever been on. Yeah, the restraints got a little tight by the end, but nowhere near bad as SkyRush. You've just gotta follow the instructions and brace against the restraint by pushing against them with your hands while you're riding. It's also incredibly photogenic on the exit path, but I didn't feel like standing around for 10 minutes for them to send another train. Still, it is a janky SLC, so...3/10? Moving along, we come to Storm Chaser. One train wait for the back row. This is a top tier RMC, right behind Twisted Timbers in my book. It has everything I love about RMCs...wild airtime, funky turns, and those super-quick inversions. It was a little rough, but I blame that on the 1st generation RMC trains with the single axles. I deeply regret not making this #250 (you'll see why later). 10/10. This park has a 1919(?) carousel that doesn't appear to have ever been updated (it still has the stairs at the platform), and it could certainly use a little love. Maybe not a SFStL 3 year refurbishment, but something. Next on the list was Roller Skater. Like a 10 minute wait solely because they won't run it with only one person on it. Whatever, it's a kiddie coaster...no rating. I did express solidarity with the ride op and wished him a happy last day of Pride month...I couldn't imagine being LGBTQ+ in Kentucky. Nice little history board...mostly about other parks LOL. The infamous flying-shoe swings ride. And finally, it was time to get my 250th credit...Thunder Run! My first ride was on the front row (one train wait). This was awesome...tons of airtime, good laterals, easily tied with Storm Chaser for the best ride here. Maybe could use some Millennium Flyers, but overall, awesome. 10/10....or is it? My second ride was in the back row (half-train wait). OMG this was just a jackhammering, shuffling mess, and gave me a massive headache. I have no idea how the same coaster could be so different between the front and back rows. 0/10 in the back....so I guess 6/10 overall? I grabbed a salted pretzel with vanilla icing from Twisted, absolutely delicious and only $7. Amusingly there were 5 employees inside the pretzel place, but only two were actually working...the others were just chatting about nonsense with eachother. A few other notes about this park: -Most food stands were not open. -Lots of long pathways with no shade or anything to do on them. -Half of the soda stations were unmanned but did work; the other half had staff charging you. A decent stop on the trip, but I don't see myself coming back here anytime soon barring some new major coaster. My next stop was Holiday World, a much, much better park.
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