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  1. Was that their last remaining show venue, or is it like Great Adventure where they have a bunch that haven't been used in a decade? I know they don't use them now, but they're going to need proper show venues in the post-merger era.
  2. In December of 2021 I hit SFMM and KBF in one trip; here are some of my observations/suggestions: -I flew in and out of Burbank International Airport (BUR) for substantially less money than flying into or out of LAX, via Southwest. Yes, flight times are limited by comparison, but what they had available worked for me. Rental car prices were also substantially cheaper at that airport. -With Flash Pass Platinum, I would imagine you will only need one day at SFMM. I agree with two days at KBF though, especially if you plan on taking in all of the non-ride things to do there. -Don't forget to check out the Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Park while you're in the area. Only one credit, a so-bad-it's-good Morgan micro-hyper (full scale track and trains but a tiny kiddie coaster layout), but the park has historic value and also plenty of nice dining options in the area. -If you're a credit whore, there's also a few credits to be had at nearby Castle Park, John's Incredible Pizza, Live Oak Canyon Farm, and Apline Slide at Magic Mountain, the latter of which has an honest-to-satan real Apline Slide along with their mountain coaster. -Since you're only doing the LA-area parks (and ignoring the true SoCal parks down near San Diego), I'd honestly get one hotel that is centrally located for the entire time - this will give you a little more flexibility without having to work your schedule around check-in/out times. When I did the trip, I stayed at a mom-n-pop hotel that was in walking distance to the beach and dining/nightlife options. -Double whatever your expected fuel budget is.
  3. Android 13 on a Motorola moto G stylus 5G 2023. In Chrome: Visible thumbnails and the videos play In Firefox: Visible thumbnails and the videos play
  4. I can imagine. I'd just love to find one that runs the standard cars as fast as the one at Morey's used to back in the 90s.
  5. Huss will sell you a brand new Condor today if you really want one. I'm sure they still support it with parts.
  6. I'll trade freezing coaster rides for the everything else that CF does better than Six Flags any day of the week. There's more to parks than coasters.
  7. I went on opening night; the place was dead. My longest wait of the night was 5 and a half trains for the back row of Twisted Timbers. I should have my TR from it up soon. Be sure to check the weather forecast before going, since they don't run Twisted Timbers or Dominator (the only two thrill coasters open for Winterfest) if it drops below 40 degrees.
  8. A perfect reuse of the mostly-abandoned Best of the West. Though I would argue that SFGAdv needs less alcohol locations, not more.
  9. Well that makes sense since they took over all of Arrow's stuff. Still kinda disappointing; the restraints make it so you have to ride defensively, at least with my body type. Thanks for the info though!
  10. Thanks for the report! You seem pretty well connected with this park...have you ever heard why they didn't go for the new-generation Vekoma vest-restraint trains when they bought these new trains not that long ago? I'm pretty sure they were available then, but I could be wrong.
  11. Have you considered that perhaps the problem isn't that "theme park ppl" are paid too much, but rather that entry level "corporate jobs" (along with everyone) aren't paid enough and CEOs and other executives are paid too much?
  12. What are you on about? Winterfest, at the parks that run it, blows HITP away in every area except ride selection.
  13. Zimmerman staying at the top is good....but yeah I'm not feeling good about this. Just please keep CF's dedication to seasonal decorations and theatrics and skip-the-line program, please?
  14. My full report should hopefully posted within a few weeks, but a few bullet points: -Paying extra for a hard membership card is the biggest nickle-and-dime bullshit I've ever seen. Just increase the cost of the pass by $7 if you're that hard up for money, SEAS. -What happened to all of the food locations in this place? I remember there being more, but many were sign-less or walled off. -If you go to Halloween events for the artistry and decorations of it all, especially in the houses, you may want to divert to Kings Dominion. Seriously, a flat printed piece of cardboard for books on a bookshelf? Your entire circus theme scare zone getting some banners and like two physical props? Lame. -If you go to Halloween events for the shows, this is your park. Monster Stomp was downright incredible, and Phantoms of the Festhaus and Skeletones were both worlds beyond Cedar Fair's efforts at those themes (singing monsters and classic song review, respectively). The Jack is Back show was kinda lackluster and corny, however.
  15. I swear the Dorney site (where I bought the pass) said "not valid until 2024" for a while haha. But yeah, sadly I didn't have a spare grand lying around with all of the park trips (and other Halloweeny stuff) I'm doing this month, so $115 for the daily FL had to cut it. Worth it, though, since I've been in the park not even 2 hours and already got on more than I did last night in 7.
  16. I was about to write something about how when I first looked at the 2024 ASAP Fast Lane add-on, it said it included the rest of this year, but when I bought my pass, it said "valid in 2024 only," but when I just went to look at the park where I bought my pass through (Dorney), it says "...plus get the rest of 2023 for free!" on the ASAP FL add-on. I swear when I bought my pass a few weeks ago it said "valid in 2024 only" so I didn't buy the add on yet. Oh well.
  17. Yeah I do. That's in the plan for tomorrow. I didn't have a CF pass this year and the all-season, all-park add on for 2024 passes doesn't kick in until next year. I totally forgot how the other half lives hahaha.
  18. At 4:15 LOL. I guess tonight is going to be a shows night haha. Edit: and the mazes at 9:30:
  19. Yeah I was impressed. Note that if it's even slightly raining and you're coming for haunt stuff, the only things that will happen are indoor mazes or shows. Everything outdoors, including roving scare actors and shows, do not happen in the rain.
  20. You renew at whatever price they're selling the renewal for when you do it. There is no "price lock" or anything like that. It should be a very slight discount from a brand new pass.
  21. Many coasters were running multiple trains. Only one on Magnum though haha.
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